RAH DIGGA – “DO YOUR NUMBERS” [NEW / Unreleased track]

If you saw our recent post about Rah Digga, then you already know that the emcee has taken the first steps into making her big comeback.  With the current, incredibly weak state of rap music in general, it’s a comforting feeling to know that the first lady of Flipmode will be contributing some actual style, with genuine and articulately crafted verses again.  The first time around, she hit the ground running and there’s no reason to believe that this time will be any different.  In some ways, she almost seemed to come out of nowhere and then disappear the same way.  One day.. poof, she was just gone.  The craziest thing about her return is how, even after all of this time, it makes perfect sense and it doesn’t feel contrived at all [no vocoders].  This is not an AXL Rose with cornrows situation or a VH1 show for has-beens and barely-weres to try and re-achieve some dignity that they once knew.  At this point in her life, it seems as natural as it does necessary.  Sure, she’s a mother now and she probably won’t be rocking that tight leather tank and booty short get-up from the “Imperial” video, but she was always a lot more than that.  She actually has respect for the art-form, instead of just creating a persona.  Because of that, her core elements have remained unchanged and, in many ways, timeless.  Digga still has the same empowering tone and delivery, which commands the listener to take notice and actually pay attention to what she’s talking about.  The most refreshing thing that we’ve witnessed, thus far, is how comfortable she seems to feel in her skin and where she is at in her life.  This is a good thing because, we’re comfortable with it too.

With our last post we introduced you to the video for “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap“.  That track will be appearing on her upcoming album, Classic, once it’s officially released through Raw Koncept on Sept. 14th.  In preparation of the drop date, we are posting another new track called, “Do Your Numbers“, which you can check out below.  Like the previous song and the rest of the album, “Do Your Numbers” was also produced by Nottz.  Unlike the the previous song, this one is not slated to appear on her new album.  I’m not sure how the whole state of album “singles” operate in this digital age, but this is essentially a B-Side.  Basically, if you do wind up getting a hard copy of “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap“, perhaps on vinyl, this is the track that it would be backed with.  Fortunately, it doesn’t matter either way, because we have it here for you to listen to right now.


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Below is the official cover art & tracklist for the new release.
Pre-orders are currently available through HERE.

1. The Book Of Rashia
2. Who Gonna Check Me Boo
3. This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap
4. Straight Spittin IV
5. Classic
6. Solidified
7. Feel Good
8. Viral
9. Back It Up
10. You Got It
11. Do Your Numbers

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