We just received a second round of preview images for next month’s highly anticipated “Quentin vs. Coen – An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers”.  Presented at NYC‘s Bold Hype Gallery by Spoke Art, the exhibit will run from April 7 – 9 and features over 100 artists (painting, silk screen, & digital) presenting their own unique interpretations of scenes and/or characters from the films of these highly respected filmmakers.  In addition, the opening will also feature a costume contest and complementary White Russians.  The quality and range of the work from the last preview was very encouraging, but there was one particular Kill Bill/Barton Fink-hybrid by Stefan Fähler (“KILL FINK”) that peaked our interests about if any others would be contributing further cross-overs, mixing the work of both Tarantino and the Coens into singular pieces.  The latest images (below) display how artists like Seth Patrick, Evanimal, and Steve Seeley have taken on that mashup challenge, as well as a few additional fine quality works by Brian M. Viveros, Killer Napkins, Johanna O’Donnell, and Gustavo Ponce.

[ VIEW PREVIEW #1 for additional images and a full list of contributing artists.]


Brian M. Viveros
Kill Bill (work in progress)

Steve Seeley
True Grit x Kill Bill

Killer Napkins
Raising Arizona


Pulp Fiction x Fargo x Big Lebowski x O’ Brother x Reservoir Dogs x Barton Fink
Initial Sketch
It’ll be a hand done acrylic gel and acrylic paint transfer, series of 10. Each is unique and each will be face melting (hopefully).”- Evanimal

Johanna O’Donnell
“Comfortable Silence” (Pulp Fiction)
12 x 12
acrylic on wood

Seth Patrick
Big Lebowski x Reservoir Dogs x Pink Floyd

Gustavo Ponce
Inglourious Basterds


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