Mastodon x Dark Matter Coffee Release Blend of Unicorn Blood Roasted in Vengeance

mastadon coffee black blood

Following in the footsteps of such artists as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Black Label Society, and David Lynch, Atlanta-based metal behemoths, Mastodon have now chosen to stretch their own collective prehistoric manus into the artisan coffee game.  Housed in some pretty bold packaging, unmistakably designed by Oakland‘s Skinner, the limited edition product showcases the visual artist’s signature aesthetic, depicting a brutish other-dimensional technicolor beast equipped with multiple rows of fangs, in intricate detail.  Not content with simply stamping their name on a bag of beans and leaving it at that, the “Black Blood” blend is being released in collaboration with Chicago roaster Dark Matter Coffee (home of “unicorn blood” espresso) supported by an entire mythology that involves time portals, global annihilation, cybernetic pachyderms, and bottled vengeance.

Check out the following press release for additional details.

The year is 2420, techno-organic life forms rule the earth, the cyborg Mastodon seeks vengeance against the Clovis people for the genocide of his kind.  The terrestrial leviathan fuels himself with Black Blood, as he prepares to enter the time portal known as the Dark Matter Machine.

Through the power vested in Black Blood, the Mastodon shall reclaim its throne of world domination. Dark Matter Coffee™ and Mastodon are ecstatic to present this colossal coffee, Black Blood. It is composed of our infamous Unicorn Blood aged in Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey barrels and is limited to 2000 world wide.

Clovis Blood is the product of revenge. After traveling back in time to the age of the Clovis people, the cyborg-mastodons would bottle their vengeance with the very same tusks their ancestors were annihilated for. These bottles, until now, were exclusively used to re-fuel their hatred for the Clovis people. The Blood of Clovis will be available in hand-made, wax dipped iced coffee bomber, limited to 500 bottles.

Both will be unleashed Friday, September 12th, via Dark Matter Coffee’s website and retail locations

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