It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…but that’s Hollywood

For those of you who are unaware, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a television program on the FOX owned basic cable channel, the FX Network. It began airing in 2005 and the concept centers around 3 guys who own and run a bar in Philadelphia, along with one of their sisters, played by ex-Groundling, Kaitlyn Olson.

The plot-lines contain some relatively subversive subject matter and involve the characters engaging in such schemes as framing their childhood gym teacher for molestation, going to pro-life rallys to pick up women, and becoming crackheads to gain wellfare benefits. All of these acts are performed or attempted with generally little or no repercussion.

Needless to say, this is a refreshing change for television, especially for it to be on a station such as FX whose prime-time line-up often consists of such programming as syndicated episodes of That 70’s Show. Incidentally, one of the stars/writers/executive producers of the show, Glenn Howerton, starred on the short lived That 80’s Show however, it would be a mistake to let that dissuade you from making time for this new vehicle. This program is hands down, one of the sharpest, most entertaining, and engaging shows on non-pay television right now, and it isn’t even animated.

The pilot episode of the program was made on a digital camera and is rumoured to have only cost around $85. This financially modest effort was convincing enough for FX to give creator Rob McElhenney and his friends, Howerton and Charlie Day, an opportunity. From my understanding, FX only dished out a meager $400,000 for their entire first season. The time slots bounced around and promotion was unstable. Word of mouth advertisement is actually the main factor attributed to getting the series renewed for a second season.
Danny Devito was so impressed by the show and endorsed it to such a degree that he even agreed to return to television just to be able to join the cast for their sophomore season.

As the cast prepares for what is now their third season, FOX and the FX network have really began to pump the hell out of this program like never before. They recently held a contest for the biggest “SUPERFAN“. One minute video entries are to be judged and the winner will, apparently, get their face slapped up on billboards in Times Square & The Sunset Strip along with an appearance in a brief promotional spot, along with other prizes. I thought that I’d enter for myself….here’s what happened.


I figured that, based on the general subject matter and all around irreverent behavior, I might finally have a chance to win something. I was wrong. They wouldn’t even respond to my letters and explain exactly what the specific issue was for getting my video banned from the contest.


Those corporate haters “REJECTED” it and can eat a walrus dick.

Important Notes:

1. I mention Mandolin Rain because Bruce Hornsby’s brother not only starred in an episode but also wrote one

2. At the end of the show during season 2 there is an audio message played backwards. That message is “Is it brown? Is it brown? Is it brown? Good work. Is it brown? Is it brown? Is it brown? Good work.”

I was a little pissed that Rupert Murdock and his minions wouldn’t even let me into the competition, but I wasn’t surprised. They wouldn’t let me into their reindeer games, so I played my own and did what I do. I tracked down some of the cast from the show and sent the video to them.

As of now, I’ve already gotten 2 positive responses directly from 2 different of the cast members. They seem to be solid individuals and down to earth. They were really supportive and acknowledging of the fact that I put effort into my submissions.

This inspired me somewhat, and so I made a second video. I couldn’t really pin down any real dramatic difference from mine and the other entries, as far as tastelessness goes. The 15 yr old white kids from Iowa can dress up like Arabian Terrorists and their videos made it. I figure, “maybe they felt that I was implying that they were racist” or “maybe I’m just more threatening than a 90 lb teenage boy with freckles”.

I whitened myself and entered another video as a wife beating white supremacist. They actually allowed this one into the fucking contest. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that.

Here it is
(pay attention to the Beecher Stowe reference):

Dead C

UPDATE (July 16th ’07):

The shirt finally arrives

Dead C

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