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It’s been nearly 20 years since writer/director Kevin Smith released the first Clerks movie. I’m sure that if plenty of folks decided to watch it for the first time in this day and age, it might not seem like much more than a low-budget black and white film that was made for around $27 thousand by a film school dropout, but Clerks was a little bit more meaningful when it was released in 1994.  Not unlike Richard Linklater‘s Slacker (1991); which was an inspiration for Smith, himself, to pursue film-making seriously and, more specifically, to create Clerks, in the first place; it’s release and subsequent popularity demonstrated to a whole generation that technology and access had advanced enough for any of us to make a film if we wanted it bad enough, and really set our minds to it (and cast our friends, sold our comic book collections, got insurance settlements,  borrowed a few grand from relatives, etc).  Even more encouraging was the prospect of anyone actually watching that film, it being able to find distribution, and even pulling a few million dollars profit.

Surprisingly enough, the breakout stars of the film were originally nothing but the minor, secondary characters that hung out around the shops where the main characters worked (Smith was actually employed by the convenience store during the time of the filming).  Since then, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) have gone on to make repeated cameos throughout Smith‘s work (Mall Rats), being written into more significant roles (Dogma) and, eventually, even carried a move on their own.  In fact, they are without a doubt the most successful characters that Kevin Smith has ever created.  However, a full 12 years have already past since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was released–although it may not seem like it–and since that time, the life of the actors that played those characters have taken some pseudo-ironic twists.  Of course, Kevin Smith went onto direct films like Zack and Miri Make a Porno and, the independently produced, Red State (his controversial 2011 horror film inspired by the monstrously vile Westboro Baptist Church of “god hates fags” and picketing funerals fame) that took place outside of the established fictional micro-universe that made him famous.  But the ironic part is how the man who played Silent Bob has also proven that he is an amazing public speaker, most notably evidenced by his 2012 live Q&A that was filmed and released under the title of Kevin Smith Burn in Hell, as well as the multiple highly successful podcasts that he hosts weekly.  Jason Mewes‘ situation is a little slightly less ironic, being known for playing a small time drug dealer and ending up becoming a hardcore drug addict.

So what the fuck are these two jokers trying to pull now that it’s 2013?  Well, apparently Mewes has kicked the junk and gone on to produce a new animated film centered around the characters that made them huge stars and featuring the voice talents of such big shots as Neil Gaiman and Jon Lovitz .  So why the fuck would you need to go to such a grand, majestic venue as Seattle‘s Moore Theatre to watch a simple film?  The answer to that is that Mewes and Smith will be hosting a full-on live podcast afterward, which I’m assuming is probably going to go on for an additional hour and a half.  For anyone that was smart enough to just take a glance at the goddam flyer that we posted above, prior to me having to type all of this shit out, this information should already be obvious.  It states that it’s a 3 hour event and, for my money, the Q&A podcast portion is where the real value lies.  So… why should you purchase tickets to this event at all, instead of just buying a new kiddie pool and filling it with bottles of high gravity malt liquor?  I don’t know man, that part’s up to you; I’m not in control of your finances.  If you’ve never seen a live podcasting, however, it’s something worth checking out.  Plus it breaks the monotony of all of the other redundant shit that you always do with your time (movie, concert, go out to dinner, watch Game of Thrones, scrapbook, paint by numbers, repeat).

Okay… let’s just get right down to it.  You don’t want to pay?  Fine.  Our pals at the Seattle Theatre Group have provided us with a free pair of tickets to give away to one of yous goons.  Peep the details below




*One winner will receive a pair of tickets to see the following show:

Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie
with Live Q&A Podcast
(unrated – ages 16+)
Live @ The Moore Theatre
Seattle, Washington
May 15th, 2013


This contest will be based entirely around the concept of the live Q&A


After seeing enough Q&A’s you begin to notice that a lot of people waste their questions and everyone else’s time by asking worthless shit and taking that opportunity away from someone else.  Your mission as the entrant is to simply decide what question(s) you’d want to ask Smith and/or Mewes at the event, if you get that opportunity.


Post your answer in the comment section below.


There is no part 3.  That’s all there is to the contest.  It’s pretty easy… but you should probably read the fine print.

The Fine Print:

All entries must be received by Monday, May 13th at 11:59pm to be eligible.
You can enter as many times as you want, but use a valid email so that we can contact you.
If you sign in with Facebook, make sure that your account can accept a message from us.
Winner will be chosen arbitrarily, based on our personal “favorite.”

If you are not sure that you will be able to attend the show, do not enter!  You’d be surprised how often that shit happens and we don’t want these going to waste.

If we are unable to contact the winner in a reasonable amount of time, a new winner will be chosen.


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