Straight Outta Hand: This NWA Meme Is Devouring My Soul

roddy piper bubblegum
It’s likely that you’ve seen a good amount of these “Straight Outta ___ ” images floating around the internet, especially if you’re active on social media sites like instagram and Facebook.  For those who haven’t caught on, these custon images can be generated over on the site and is part of a marketing campaign to promote the new NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which is being released this Friday, August 14th.  When I first started seeing these things, people were using the generator as it was intended and uploading images of themselves with the stylized text stating where they were from — or, rather, where they were “Straight Outta.”  As is usually the case with these type of marketing memes, users began going off and finding new creative ways to utilize the program.  Among some that I have seen is an image of Yoda that read “Dagobah Outta Straight,” a Gusto G from CB4Straight Outta Loca$h” image, and another one for Back To the Future, which said “Straight Outta Time.”  You know… things of that nature.  In typical fashion, I didn’t pay much mind to it at first, but, also in typical fashion, once I did, I got sucked in way too goddam hard.

The first time that the potential for these things to amuse me really presented itself was once painter Dave MacDowell used Facebook chat to send me a variation of the Roddy Piper, They Live image shown above, that he had come across.  That was a few days ago, and I still wasn’t really fucking with the Straight Outta Somewhere program until this morning, when I woke up with an Air Supply song in my head.  From there, I became slightly obsessed and haven’t been able to get much accomplished today, because every time that I try to work on anything, another one of these concepts hits me and my brain is kind of fucked up and can’t register whether or not certain things are “important” or not.  So… instead of viewing these as the distractions that they are, keeping me from finishing a new post, my hope is that I can finally flush this out of my system and take advantage of this fiasco by using it as the post itself.  My favorites are the images that a lot of people might not get, at first, because you have to have some sort of reference for them.  These are also the type that I’ve been primarily focusing on

So… here’s a chunk of 10 images out of all of the ridiculous bullshit that I made today using what has proven to be a beyond effective marketing tool.

Props to Dave McDowell for giving me the idea for the Lebowski/”Element” concept, and also to Cory Calhoun, who allowed us to use his Love Boat image at the bottom for this post.

air supply love

clarence yo goddamn mind

ami dolenz control

minor threat step

doug heeeeere

donny element

pacino order

evie this world

ted williams fuckin pahk

love boat siiight

Feel free to unload your burden and dump your own wasteful images below in the comment section and don’t be surprised if you see us load a few more up in that section ourselves.

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