Enter Now: ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA Seattle ticket Giveaway!


We love Frank Zappa… a lot. This also means that we take it seriously when someone decides to cover his music. We are sure that his son Dweezil loves him too… a lot, but that doesn’t mean that he’s capable of covering his father’s work and doing it justice. When I heard about the Zappa Play Zappa project that Dweezil has embarked on, in which he tours with a group of hand picked musicians to cover his father’s music live, I was incredibly skeptical.  However, after speaking to some of the biggest, most hard-assed, and critical Zappa fans that I know, every response that I’ve heard has been incredibly positive.   It sound like this kid has taken this project as seriously as anyone could have ever hoped and that the resulting effort is beyond what could have ever been expected.  When Zappa Plays Zappa makes it’s way to Seattle on Monday June 14th with a performance at the Moore Theater, it will be our first opportunity to catch this critically acclaimed tour for ourselves and see if it lives up to the hype. T he good news for you is that, we’ve teamed up with the Seattle Theatre Group yet again, to offer that same opportunity to some of our readers, for free!

Our friends at STG Presents have offered us 20 pairs of tickets to give away!   Yep, that’s 40 total, and were’ not fucking around.  This is no joke my friends.  In fact, it looks like we will probably have even more than that, when it’s all said and done, so pay attention to the rules and act quick if you’re interested.   If you do this right the first time we shouldn’t have any problems.


We’re doing this shit real simple like.

First off, go to our official FACEBOOK PAGE and become a fan by clicking the “LIKE” button.

Next, head to the “discussion” section/entry page, which was specifically created for this giveaway.
[that can be found HERE]

Then, just tell us you want a pair of tickets and tell us the name that you want us to put them under.

All entries/requests must be received by midnight on Wed. June 9th

Fine Print:

We know that we have 20 pair to giveaway so, most likely, the first 20 people that enter shouldn’t have any problems being the ones to get them.  However, since I’m not sure how many more we will have to give away beyond that, you’re encouraged to try, even after thos first 20 entries are in.  To give yourself an edge, you might want to give us a reason that you want to go and/or why you love Zappa so fucking much.

Don’t be a greedy bastard!

This means a couple of things… we are trying to be generous here, so don’t start asking for more than 1 pair of tickets, or we’ll cut your ass off with zero.  Also, please do not ask for tickets if you are not going to be able to attend and don’t enter other people.  There are a lot of folks that will really want to see this so, if you don’t really give a shit, please don’t take that opportunity away from someone who does.

That’s all.  NOW HURRY!

Dead C

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