SERGE GAY JR. Relaunches Webstore & Releases PULP FICTION Print

Earlier this month we posted an interview with San Francisco-based artist, Serge Gay Jr. Those who read it and/or already know about Serge should also be familiar with the fact that, beyond being a growing force in the fine art world, he was also recently nominated for a Grammy for the artwork that he provided for Cee-Lo Green‘s “Fuck You” video.  Last week, we also posted some preview images for the upcoming Spoke Art event “Quentin vs. Coen – An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers”, wherein we premiered Serge‘s contribution, “Furious Anger” (above left), which the painter created in homage to the film Pulp Fiction.  The beautifully crafted image was an instant standout and includes such “subtle” imagery as a bag of smack, a pocket watch, and a gimp mask.  We immediately had to wonder if it would be released as a signed, limited edition Giclee print, just like his Life Aquatic-inspired print, “LIFE“, from last year’s Bad Dad‘s exhibit.  The answer to that question is a resounding “YES“.  In fact, with the recent re-opening of his online store, Serge is not only offering the limited edition print RIGHT NOW -almost 3 full weeks before the launch of the exhibit that it was created for- but he also has some great original pieces available for some absurdly low prices.


“Furious Anger” – {BUY}


20 x 20
Signed Giclee Print 

Above is a quick detail of the “Furious Anger” print that has just been released.  The run is limited to 100 and, if past shows are any indication, these prints should disappear fairly quickly once the exhibit has it’s opening.  If you have your eye on one of these, the obvious recommendation would be to swoop one of them up now while you have the chance.  As someone who already owns a copy of Serge Gay‘s “LIFE” print, I can guarantee you that these are actually even more impressive in person.

“Life”- {BUY}


Giclee on Archival
20 x 20
Signed Print 

This is the piece that first brought Serge Gay Jr. to our attention.  Although this print didn’t take long to completely sell out from Spoke Art, Serge apparently came across a few more and has them available in his shop.  Keep in mind that, when I say “a few“, I mean exactly 3.  This means that, if you want one, you’ll probably want to get on it quick.  As mentioned before, the colors actually look much much deeper in person.

“Dear Honey”


Acrylic paint on wood
12 x 12 

“Dear Honey” is an original painting that Serge put on sale for only $100 to coincide with this relaunch of his webstore.  You’ll notice that, for this one, we didn’t post a link to purchase it, but that’s only because I already bought it myself.  I’m sure that many of you know how ridiculously cheap that pricing is for an original work, let alone one from an artist as successful as Gay has proven to be.  Last week we attended Hi-Fructose magazine’s annual group invitational and, while there was the expected selection of mind-blowing pieces from various artists, they also had price-tags that pushed into the multiple thousands.  Jeremy Geddes‘ latest painting, for example, went for $14,000 and it sold easily.  Not only that, but it was far from the most expensive piece available.  Gay‘s work is already worth more than he’s listing them for and it’s not hard to see that we are, most likely, only looking at a very small window of opportunity before Serge‘s work starts reselling for some astronomical numbers.

To see everything that’s currently available, click the following image:


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