PREVIEW: Doubleparlour “Trinity” Solo Exhibit @ Modern Eden [SF]

Since 2007, the San Francisco-based husband and wife duo of Ernie and Cassandra Velasco have been publically showcasing their inspired sculpture work under the collective moniker of Doubleparlour.  Crafting their pieces from an epoxy clay by the name of Magic-Sculpt, the duo then finishes them off with sanding, acrylic paints, and varnish.  The sculptures themselves venture into territories that shift from whimsical to the macabre, with old-timey storybook-esque childlike figures and wild fictional creatures becoming reoccurring subjects.  Somehow there’s a nostalgic familiarity generated by much of their work, even when it’s beyond evident that they don’t entirely resemble anything else that I’ve ever seen before.  Their childlike figures, for instance, remind me of the strength and purposefulness of Henry Darger‘s infamous Vivian Girls, yet they are aesthetically very different.  Doubleparlour‘s vision is unique, yet remarkably concise and polished, so it’s a bit surprising to discover that 2 separate individuals are able to come together and work so effectively to complete their collective visions.  The Velascos close personal relationship must be the key to their ability to collaborate with such fluidity, but it’s easy to understand how working with such a connection could just as easily become a hurdle for many in their situation.  However they manage to pull it off, Doubleparlour has been an incredibly productive force in the new contemporary art world as of late.

Coming off of an impressive art exhibit at Spoke Art Gallery, as recently as July, where they showcased a large number of works alongside fellow artists, Jonas Löfgren  and Luke Cheuh, the Velascos have already managed to generate a completely new body of work.  The new exhibit, titled “Trinity,” will be on display at the Modern Eden gallery beginning tomorrow night.  The following information is taken directly from the press release that we were provided by the gallery

Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce “Trinity”, a solo exhibition by the dynamic sculpting duo, Doubleparlour.  “Trinity” is a collection of all new work by Doubleparlour exploring the archetype of the Triple Deity. A triple deity is three separate beings sharing a common bond or one deity with three aspects. This body of work examines the dynamics of interwoven relationships and physical parts to explore the ties that bind. These threads connecting existence between living creatures can both unite and divide.

and here’s a little more regarding the artists…

Doubleparlour produces work in a variety of mediums; however, their primary focus is on making hand-formed resin sculptures. They strive to produce artwork with an emphasis on peculiar, humorous and melancholy characters. This character driven approach to sculpting results in figures that seem to pondering their past and present situation with a sort of disenchantment. The narrative however is left up to the viewer. At times the work references deeper underlying themes of human existence such as social alienation, purpose, and one’s relationship with both the natural and artificial world.

If you’re able to make it out to the opening, it’s highly encouraged and the Velascos will actually be in attendance for it.  For those of you that aren’t able to make it out, we’ve tried to provide the next best thing, displaying the preview images to the featured artwork below.  Trinity will run into the 9th of next month, so there will still be plenty of time to check it out if you’re in the Bay Area.  The other good news is that, you’re completely welcome to purchase any of the available pieces, whether you’re physically at the gallery or not.

Make sure to check out the preview images, complete with purchase links, after the following event details…


Trinity: Doubleparlour Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 17th



Modern Eden Gallery
403 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA



Opening reception is free and open to the public.
Complimentary beverages will be served by Three Wishes Winery and Rolling Rock.
There will be a live DJ set by DJ Brendan J.
Doubleparlour will be in attendance!

Exhibit will be on view until December 9, 2012.
The gallery is open from Wed-Sun  from 11am – 7pm


[click images to enlarge]

(L-R): Misrat No.3, Misrat No.2, Misrat No.1

“Misrat” (No. 1 -3)

Resin and Acrylic
3.5 x 14.5 inches
$250 each
(purchase: No.1, No.2, No.3)



Resin and Acrylic
Free-standing sculpture
7.5 x 9 inches
$200 (purchase)


Squidlette – alternate angle


(L-R): Cruss, Mordax, Korac

Cruss – detail


Resin and Acrylic
Free-standing sculpture
5 x 8 x 9 inches
$200 (purchase)



Resin and Acrylic
Free-standing sculpture
5 x 7 x 8 inches



Resin and Acrylic
Free-standing sculpture
5 x 8 x 9 inches
$200 (purchase)



Resin and Acrylic
5 x 12 x 6.5 inches
$200 (purchase)


(L-R): Sabeen No.1, Sabeen No.2, Sabeen No.3

“Sabeene” (No. 1 -3)

Mixed Media
Wall-mounted Sculpture
4.25 x 12.5 inches
$180 each
(purchase: No.1, No.2, No.3)

Sabeenes – alternate view

“3 Headed Bugbear”

Mixed Media Sculpture
9 x 16 inches
$400 (purchase)

3 Headed Bugbear – alternate view

3 Headed Bugbear – detail

(L-R): Sage No.1, Sage No.2, Sage No.3

“Sage” (No. 1 -3)

Mixed Media
Wall Mounted Sculptures
4 x 18 inches
$300 each
(purchase: No.1, No.2, No.3)

Sage No.1 (Detail)

Sage No.2 (Detail)

Sage No.3 (Detail)


(Clockwise from bottom): Black Shadow (l), Black Shadow (m), Black Shadow (s)

“Black Shadow” (s,m,l)

Mixed Media
Wall Mounted Sculptures

10.5 x 8 inches
$300  (purchase)

9 x 7 inches
$200  (purchase)

8 x 6 inches
$150  (purchase)

Black Shadow (m) – detail

“Pod No.1”

Resin and Acrylic
Hanging Sculpture
5 x 12 inches
$250 (purchase)

“Pod No.1”

Resin and Acrylic
Hanging Sculpture
5 x 9 inches
$250 (purchase)

“Pod No.3”

Resin and Acrylic
Hanging Sculpture
4 x 10 inches
$250 (purchase)

Pods- detail


Modern Eden website
Official Doubleparlour website
Doubleparlour on Etsy

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