Run The Jewels Release New Track & Tour Dates / Offer RTJ2 Preorder w/ $10 Million Deluxe Package

RTJ2 cover art

RTJ2 Cover Art

We have been eagerly anticipating the sophomore effort by Run The Jewels, but in the meantime the untouchable duo comprised of Atlanta rapper, Michael “Killer Mike” Render and Brooklyn super producer/emcee, Jaime “EL-Producto” Meline continue to provide us with updates and preview tracks to tide us over until the official October 28th release date.  A follow up to last year’s immensely successful debut, RTJ2 will be released in the same fashion as its predecessor: in the form of a completely free album download, along with CD and LP versions (individually or in various packaging options) available for purchase for those that are interested in owning a physical copy.  Check out the new album artwork (above), as well as a sample track, full list of tour dates, and preorder information below.

New Track – “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”

A few weeks back, we posted the audio for “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” the first track revealed from RTJ2.  Today, the next preview has been released as part of Adult Swim‘s 16 week/16 track singles series.  According to the press release, the new song, titled “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” features comedian/actor/vocal noise wizard, Michael “Man of 10,000 Sound Effects” Winslow of Police Academy fame as the “guest robot voice.”  If you haven’t yet, listen to the song with the soundcloud stream above and/or download it from Adult Swim by clicking HERE.

A Message From Run The Jewels

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This morning we received about 4 different emails regarding RTJ, each announcing some combination of information about the new release, the song, tour dates, album art, and/or preorder launch.  Out of them all, the best one was probably from the group themselves, who used the emails provided by users to activate last year’s free release to thank them and give them the heads up on everything that was on the horizon directly.  For those that didn’t receive the “A Message From Run The Jewels” email, here’s what it said:

To Our Jewel Runners Worldwide,

Last year we gave you Run The Jewels and in exchange we asked for an email.  Since then we haven’t been in touch unless you’ve seen us at a show, talked to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, bumped in to us at a bar, sold us weed, etc etc.  Truth be told our intention was to mercilessly sell your email information to literally anyone who would pay in a desperate attempt to raise enough money to buy 2 giant 36″, 14 K yellow-gold dookie rope chains or 4 bit coins.  While we still yearn for those, we (regrettably) forgot to do the whole “betraying your privacy” thing, mostly due to the amount of marijuana we smoke on a daily basis.  In fact, we completely forgot we even had these emails until yesterday.  Shit happens.

We are writing you today to thank you, and to tell you that you are the first people in the world we are inviting to check out our exclusive preorder packages for the new record we made called “RUN THE JEWELS 2” (or #RTJ2).  First to the thank you part:

HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING RUN THE JEWELS A SUCCESS.  We are humbled that you have supported us and our music. All of you. Those who bought it, those who got it for free and came to a show… all of you. Truly. You turned a free record with little to no promotion in to something bigger than we ever expected. The shows have been amazing, the interactions with all of our supporters just as great.  It’s because of this that we can honestly promise to keep giving you that raw shit as long as we can. Thank you thank you thank you.

As you may know, #RTJ2 is dropping October 27th.  We are very excited about this. Once again we are giving you this record FOR FREE.  We want anyone who wants it to have it, especially those who don’t feel like they can afford to spend cash on that type of thing or maybe even aren’t sure we are worthy of it.  Take it, test it out. Enjoy.

For those of you who DO want to pay for it we have many glorious options for you which we will list below.  Many of these are limited and you are getting the first crack at copping them.  We think you’ll be as pleased with what we are presenting as we are.

Again, thank you for everything. We can’t wait to give you this music and play it for you at our shows.

No bullshit,

Jaime and Mike

Preorders / Deluxe Packaging Options

rtj shirt lp package


As mentioned and linked to above in Jaime and Mike‘s “message,” RTJ2 preorders are up and running.  Among the several options available, aside from the free MP3 download, are a “Super digi-pack” wave/Flac format ($10), a CD version ($12); and a “180gm Collector’s Edition Gatefold Teal 2XLP with Signed RTJ2 Cops Poster and Sticker Sheet” ($26).  There is also a 4xLP option ($65), which is similar to the double-vinyl except that it’s limited to 500 units and includes the instrumental tracks on clear vinyl, along with a second vinyl poster insert.  Then there’s a few options that combine things like the vinyl with a shirt, or the 4xLP and shirt with a CD (pictured above), etc.  Even with offering up a free album, Run The Jewels have found ways to tweak things in the current economic climate with a severely wounded music industry to make their money from those that are still happy to support them.

After those more basic options, however, things get quite a bit more interesting with the packaging options.  For $250, you can upgrade the regular 4xLP/T-Shirt/CD combo package to include one of only 20 Test-Pressings of the album on vinyl.  Or, for some joker out there who is really balling extremely tough, there is the $5,000Super Duper Collectors Deluxe” package, which includes everything from the test pressing package with the addition of “RTJ2 Original Master Reference Discs (4xLP Master and 4XLP Instrumentals)” — “There is only one copy of each in existence.

But wait… there’s more.

I know, it already seems like they’re offering a surprising number of ways to purchase a free album, and they are, but they are also listing 11 more packages that, along with containing everything from the “test press” or 4xLP combo packages, include much more personal features like guest list spots and having the duo taking revenge on your enemies for you.  These selections range from $7,500 all the way up to $10 million and increase in ridiculousness, respectively.  But before you break into your life savings or college fund to throw down on something as suspect as the “We Are Gordon Ramsey Package,” you might want to make sure to read the fine prints.

*run the jewels reserves the right to take your money and not fulfill any of its obligations as outlined in any package priced at 35k or more. 

Below are the basic details that separate each of the 11 Bonus packages listed on, fictional or otherwise, along with their pricing.


The “I’m On The Fucking List, Asshole” Package* ($7.500 USD):

Run The Jewels will  put you on the all access guest list plus 1 for any Run The Jewels show anywhere and up to 10 shows.  You (and not your plus 1) will be welcome in our back stage before, during and after shows as well as be allowed to hang for soundcheck and load in if you find that sort of thing interesting, have full access to our backstage rider which includes a deli meant tray, various cheeses, a bottle of Henessey, grey goose and various energy bars.  We will share our weed with you and let you yell at our tour manager.  We will pretend to like you and will introduce you to our friends as our “friend”. Run The Jewels requires a half an hour before stage time to not have to deal with you and your fucking yammering in order to do our pre show stretches, vocal warm ups and crying.


The Show And Tell Package* ($25,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will fly to your town and accompany your child to show and tell at his or her school on an agreed upon date (and in the United States) where we will answer any questions the children have about marijuana, rap music and global politics.  Run The Jewels will also read the story of your child’s choice to the class as well as take a picture with your child and his or her classmates.  We will also provide personal bully protection for 24 hours as well as write and record a song with your child.  El-P will explain the true nature of the world and teach your child how to curse and smoke (if desired), killer mike will teach your child how to fight and organize local community action.
RTJ2  T-shirt
Signed Poster
Autographed class picture with run the jewels
Hot wheels car


The mother of all motherfucking packages. Other than the other, more expensive packages. Those are better than this one.

The Housitters Deluxe ($35,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will spend an agreed upon weekend at your house where we will smoke all of your weed, listen to your stupid fucking music, and let your mother cook for us.


The Meow The Jewels Package* ($40,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will re-record RTJ2 using nothing but cat sounds for music. You are free to profit from this album in any way you see fit up to 100k in net global profit or 3 years (whichever comes first).


Time to solve some goddamn mysteries.

Mystery Time Supreme Package* ($50,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will start a private detective agency and make you an employee for a month where you and run the jewels will work together to unravel local mysteries but mostly just smoke weed in the back of your van. Run The Jewels will also show you the secret handshake as well as create a theme song for the company that you can name as long as its not a fucking stupid name.


Do you like candy?

The Jewels Candygram Package* ($55,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will show up at your door step dressed in clothing made of candy to rap both albums to you personally over the beats of your choice and wish you a happy birthday (or any other occasion).  We will then spend the day playing contact ultimate frisbee with your family and friends, ending at dusk where we will build a small, possibly illegal bonfire and drink until one of us urinates where we are sitting.


Hate someone?

The Fuck Boy Revenge Package* ($100,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will fly to your town, stalk and ultimately take revenge upon anyone in your life who has ever wronged you through a series of humiliating and vicious tactics designed to bring shame upon their name and the name of their children. We will then train your enemies pet to love you. This offer does not include murder.


The We Are Gordon Ramsey Package* ($150,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will self produce a new episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey, with Mike and El both playing Gordon Ramsey.  We will travel to a restaurant with you of your choice, completely uninvited, and attempt to force them to change their menu. All the while verbally abusing and insulting the entire staff to hilarious effect.


The We Are Gordon Ramsey Supreme Package* ($200,000 USD):

The We Are Gordon Ramsey Package with the addition of: Run The Jewels will film a follow up episode in which we will return to the restaurant a year later and check on its progress.


The Self Righteousness For Sale Package* ($350,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will spend 6 months pretending to care about whatever you care about.  We will travel to no more than 3 events of your choosing and make eloquent, timely speeches on your causes behalf.  We will shoot a heartfelt, informative video for your cause as well as co-author an info packet to be distributed on your causes behalf that includes an original song called “WE’VE GOT TO BRING _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TO AN END”.  This offer does not extend to terrorists or cops.


The Run The Jewels Retirement Plan Package* ($10,000,000 USD):

Run The Jewels will retire from music, making only one song a year for you personally. Every song title will be your name with a number next to it.  You are free to exploit these recordings however you feel like.  Includes:

All run the jewels publishing from any new song created during our retirement
2 fake gold 36” chains
2 green hands
A sticker


Tour Dates

Make sure to check out right now to preorder RTJ2 and make sure to catch them on one of their following tour dates:

Run The Jewels Tour Dates:

10/15 – College Station, TX – Hurricane Harry’s %
10/18 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s %
10/20 – Little Rock, AR – Stickyz
10/21 – Memphis, TN – Minglewood Hall %
10/22 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
10/23 – Birmingham, AL – Iron City %
10/24 – Columbia, SC – Music Farm %
10/25 – Charleston, SC – Music Farm %
10/31 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts *
11/1 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club *
11/2 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater *
11/3 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle *
11/4 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade *
11/6 – Dallas, TX – Trees *
11/7 – Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest
11/8 – Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s *
11/10 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom *
11/11 – La Jolla, CA – Porters Pub *
11/12 – Pomona, CA – Glass House *
11/14 – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine +
11/15 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater *
11/17 – Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge *
11/18 – Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre *
11/20 – Minneapolis, MN – First Line Music Café *
11/21 – Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre *
11/22 – Chicago, IL – Metro *
11/25 – Detroit, MI – St Andrews Hall *
11/26 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall *
11/27 – Montreal, QC – Club Soda *
11/28 – Boston, MA – Paradise *
11/29 – New York, NY – Stage 48 *
12/30 – Lorne, AU – Falls Festival
12/31 – Marion Bay, AU – Falls Festival
1/1 – Sydney, AU –  Field Day
1/2 – Byron Bay, AU – Falls Festival
1/4 – Busselton, AU – Southbound Festival
1/7 – Sydney, AU – Enmore Theatre ^
1/8 – Melbourne, AU – The Forum ^
1/9 – Brisbane, AU – Hi Fi ^
1/10 – Auckland, NZ – Town Hall ^
% Red Bull Sound Select show
* with Rat King & Despot
+ with Despot
^ with Joey Bada$$

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