PREVIEW: Bad Dads “Round 2” – A Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson [SF]

Joshua Budich
“Bad Dads”
limited to an edition of 100
signed and numbered by the artist
18″ x 24″
300gsm archival giclee

We first became familiar with SPOKE ART around this same time last year.  Back then, the Bay Area art gallery/publishing house was still finding it’s footing and, without their own permanent space to call their own, they had just recently held their inaugural art show in Oakland and were now preparing to launch their next exhibit at the LOPO gallery in San Francisco.  What really peaked our interest about this follow up event, early on, was that it was a group show themed around the talents of filmmaker Wes Anderson.  The impressively curated exhibit was titled “BAD DADS“, in reference to the overwhelming number of family issues -and more specifically, father issues- which are consistently represented in Anderson‘s work.  The amount of quality pieces that were created for and featured in the tribute show made BAD DADS an instant success, helping to catapult SPOKE ART firmly onto the radars of the contemporary art world as a force worth keeping a close eye on.  Over the last year, they have continued to put out tremendously successful exhibits -including 3 separate installments of  “Quentin vs. CoenAn art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers – introduced us to exciting young talents like Serge Gay Jr., and have locked down a permanent space in San Francisco to host regular showcases for this amazing art.  This coming weekend, that space will be utilized to it’s full potential, as SPOKE ART revisits the original concept that is responsible for first truly putting them on the map.

The second annual “Bad Dads – an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson” will open this weekend at the SPOKE ART gallery in San Francisco.  To make accommodations and avoid possible conflicts due to the holiday weekend, there will be opening festivities on both Saturday and Sunday.  After that, the show will continue to run throughout the month of November, but if you have a chance to make it to one of the openings, we highly recommend it.  We also suggest getting into the spirit and dressing like a Wes Anderson character from one of his movies (you’re guaranteed not to be the only one).  In fact, there will be a costume contest with Spoke Artgiving away free prints and Team Zissou rings to [their] favorite Wes Anderson costumes all weekend long“.  Providing work constructed around their own personal interpretations of characters and/or scenes from Anderson‘s films will be nearly seventy different “pop surrealist painters, screen printers, street and new contemporary artists“.  Both limited edition prints and original pieces will be available directly from the gallery, as well as online.

Check out the rest of the details, as well as a selection of preview images, after this video from last year’s exhibit:


Here’s the lowdown…



2nd Annual Bad Dads: A Tribute to the Films of Wes Anderson


Saturday October 29th: 6pm – 10pm
Sunday October 30th: 6pm – 10pm

*Show on view until November 25th*


816 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Selection of featured Artists:

Craig Tapecat McCudden, Johannah O’Donnell, David Rose, Saul Boxx Gonzalez, Jing Wei, Audrey Pongracz, Mihcael Ramstead, Dima Drjuchin, Nicole Gustafsson, Cate Rangel, Julian Callos, Michael Ramstead, Ruel Pascual, Jesse Riggle, Danielle Rizzolo, Bec Winnel, Steve Foundling, Lucas Gluesenkamp, David K Rose, Jason Spencer, Bennet Slater, Christopher Brewer, Blaine Fontana, Daryll Peirce, Justin Lovato, Alexandre Day, Owen Sherwood, Sandi Calistro, Gene Guynn, Dave Greco, Greg Gossel, Zoltron, Jason Levesque Rhys Cooper, Tim Doyle, and more…


Spoke Art
Spoke Art Facebook

Event Page


Bec Winnel

Digital collage and painting finished with acrylic, pencil and pastel

Michael Ramstead

“She’s My Rushmore”
24” x 12”
Oil on canvas

Isaac Bidwell

“A Bold and Cussin Bluff”
Edition of 50

Tim Doyle

“He Is The Zissou”
16″ x 20″
Edition of 75 AP edition of 8

Nicole Guice

“Where Do You Go My Lovely”
16″ x 17″
Ink on paper

Rich Pellegrino

“Mr. Blume” (inspired by Rushmore)
8″ x 10″
Acrylic on panel

Nicole Gustafsson

“Go Team Zissou!”
13.5 x 15.75 (framed)
Gouache & ink on paper

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