Stop emailing us mother fuckers!  It’s over!

We originally posted that we had 10 pairs of tickets to give away (5 for each show), but we worked with our contact at the Seattle Theatre Group to up that to 50 pair at each show (yep 200 tickets!)  and we’ve actually given all of those away too!  I recognize that we easily had 100 more entries that didn’t make the cut (basically, came in too late), but hey, we gave away a lot of free stuff and I personally compiled the list and emailed everyone.  It took all fucking day, so appreciate it!  If you’re bummed out that you lost… sorry, but damn a lot of people did win!  Congratulations!

It seems like Janeane Garofalo has been around forever.  Since the first time that I ever became aware of her as a cast member on the short-lived Ben Stiller Show (canceled in Jan. of 1993) her careers has taken multiple twists and turns.  She’s made some really shitty movies and she’s been a part of some really good TV shows.  Through it all, the one thing that has remained is her role in the stand up comedy game.  This weekend, Garofalo will be traveling to Seattle to perform 2 live shows at the historic Moore Theatre.  The Moore has operated as the location for multiple live comedy tapings in the past and this event will be no different.  The actress/comedienne will be utilizing her back to back shows to tape an upcoming DVD release and we are offering you an opportunity to attend the filming for free!  Who knows, maybe your crazy mug will be burned into a high grade plastic disc to be viewed via laser by future generations.

Our friends at the Seattle Theatre Group have again teamed up with Monster Fresh to offer us the opportunity to kick down a pair of passes to 8 of our readers.  That’s right 8 PAIRS!  That means that 16 of you will be able to see this show for free and, if you’ve never seen a live comedy show before and/or ever been to the Moore Theatre, this is your chance to check some things off of your tragically pathetic bucket list.

The shows will both take place on Saturday, May 8th.  There is both a 7:00 and a 9:30 show.  We are giving away 4 pairs of tickets to each.


We’re doing this shit real simple like.

First off, go to our official FACEBOOK PAGE and become a fan by clicking the “LIKE” button.

Next, just email us at and tell us your facebook name (if different) and which showing you need a pair of passes to.  Winners will most likely be chosen based on how quick they email us but, if it’s close and you feel like sending us a shitty joke or something along with your entry, that might tip the scales in your favor.

Make sure to let us know which show you want tickets to and if you have a priority or not.  Keep in mind that, if you don’t have a preference, you will have a better chance of getting passes, but be honest.  We don’t want to get entries from anyone that will not be able to actually attend the performances.  We are offering you free passes, so don’t fuck someone else over just because you “might” go or because you like winning shit.  Leave these open for the other people would be happy to use these.  We will be holding contests in the future and all that you’re gonna do is make yourself ineligible, if we think you’re sketchy.

All right, that’s it!

Thanks jerks, and good luck.

Dead C

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