Back when we caught Run The Jewels live in Seattle on August 9th, they announced that they had just finished work on their long anticipated sophomore effort, RTJ2.  Within a couple of weeks, an October 28th due date was already set for the project.  Things have continued to progress rapidly, and although the new record is being delivered as a free download, just like its predecessor, preorders for a number of packages involving physical versions of the album went live on September 15th.  Although a number of those preorder options were clearly and absurdly fictional, a successful kickstarter campaign was launched to raise the $40,000 fee required for a new version of RTJ2 called Meow The Jewels, featuring beats constructed entirely of cat sounds, to be recorded, since then.  As time approached, the duo of Atlanta emcee, Killer Mike and Brooklyn emcee/producer EL-P have kept active on social networks, dropping updates and images, as well as releasing little samples of what was to come, like the track “Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck,” featuring Zack De LaRocha of Rage Against The Machine fame.  The hype hasn’t tapered, there was never a moment to forget that this was coming and remind us all why we should give a fuck.

Well… it seems that the artists themselves couldn’t deal with the anticipation anymore themselves, because they just sent out an email at around 10:30pm Pacific Time tonight (October 23, 2014) confessing as much.  Arriving from simply “Jaime and Mike” and with the subject line, “Thank you!  Now download RTJ2!” here’s how the email said:


We just couldn’t wait another damn day longer to share RTJ2 with you.
Thank you to all the jewel runners worldwide for all your support. It means everything to us.  Please enjoy the music.  It was made for you.

Make sure to check out the #RTJ2 tour links included in your download.  Tickets are going fast!

Also included was a link to the following video:

So… since they couldn’t wait, why should we?  Here’s the download

unnamed (12)

Along with the free album, a digital booklet is also included with the download, featuring both art and lyrics for each track.  There are also lists of both domestic and worldwide tour dates.  Unfortunately, as it stands right now, Seattle isn’t one of them.


If you like what you hear, make sure to kick these guys some loot by picking up a physical copy.  The various options can be found in our previous post HERE.

If you don’t have a copy of the first release or would like somewhat of a backstory about the project, you can download it and find out more by clicking HERE.

To read our detailed review of their last performance in Seattle (hint: it was pretty great), click HERE.

And to read my 2012 interview with EL-P that was conducted prior to this collaboration ever becoming official, which involves him discussing beginning his working relationship with Killer Mike, along with his approach to music and his process in general, click HERE.


RUN THE JEWELS 2 DROPS NOW!!!! #runthejewels @killermikegto

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