PEDAL ERROR: EPISODE #11 [Valentines Day show] – February 14, 2018

You motherfuckers like romance?!!!

Today is Wednesday, which means that I just knocked out another episode of my weekly radio show, Pedal Error, which I host under the name of DJ Crack Fox.  I do the program live from 11am to 1pm on Wednesdays, broadcasting from Hollow Earth Radio (KHUH-LP 104.7FM) out of the central district in Seattle.  Today is also Valentines Day, which is why I’m actually making an effort to get this thing up now, the day of, rather than slacking on posting it later.  That is to say that beyond simply being a show that happened to air on Valentines Day, it’s actually Valentines Day themed.  Intentionally.  On purpose.  This is no elaborate coincidence, my friends.  Things don’t get this emotional on accident.

It’s the VALENTINE’S DAY Show!

The playlist for this week’s episode — the 11th, overall — was carefully assembled to play out like a loose storyline with an arcing narrative from beginning to end, the breaks between blocks insinuating the passage and separation of time between them.  Each respective song was chosen specifically for how it could fit in and support that intention and benefit that goal, if not in a direct and literal sense, then on an emotional level.  It’s a bit ambitious and slightly different from past episodes for these reasons, but I wanted to display some level of reverence for the idea of love and the struggles that come along with navigating through attempts to merge ones life with that of others, who, ultimately, are still their own people with their own needs, desires, and identities.  I hope you enjoy it.

When you listen to it, there are quite a few references made during the show, which you can find more about here on the site.  For example, I comment on Joanna Newsom‘s 2010 album, Have One On Me, and you can read the review that we posted for the album back then by clicking HERE.  Regarding the first WOODS show that I ever saw, when they opened for Dungen in 2009, a review of that is on the site HERE.  Likewise, a review of the Fiona Apple show that I mention seeing can be found HERE.  My interview with Daniel Johnston can be located HERE, and the story about the shoes that I mailed to him is HERE.   Also… our post for the Cheyenne Mize / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Among The Gold album can be linked to HERE.

Most importantly, please make sure to check out Hollow Earth Radio.  There’s a lot of good stuff going down.  It’s non-profit, non-commercial radio with a ton of great programming and nobody else would likely ever let me have free reign to play whatever I feel like and present it the way that I feel that it needs to be done.

Dead C

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