WIN a Pair of Tickets to Wolfmother in Seattle (Friday 11.20.09)


Last I knew of Wolfmother, 2 of the 3 original members left and were touring as part of the new Kid Koala project, The Slew (highly recommended).  I assumed that was it for the band, however, shortly after seeing The Slew live, I began hearing the name Wolfmother again everywhere that I looked.  Apparently, frontman, Andrew Stockdale got himself a whole new rhythm section and busted out a whole new album.  The Cosmic Egg is already being well received and the new lineup/material seems to be garnering rave reviews, from fans and critics alike.  My mind’s been buzzing like a nitrous hit, with all the shit I’ve been dealing with, and in all honesty, I really don’t know what’s going on with the Australian rock revivalists.  Just because we haven’t listened to the new album and haven’t had an opportunity to form an opinion about their current incarnation, doesn’t mean that we can’t kick down a pair of tickets to one of you fans out there that desperately wants to experience their sonic onslaught live.  Shit, one thing that we are sure of is that these guys put on a high energy performance.  If you are already a fan of their music, they will definitely be worth seeing live in person, so…..

Here’s your chance:

This is a very last minute contest that we were only just now asked to hold, so act fast.  It will only run for a couple of days and all entries must be received by midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009.


A pair of Tickets to the following performance:

Wolfmother @ the Paramount Theatre in Seattle

Friday November 20th

To Enter:

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  3. Go to the Facebook discussion board/entry page for the contest [found HERE] and answer the following question:

“What is  a benefit of being raised by wolves?”

Good luck fools!

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