Mr. Bill Murray – Group Art Exhibit @ the R&R Gallery L.A. (Preview)

At the beginning of last year, artist Tim Doyle released his 6″ x 36″ print entitled “Murray Times Six” through his Natomi Inc website.  The 6 panel silk screen, which depicted various eras of Bill Murray‘s acting career, was decidedly fairly awesome.  The piece garnered a decent amount of attention and sold out quickly; spreading from art sites to film sites and prompting Doyle to print multiple additions.  As surprising as it may have been to come across a Bill Murray print at first, it still beckoned the question of why the subject hadn’t been explored more before.  Not only did the popularity of the work add a little spark to Doyle‘s career, but it was also a clear testament to the popularity of Murray himself.  This week, Los AngelesR&R gallery is stepping up to the plate with an entire gallery exhibit dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved actors and, with 50-plus pieces of new original work and an open bar, it sets out to be one art opening that is not to be missed.

Who doesn’t appreciate Bill Murray?  The man has transcended Hollywood, going from Chevy Chase‘s replacement as one of the “not ready for primetime players” on SNL to the highly respected actor that he is today.  Along the way he’s ingrained himself into our popular culture through comedy classics like Ghostbusters and CaddyShack and has even become a sought after “indie” film star by celebrated directors such as Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, and Jim Jarmusch.  Even the WU-Tang is down with “Bill Mother Fucking Murray“.  Now adding their names to the long list of official Murray fans is a shitload of fine artists.  When the R&R Gallery announced their intention for a Bill Murray-themed group exhibit, over 40 different artists eagerly responded with heartfelt contributions, referencing the various contributions that Murray has made to their own lives.

The R&R Gallery was gracious enough to accommodate our request to have them send over some sample images of work for this preview.  These images can be viewed below after the show/opening details.  Please keep in mind that, although R&R has forwarded us the available images that they have at this time, this is only a small percentage of what will be featured at the full exhibit this weekend.  In fact, with over 40 artists contributing a total of 50 plus pieces, these images can only represent about 25% of the full exhibit, at best.


Mr. Bill Murray
A tribute to the legend.

Opening reception
Friday Sept. 17th, 2010 7p – Midnight
Ongoing from the 18th – 30th by appointment

Featured Artists:
Aiyana Udesen, Austen Stanton, Ayami Kawashima, Bill Sneed, Brett Manning, Bryce Takara, Candace Jean, Carrie Cottini, Chelsea Manson, Chico Munson, Cody Comrie, CW, Daphne Yap, Dave Frey, David Ra, Erin Campbell, Evan Rossell, Evan Yarbrough, Emily Hart Wood, Guy Hayden, Heather McMillen, Jared Snow, Jeben Berg, Jess Sluder, Josh Hart, Josh McClure, Kube, Madsteez, Maggie West, Mariah Montgomery, Miguel Cervantes, Michael Piazza Easton, Mike Mcquade, Nil Ultra, Patch Davis, Patrick Hruby, Paul O’Sullivan (Dro), Robert Bowen, Sean P Costello, Skinner, Spencer Tiscareno, Steve Saiz, Tee Collins, Tuna Bora, Wendy Teague & Vic Back

Open bar sponsored by

R&R Gallery
929 East 2nd Street Suite 106 Los Angeles CA 90012 | 213- 626-2261 |

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Put  A Little Love in Your Heart

Paul O’Sullivan – (

8 x 10.5

pen and ink and paint

That’s It, I’m Retired

Candace Jean – (

16.5 x 10.5


Untitled Photo

Sean P. Costello

15.75 x 11



Kube – Mark J Yamamoto – (

18 x 24

Acrylic & Spray paint on wood

Streams Have Been Crossed the Universe Undone

Skinner – (

8.25 x 11


Untitled Yellow

Spencer Tiscareno

40 x 16

Acrylic on Canvas

Untitled Blue Skateboard

Spencer Tiscareno

32 x 8.25

Acrylic on Skateboard

Untitled Green Skateboard

Spencer Tiscareno

32 x 8.25

Acrylic on Skateboard

Young Mr. Murray

Brett Manning – (

5 x 7 (matted 8×10)

Ink & Gouache

The Sailor

Emily Heart Wood

15 x 30

Mixed Media on Wood

Untitled Groundhog Day

David Ra – (

6 x 9

Acrylic on Wood

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