Preview: Superhero: 4th Annual Portrait Invitational @ Modern Eden [SF]

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Growing up, I took my share of art classes, over the years, but I don’t remember getting a great deal out of most of them, especially the ones offered through the public school system.  For the most part, art class was an opportunity to get a little bit of relief from the rest of the bullshit classes at my schools, and a way to actually focus on projects that I might even remotely give a shit about.  I did well enough that teachers would allow me some freedom, where I could go off on my own a bit — rather than draw still lifes in my weekly sketchbook, I could pretty much go off script.  There was access to materials, which was nice, and a few concepts mixed in that I suppose that I might have taken something away from, but I remember little to nothing as far as moments where I was really learning something new, if it wasn’t something that I was actually teaching myself.  When I do look back on my youth and of studying techniques, however, the most vivid imagery that pops into my head involves comic books.  Brightly colored spandex-clad muscular humanoids with laser eyes and floating powers are beyond absurd in the real world, but the illustrations of these figures provide solid blueprints for emulating illumination and drawing anatomy, albeit it often in the most extreme and over-the-top versions possible.  Tomorrow night, Saturday, June 13th, 2015, San Francisco‘s Modern Eden gallery hosts their 4th annual exhibit paying tribute to one of the more under-appreciated subjects influencing the development of growing artists around the world: the Superhero.

The following details for Superhero: The IV Annual Portrait Invitational are taken directly from the press release:

Modern Eden Gallery is excited to present ‘Superhero’, an art exhibition paying homage to the champions and defenders of the world, born from the exemplary imaginations of renowned illustrators, writers, publishers, and filmmakers. Exhibition curator, Bradley Platz continues the annual exhibition tradition by inviting the leading contemporary artists to create a unique interpretation in the style of classical portraiture painting.

You can check out number of preview images of the work below the following event details.


Bradley Platz, Daniel J Valadez, Adam Caldwell, Rich Pellegrino, Leilani Bustamante, Emilio Villalba, Catherine Moore, Brianna Angelakis, Brian Donnelly, Henry Schreiber, Isabel Samaras, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Hannah Yata, Terry Ribera, Sarah Joncas, Melissa Morgan, Robert Bowen, Monty Guy, Steve ‘Primary’ Hughes, Scott Holloway, Craig LaRotonda, Matthew Robertson, Helice Wen, Steve Lawson, Brenton Bostwick, and Carl Faulkner


4th Annual Portrait Invitational


Saturday, June 13th



Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich St
San Francisco, CA 94133



Opening is ALL AGES w/NO COVER
A selection of artists and the curator will be in attendance
Show on view until Friday,  July 3rd, 2015
Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Facebook event page:


Helice Wen
“Atomu” (Astro-Boy)
acrylic on wood panel

unnamed (10)

Jean Pierre Arboleda and Hannah Yata
“American Heroes” (The Coon & Mysterion)
oil on panel


Craig LaRotonda
“Son of Krypton” (Superman)
acrylic on wood

unnamed (14)

Henry Schreiber
“What a Mouse” (Mighty Mouse)
oil on panel


Brian Donnelly
“Waning” (Batman)
oil, turpentine, and hand-sanitizer on canvas


Carl Faulkner
“Disney Vacation with Tank Girl” (Tank Girl)
oil on panel

unnamed (15)

Robert Bowen
acrylic on canvas

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