Action Bronson – Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 1) : Best Milkshake Ever

fuck that's delicious ep 1

Before getting into the rap game, Action Bronson‘s life was deeply embedded in the food industry.  The Albanian/Jewish MC (born Ariyan Arslani) grew up in his family restaurant and worked his way up in the industry after studying culinary arts at the Art Institute of New York.  And while the Queens native was always been a fan of classic artists like Kool G Rap, Cam’ron, and Mobb Deep, he never seriously considered rapping himself until a broken leg took him out of the kitchen back in 2007 and a raw talent for emceeing and lyricism quickly unveiled itself.  One of the major reasons that Bronson‘s style is so effective and connects with so many is because he never lets go of who he truly is.  Even when he’s playing more of a fictionalized character in a track, his personality still always shines through and he consistently incorporates culinary-related verses and metaphor’s into his work whenever possible.

Bronson is signed to Vice Records, the recording division of the free monthly Canadian publication-turned media powerhouse/conglomerate, VICE (Media).  One video that has been particularly popular for the 325lb rapper is titled “VICE Eats With Action Bronson,” which basically consists of exactly what you might expect: Arslani smokes some blunts, cooks and eats some food, and then goes to some high level exclusive joint and continues to consume a multi-course gourmet meal.  Back in 2009, Bronson even filmed his own super low budget cooking show called “Action in the Kitchen,” which he’s posted on youtube with grainy video and muffled sound, and his 2011 At Home With” segment for Fader TV featured the rapper cooking up sliders from Thanksgiving leftovers.  His personality combined with his chef skills made it seem like an inevitability that he would get some sort of food program and that time has finally come.  Instead of cooking himself, however, Fuck That’s Delicious appears to adopt more of an Anthony Bourdain approach with Action traveling around and chomping on exotic fare.  The first episode, however, just features him back home in his own neighborhood.

The press release claims that the “monthly series will capture the VICE recording artist and food connoisseur’s culinary adventures on his ongoing world tour, including stops in southeastern United States, England and Eastern Europe.”

The program is being produced/presented by a new VICE website called MUNCHIES.  Here’s the breakdown on that:

MUNCHIES is a website and digital video channel from VICE Media dedicated to food and its global purpose. Launched in 2014, MUNCHIES offers groundbreaking content from a youth-driven perspective. The channel chronicles the wide spectrum of the global culinary experience and the diverse voices that are pulling us forward: chefs and home cooks, makers and consumers, the politics and policies of food, “front” and “back of house” restaurant life, old wives tales and innovative news, and culturally significant indicators in the modern food world. Through engaging original video content, compelling editorial features, articles, how-to’s, recipes and events, MUNCHIES offers a signature perspective on the intersection where humans and food connect.

It’s interesting that pretty much everything that’s currently on the front page of our site just coincidentally happens to deal with rap, food, and debut episodes of web shows, or a combination of any of those three.  We just posted the debut of Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari’s new program Food Club last month, but you know how it is these days, everyone’s a goddam foodie.

Watch the debut episode of Fuck That’s Delicious below and, for those of you who need a synopsis on a video that’s short of 11 minutes before you’re ready to watch it, here you go.

Action stops by some of his favorite NYC haunts including Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Queens as he reflects on time spent touring in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

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