EXCLUSIVE DR. DOG PHOTOS: The Sasquatch Music Festival [May 31, 2010]


Sasquatch Music Festival

{Bigfoot Stage}

The Gorge Amphitheatre

May 31, 2010

Some people like reading novels and some people simply enjoy pop-up and picture books.  I know that when it comes to reviews and coverage, we generally lean much more towards the written word, but you may have noticed that we often come away with quite a bit of photographic documentation, as well.  We generally pick through and use the shots that we like the most for the reviews and, depending on the particular event, we may have a large selection to choose from or we may not.  With all of the great music provided at this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival, it created a situation where we had individual sets that yielded more shots than others.  One particular band that I had the pleasure of photographing was Philadelphia‘s Dr. DogThey were scheduled for a 4:30 slot at the Bigfoot Stage on was the final day of the festival (Monday, May 31st).  The weather was beautiful and I was provided access to run around and intrusively shove my lens at these bastards while they performed.  These shots were taken by a Nikon D80 and my handsomely small yet girthy gentleman hands.  Yep, I pushed the button a lot, so I thought it would be a shame not to throw a slideshow up here and make the photo-set available to those of you that don’t typically view our Flickr account.  The images below are linked directly from that Flickr account so, as more are loaded, they will be generated back here, as well.  They aren’t snapshots of celebutante vag exiting the backseat of a Phantom in front of the Viper Room or anything, but, for those of you that love Dr. Dog and/or music photography, hopefully some of them will be almost as worth pointing your eyes at.


Dead C

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