[Free Download] Niggas On The Moon – Death Grips Drop 8 New Tracks Featuring Björk


Death Grips just offered up another free collection of tracks for download, announcing the release through their social media outlets without any prior warning.  Of course they’ve done shit like this before, but this time it consists of 8 tracks featuring Icelandic vocal anomaly and ethereal pixie-demon/banshee-goddess, Björk.  Here’s the message that accompanied the soundcloud stream and download for the music on their Facebook page:

this is “niggas on the moon”, featuring björk on all 8 tracks.
it is the first installment of our new double album, “the powers that b”, due out later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records.
the second disc is titled “jenny death”.
peace & love
have a sad cum bb

If you’ve been following the Sacramento industrial glitch hardcore experimental noise rap trio at all over the last few years, then a move like this shouldn’t be a surprise in the slightest.  After seeping out and gradually infecting the public consciousness like a poisonous mutagen with the release of their tremendous debut mixtape Exmilitary in 2011 (via another free download),  the guys made the surprising move of signing with L.A. Reid and Epic Records for 2012‘s Money Store.  Only a few months later, however, Death Grips released what was scheduled to be their major label follow up, No Love Deep Web, for free through their website.  The album featured a human dick (presumably of drummer/producer, Zach Hill) on the cover and was accompanied by statements expressing their distaste for Epic–the free release was an open “fuck you” to the label and officially ended the group’s partnership with them.  Last November, their next album, Government Plates, hit the web with even less warning, and was accompanied by a video for each of the 11 tracks.

So… releasing free albums at random is kind of what they do.  In fact, at this point, the one major label studio release that they did have proved to be more of a deviation from their M.O. than anything else.  More surprising to me is how they have become the opening act on a co-headlining tour for Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, but… even that’s not out of character for a crew that’s built their name on doing the unexpected.  It’s expected.  As for their involvement with Björk, there’s nothing new about that either; they released official remixes of tracks from the songstress’ Biophelia album back in 2012.

Stream and/or download Niggas On The Moon, below.


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