WATCH: Vitamin Water Uncapped Recap video / 2 CHAINZ Codeine Cowboy Mini-Doc

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At the end of last month, I attended the Seattle stop of the Vitamin Water Uncapped concert series, co-presented by The Fader.  They’ve been doing quite a few of these events with big name acts in towns across the country.  This one was held at the Emerald City Trapeze Arts building and featured sets by Southern rapper, 2-Chainz and the North East electro-pop group, Passion Pit.  Other shows have featured names like Santigold, Rick Ross, and Zola Jesus, with the most recent event taking place, earlier this month, with Best Coast and Kendrick Lamar at an indoor BMX skatepark in Portland.  The idea is to include two artists from what they consider to be very different worlds on the bill, but in many ways, it’s generally all still just pop music.  I’ve already expressed my viewpoints of the show that we saw in the previous post, which you should probably just go ahead and read because, not only is it in much more detail, but my opinions are incredibly vital and everyone consistently loves the things that I have to say.  [Please note: the potency of my words have been known to get unsuspecting ladies EXTREMELY pregnant.] 

But seriously folks… the short version is that I was way more impressed with the work of 2-Chainz, who I had very little familiarity with prior to the performance.  So, I guess that these things really do work, as far as introducing the crowd to new talent.  There are still a few stops on this tour left–Austin, Detroit, and NYC– which are definitely worth checking out.  They include free performances by surprise entertainers, free alcohol, free Vitamin Water, free Fader mags… possibly even some freestyles.  Despite what some of the colorful lyrics in select tracks by 2-Chainz and Rick Ross may imply, however, one thing that will not be made available is free base–they are only just entertainers kids.

[Fun fact: Did you know that freedom actually isn’t free?]

Here.  Watch this quick video recap with interview clips from both 2-Chainz and Passion Pit, filmed on location in Seattle.

As stated before, after seeing the performances, my interest in 2-Chainz was heightened, so I went on a hunt to find some more information about this dude.  What I discovered was a half-hour mini-documentary called Codeine Cowboy that features Lil Wayne and the Young Money family, while giving a little bit of insight into what the rapper, former known as Tity Boy (birth name Tauheed Epps), was really all about and where he came from.  During the show and even prior to his performance, I made some stereotypical comments regarding Southern rap and implying that 2-Chainz might like to occasionally get down with the sizzurp.  After watching this documentary, it’s clear that I was misguided in my judgements and presumptuous and I’d like to take this moment to both apologize and admit that I wasn’t completely aware of what I was talking about.  In fact, Epps isn’t prone to sippin’ the occasional purple drank, he’s drinking that shit ALL OF THE TIME.  From the jump off of this video, you’ll notice that Vitamin Water isn’t the only Coca-Cola product that 2-Chainz openly endorses; he’s drinking a gang of Sprite, as well, and making sure to pour plenty of prescription cough syrup (which he keeps in a baby bottle, no less) into it before hand.  Obey your thirst, indeed.

Here is the full list of Vitamin Water x Fader Uncapped concert dates, with the remaining stops simply labeled with the words “Surprise Performances.”  Try to make it out to one of these if your schedule allows.  Or hey, if it doesn’t, why not just walk out on your job and/or bail on one of the extremely limited trial visitation day’s that the court has set aside for you and your only child, who, by the way, is going through some confusing stuff and could really use you around right now?  They’ll completely understand that you have your own needs and that includes some time to go out and relax without people harping on you about “responsibilities.”  And if they don’t, fuck ’em — the Uncapped concert series definitely does.


  • 06/07/12Rick Ross, The-Dream, Zola Jesus, Omarion, French Montana in Los Angeles at Hollywood Legion
  • 06/14/12Santigold, Wale, Melanie Fiona in Chicago at Marquardt Truckin Co.
  • 06/27/12 – 2 Chainz, Passion Pit in Seattle, WA at Emerald City Trapeze Arts
  • 07/11/12Kendrick Lamar, Best Coast in Portland, OR at Lumberyard BMX Skate Park
  • 08/08/12Surprise Performances in Austin, TX at TBA
  • 08/23/12Surprise Performances in Detroit, MI at TBA
  • 09/24/12 -Surprise Performances in New York at TBA

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