Free Download – 100s New IVRY EP On Fool’s Gold


I’d typically accompany a post like this with all kinds of additional perspectives, information, and jibber jabber, but seeing as we just recently put something like that up regarding the Bay Area pimp rapper whose beats and flow are as silky as his mane, only last week, we’re just gonna come a little more direct with this one.  If you want to hear his incredibly solid debut mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, with the equally impressive up-and-coming producer and future household name, Joe Wax, in its entirety — which we strongly suggest doing — then you can simply go peep that shit out in the last post by clicking HERE.  That post also includes a soundcloud stream of his new track , “10 Freaky Hoes” and announces the release of 100s “upcoming” debut EP on Fool’s Gold Records, titled IVRY, which that cut is featured on.   IVRY, however, has just been upgraded from “upcoming” status to “ready to download right now for free” status.  So, instead of wasting anymore time with formalities, I figured that it’s probably better that we simply go get our copies right now by using this little box below, instead of talking about it any further.


And here’s some additional hype via the press release:

100s is bringing West Coast rap back to the future. His new release, IVRY, is a glimpse into a melodic new chapter for the Berkeley artist, taking classic mack vibes to chic new heights. From the smoothed out “Ten Freaky Hoes” and the Rick James-worthy “Different Type Of Love” to the ice cold flows of “Inglish Outro” and “Thru My Veins,” 100s spits X-rated bedtime stories worthy of classic Too $hort, but with a modern attitude, approach, and peerless sense of style all his own. IVRY is a seductive experience, an “abstract world and storyline” as 100s himself puts it, a reintroduction to an artist listeners first met as a teenager on the acclaimed Ice Cold Perm, who has grown into a genre navigating master of ceremonies beyond his time.

For those that would rather just listen to it first, here you go…

And for those of you who will be making your way to SXSW, you can catch 100s live at the following times/locations:

Thursday, March 13 – Fader Fort – 1:30pm
Thursday, March 13th – Mishka/Vibes Event @ Haven Lounge – 4:15pm
Thursday, March 13th – A$AP/House of Vans Show @ Mohawk – TBD EVENING
Friday, March 14th – Fool’s Gold @ Empire – 12:30am
Saturday, March 15th – Live Nation Up Next ’14 @ Annex – TBD AFTERNOON
Saturday, March 15th – Rocksmith @ Haven Lounge – 10:35pm

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