Joyful Noise Releases Dale Crover – “THUNDER PINKY” Cymbal/Record [ltd. to 127]

Along with running the great Tucson-based DIY label, PIAPTK, lathe-cut wizard, Michael Dixon, also frequently does work for Joyful Noise Recordings.  Whenever you see some super wacky, unorthodox lathe-cut, like a compact disc that’s playable on your turntable, the odds are that it came from Dixon.  [You can check out the piece that VICE Creator’s Project did on him HERE.]  Last year, we wrote about the Dale Crover‘s “12-sided” record/art object, SKINS that he cut for JNR and when I ran into Mike at Pickathon last month, he mentioned that he was working with them again to cut some more new material from the Melvins drummer, but this time it would be onto a playable cymbal.

And now… here it is.

Thunder Pinky” is a single by Dale cut into a 6.9″ handcrafted cymbal that’s completely playable and has been guaranteed by JNR not to fuck up your turntable.  In reality, though, it’s more than that; it’s a hand-numbered and signed collectors item that, just like Skins, is a limited run of only 127 copies.  Also like Skins, it is priced at $100 and has already completely sold out.  In fact, although the email that we received only 4 hours ago stated that they wouldn’t be going on sale until tomorrow [Fri. Sept. 22], all of the copies have already been swooped up by VIP members by the time that I got home tonight.  Those that missed out, can still check out the product page and feel sad about it.

Check out the product video below, followed by the description from the JNR website.

Dale Crover and Joyful Noise present to you a truly groundbreaking innovation in modern vinyl record / musical instrument hybridization. Never before has one item so accurately resembled the properties of both.

Its name, Thunder Pinky, perfectly sums up the dichotomy of this amazing piece of doubly functional art. As a playable record for your turntable, it (and the music contained within its grooves) is noisy, and sense-rattling like thunder. When percussed, its Bell-less Splash technology (patent pending) sings with an elegant *ping*- a touch of class that your Grindcore, Ska, or Western Swing band has been lacking.

Limited to 127 hand-made copies on solid brass. These artisanal 6.9″ cymbal/records were hand-crafted by master record maker and sub-amateur cymbalsmith, Michael Dixon. Each copy is packaged in screen-printed artwork, hand-numbered and signed by Dale Crover.

Dead C

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