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Want us to review your product, give us money, talk some mess, send me some weed with cocaine on it, or have a question?  Fire off an e-mail by using the contact form below.

Our immediate goal is to get some Adidas jumpsuits or futuristic space wear.  We will rock your gear non-stop, and take crazy amounts of photos in it.




Awesome!  But, we can’t pay you, because we can’t pay ourselves.  However, if you appear to be like-minded, have similar interests, and are in a location that we need coverage in, get a hold of us at the email above.  You have an opportunity to take some ownership and help guide Monster Fresh in the direction that you see it going.

We are looking for people who are tired of soulless bullshit and pandering to sponsorship.  The lack of payment means more freedom.  What we can do is provide you with the access to cover the events and topics that you’re interested in, free music/products for review, and possibly even interview conducting opportunities.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  All we care about is the truth.  Get a hold of us and we’ll talk.

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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • aanis


    i hope u guys do a review of the simpsonsization of america, with krusty Os being sold and that terrible/awsome/gay movie . another part of my brain says don’t give them anymore valuable web space . mabye have an article featuring no pictures of aforementioned cartoon family. i really want to see south park 2: saddam’s revenge .

  • Your so jealous.

  • Goat Child


    Your website has had a pretty good run. However I think we all know that the end is near. Let’s face it, you suck and so does everything that your stupid brain’s create. I don’t think anyone would blame you if everyone at your sissy ass website just went ahead and killed themselves. In fact you would be doing the world a favor. I am getting so sick of shit like you being on the same plane of existence as me. I could kill you with my face if I wanted to. Every thought that comes into your head is like every terd that I drop out of my ass. The fact that you are still alive and reading this proves that Darwinism is a falice. I would like to break you into little pieces and feed you to my dog.

  • Goat Child,

    That’s awesome. Keep it up

  • Stephanie from ct


    what’s up genius?..long time no talk

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