Get “Confidence” – David McQuary Releases 100+ Tracks Worth of Multi-Dimensional Glitch Soul


My favorite record of 2013 is by a guy that I didn’t even know made music until a few days ago.  I knew David McQuary as a pretty funny comedy dude in Austin, but apparently, he also makes incredible music and this record, Confidence is so goddamn good that I wrote a hyperbolic VICE style review, just to convince you to check it out.

“Like J-Dilla and Max Headroom in an all-night adderall snorting contest, David McQuary‘s Confidence is a funky, glitchy, beat manifesto with the attention span of a hummingbird and the body of Scarlett Johansson.  Does everybody remember when Mitch Hurwitz did all of those interviews talking about how you could watch the new season of Arrested Development in any order?  Well, that was bullshit, but Confidence succeeds where Arrested Development collapsed under the weight of its own bloated, Ron Howard cameos.  With 104 tracks of one-minute gems, Confidence flows perfectly in a linear fashion, but can easily be shuffled into nearly infinite combinations, seeing as each hiccuping digital sputter fits perfectly into the next, randomly selected sample-looping funk bite.  Perfect for late-night writing, strutting around the city, or getting your swerve on with some sort of interactive CGI cam girl; this is the album that James Franco wishes he’d paid someone to ghost write for him.”

Devon Tincknell

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