Wild & Crazy COE Ed (David Allan Coe Live) Read more

Wild & Crazy COE Ed (David Allan Coe Live)

My friend Sean Prince was the one who told me about a performance by living Country legend, David Allan Coe at the grimey ass El Corazon here in Seattle as a suggestion for the site to cover.  My response to him was, “Looks like you’re our new writer“. Coe, who is famous for such tracks as […]

The Meat Puppets:  Too High To Do An Interview Read more

The Meat Puppets: Too High To Do An Interview

November 8, 2007 Double Door, Chicago, IL The Meat Puppets Ha Ha Tonka Balloonatic Hello, my name is Slug, and welcome to my first article for MonsterFresh.com. It is a humble article, but it had ambitions to be so much more. Originally, this article was going to be a big, garish piece of writing, throwing […]

Thirstin’ for More? (Trees Outside the Academey reviewed) Read more

Thirstin’ for More? (Trees Outside the Academey reviewed)

Easily one of the most influential musical groups of the last two decades is Sonic Youth.  Since their first official concert in 1981, they have consitently been pumping out new releases and performing at least semi-regularly.  Last year I caught them as they toured for their latest group release, Rather Ripped, and I was blown away by what an enthralling live […]

The Real Ratatouille? Read more

The Real Ratatouille?

A month or so ago, an old friend of mine was in town and we were having a couple of PBRs at a local bar.   We were talking about the website when he said to me “You should talk with A****, you know that Ratatouille movies about him“.  A**** is a mutal friend of ours that […]

Video of the Month (Oct. ’07) Read more

Video of the Month (Oct. ’07)

Last month I didn’t put up a video you may have noticed.  There won’t always be one, but talking to some friends recently, I’ve noticed that some people have never seen this classic.  Those of you who have, I’m sure, never get tired of it.  Those who haven’t will be pleasantly surprised. News Footage of […]

Klingons vs. Furries – Reality on Acid in Atlanta. Read more

Klingons vs. Furries – Reality on Acid in Atlanta.

Sometimes you go places looking for an adventure. Sometimes, you go places looking to have fun. Yet, sometimes still, you get to these destinations and just try and figure out what in the fuck is going on. I guess you could put the Furries vs. the Klingons bowling tournament into all three- with a serious […]

Godzilla Size Me! Read more

Godzilla Size Me!

It was another rainy night in suburban central Japan, so I decided to take my night elsewhere, namely to the city of Gifu to see what a rainy Friday night was like in that city which I hesitate, but only slightly, to call romantic. With the rain came some humidity, but still I wore my […]

From Patchouli to Prada (Clooney’s “mystery” girl?) Read more

From Patchouli to Prada (Clooney’s “mystery” girl?)

FOREWARD: *Broadcast Temporarily Interrrupted* I can understand that some may have chosen to add malicious attacks and comments under this article but I don’t plan to respond to them, unless of course they are directed towards me and then…I might, because then it’s just funny.  You may feel that my intentions in this article may have been dishonorable […]

Halo!  Is it the silver screen you are looking for? Read more

Halo! Is it the silver screen you are looking for?

In grand tradition of being a startup blog; we have to gain access to what the big guys get handed to them by sorting through studio trash cans, cold calling reps, and searching the internet for every scrap of goodness we review for you, our dear reader. Today’s discovery was that the script for the […]

Segway into a Segway Read more

Segway into a Segway

Monsterfresh headquarters is located in the middle of a small neighborhood of Seattle called Fremont. It is a strange mix of hippy, drunk frat boy, and yuppie. The other day while enjoying a cigarette on the observation deck of our wonderful building, a very fat man passed by walking his dog on a fucking Segway. […]