It’s O-PHISH-AL: Halloween Festival is in Cali

Save the Date Indio

Last Saturday, PHISH‘s “Save the Date” map returned the state of Washington and confused the shit out of everyone.  People began to wonder if that meant something specific to Washington Stare or, clearly, just that states could return.  Since then, nothing has happened at all.  NOTHING!  Today the drama and mindgames have finally ended (we hope) as a gigantic drill came in a drained all of the remaining states away, until only the great Northwest was left.  Then the drill came in, threaded a hole through the southern portion of the state, and let the colors drip down south until it refilled the state of Cali.  Looks like all of the speculation was correct from the get go and the 3 day festival will be held at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio.  Although it wasn’t delivered with the dramatic hot air balloon re-entry that everyone envisioned, our recent poll showed that most folks never lost their faith and certainty that Cali, and more specifically Indio, would be the final destination.  This is gonna hit hard for everyone that originally booked hotel and plane reservations for So Cal and then cancelled them, once it was removed from the map.  I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of shit talking from all sides on this one.  With all the stress, anxiety, and speculation, is there really any wonder that there are so many xanny bar addictions on tour?

Everyone seems to know where the show will be held, but there has to be more to come on, because the venue location hasn’t had it’s final announcement yet.  It’s also important to note that,  although Alaksa was taken out, the state of Hawaii was never addressed through the flash animation advertisement scheme.  I hope it doesn’t drift over to California and take it with it.  This should be the end of this shit….right?

To check out our previous post about the “Save the Date” situation, which includes the poll/some background info about what’s been going down with whole scenario/why all signs pointed to Indio in the first place, click here.

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