A Conversation w/ Har Mar Superstar [Star of Ghosbusters 3?]

LSD…  it’s a helluva drug.  Back in the day, I did my share (and, perhaps, the shares of a few others).  Some believe that it has the potential to help turn you into such a super genius, that you appear freakishly insane to anyone else that’s not “on your level“.  Then again, it’s always possible that the reverse is happening and they really are going so ape-shit crazy, that it only leads them to believe that that they have a growing mental superiority.  One thing’s for sure; these chemical roller-coasters have the ability to twist up and whack out a synapse, like eating a parasitic egg-salad-sandwich from the vending machine of an interstellar truck stop bathroom.  The reality is that, even with all of the epiphanies and life lessons that one may obtain during these odysseys, there is really no scientific control for the experimenter/guinea pig and, short of a clone or view into a parallel dimension, no one can ever really know if they would have arrived at those same conclusions without the “aid” of the hallucinogen.  The good part is, since there is no way to make that determination, it doesn’t really matter and there are more detrimental things in the world than examining the differences between arrogance and confidence, exploitation and opportunity, respect and glorification, inspiration and contrivance, hustling and…well, hustling.  Despite the blatant self-aggrandizement implied in his stage name, SeanHar Mar SuperstarTillmann seems to have an incredibly firm grasp on these concepts and plenty of others.  Of all the electric realizations that I had, however, there is one specific principle that truly epitomizes Tillmann‘s career for me: “Regardless of how clearly, simply, honestly, or directly you express a pure truth, it doesn’t mean that anyone else will, necessarily, hear, believe, or even understand what you are trying to relate to them.

I’ve read a lot of interviews with Sean Tillmann and have noticed some common patterns in many of them.  Usually, there is a lot of attention brought to the fact that he has even managed to obtain any success at all.  Some writers are just generally, confused by Har Mar Superstar‘s antics.   Their closest guess is that he’s some harmless circus clown and expect him to perform or do something “wacky” on cue.  Others have a much better understanding about the level of talent involved in his work, but may still have trouble accepting what he’s been able to achieve from it.  A lot of questions are asked, but most of them stem from a “How?” and “Why?” nature, rather than from “What?” or “Where?”  The “Who?s” are there, but they are mostly used to reference the “whose who” of the industry, which just work as the subjects in the “How?” and “Why?” questions.  “How did YOU get Eva Mendes in your video?”  “How did YOU get ever get Kate Moss to make out with you in a video?”  “How did YOU get a role in a Drew Barrymore film?”  “How did YOU get Karen O to be on your album?”  These questions usually result in the most unsatisfying answers for the questioners.  Simple answers like, “We’re friends”  General inquiries about how he’s been able to attain his successes in different areas of the entertainment industry are answered with, “I’m fucking awesome“, “Just being awesome“, or something along those lines.  That’s how he’s had such a successful career and why he was made the spokesperson for both, Lynx bodyspray and Vladivar Vodka, in the UK: he was just “being awesome.”  Sometimes a writer might desire a little more of an in-depth answer, pertaining to how Tillmann has managed to get into these positions of opportunity.  The answer that they usually get is that he’s accomplished it through “constant partying.”  If the idea is ever suggested that it could be from Har Mar having a remarkable amount of luck and great timing, he always clarifies that the opportunities and offers have, indeed, arisen from his “partying“.

Efforts to utilize this line of questioning, rarely result in the answers that people people are searching for.  Instead, they usually just circle back to a dead end.  For example: a conversation about Tillmann‘s role in the film Whip It, might bring mention of his and Adam Green‘s cover of The Association‘s “Forever My Love” for the soundtrack.  From there, is the story about how the musicians have recorded and slept in bunkbeds at Drew Barrymore‘s house.  The answer to how things like that could happen is, because Sean and Drew are friends.  The answer to how they became friends is, that they met through, Barrymore‘s ex-boyfriend, Fabrizio Morretti, from The StrokesHar Mar knows The Strokes because he was asked to open a tour for them.  The Strokes offered him the slot after randomly winding up in the audience of a show that he was randomly performing.  The reason for what seems like remarkably fortunate timing… ?  “Partying.”  The reason that these questions don’t “work out”…?  Because people aren’t asking what they really want to know.  What people really want to ask about isn’t how such things happen, they’re really about how it’s possible that those things could have ever happened.  They want to ask, “Why?” and to receive an answer that’s logical in relation to the way that they understand things.  They want to hear something like, “My parents own a hotel chain”  or “I’m a distant Copolla.”  I thought that their problems came from his answers being too simple, but I’m realizing that it’s actually because they’re the wrong kind of simple.  It makes more sense that there would be an alternative answer to someone’s success beyond talent alone.  Nobody seems to question Keanu Reeves about why or how he gets to be famous, which is odd, because he doesn’t have any talent.  It’s easier to understand that someone could have a career, because they’re labeled as attractive (and/or give hand jobs to men of power?)  Maybe they just don’t understand how the source of Tillmann‘s confidence could come from somewhere other than public opinion.  Whatever the reason is, the sheer idea that Har Mar Superstar has managed to reach any level of celebrity is enough to make much of the straight-world’s heads cave in, like House of Wax.

In 2003, Har Mar did a summer-long DJ residency at the Island of Ibiza‘s super club, Manumission (the Guinness book’s “Biggest Party” in the world).  Currently, Stitch & Bitch, his television project with Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat, is in production for HBO.  In the 5 year span between his last Har Mar Superstar release, The Handler, and the latest album, Dark Touches, he has stayed busy working on his other projects, like Sean Na Na and Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip‘s Mercury prize winning, Neon Neon.  He’s popped up on stage with MGMT in Brazil and even in videos for artists like Ben Lee.  Before any of this,  Tillmann was a member of the Amphetamine Reptile hardcore band, Calvin Krime.  Most publications are interested in mentioning that he’s written songs for Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, The Cheetah Girls, and Kelly Osbourne, regardless of the fact that none of those artists actually ended up recording any of them.  I have a feeling that Tillmann is, at least, as equally proud of projects, like the Crappy Holiday film series, that he makes with friends in his free time.

The most amazing thing about all of Superstar‘s success is that it really is derived from being “awesome” and “partying“.  These answers aren’t given as attempts to stonewall or to be curt/distant with the media.  Tillmann gives the answers that he does, because they are the most truthful ones that he can give.  I first became aware of him, back when I lived in Olympia, WA and he was sharing a bill with my friend Justin (aka: Mac Dawg).  Back then, Har Mar was signed to Kill Rock Stars.  Shortly after, he was signed to Warner Brothers and images of his album began appearing on the stamps of my Columbia House mailers.  Mac Dawg was the only other balding, white man with a hairy torso that I knew of, who loved prince and was all about throwing down R&B jams with his shirt off.  At first, I was just fascinated to discover that there was another person like that in another part of the country.  Apparently, Tillmann never got the memo that people like him aren’t meant to be stars and that there are perfectly good positions for them behind the scenes, recording tracks that German/French, glamor-boy duos in leggings could be taking credit for.  From the beginning,  Har Mar has been armed with little more than a confidence in his abilities  and the ability to be confident.  Confidence is nothing more than recognizing the awesomeness of your true self and living honestly based what that is.  Or, in other words, “being awesome“.  Now imagine you’ve shaken all of that self doubt about who you are or what you deserve and are ready to take your “Celebration of Specialness” on the road.  Instead of worrying about if it’s “realistic” or about the “responsibilities” that you’re “supposed to” have, when someone asks if you want to take that road trip or fly off to that random event or party, you go.  If you continue to live from your soul and in celebration of it, you are likely to come in contact with like-minded individuals who appreciate it.  It becomes infectious.  When you’re ready to go at any time and your routine requires little more than a tape machine or MP3 player, it’s easy to fill in if a set opens up or another act falls through.  It happens organically, while you’re just out “partying” and “being awesome“.  This concept can be difficult to digest for those who believe in building their persona and self-worth from the outside in.  Many people feel it’s necessary to travel to “find themselves“, but Tillmann seems to realize that, once you already know who you are, then you can exist anywhere.  His approach may seem like its backwards to a lot of people but, by that same token, their priorities may also seem backward to him.  The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, but Tillmann seems to approach things with less of an emphasis on rigid plans, than he does with a respect for the intention behind his actions.  He’s more of a celebrator and less about being a celebrit-ee.  His achievements may be a crushing blow to the egos and mindsets of anyone who spends their time divided between going to auditions, hitting the gym, and waiting tables, but he works as a source of inspiration for many others.  Har Mar Superstar is an example of what can be achieved when someone invests 100% of their energy into doing what they want, in the way that they believe it should be done, instead of dividing it among all of the other preconceived notions and expectations that others may have placed them.  In other words, he is also a prime example of the type of person that I was interested in having a conversation with.

The interview took place on January 24, 2009.  It was the night of Har Mar Superstar’s performance at Chop Suey in Seattle.  It was also the night of the Vikings’ loss in the NFC Championship.  I was supposed to meet Tillmann at the venue at 8pm, but the native Minnesotan was across the street at a pizza joint, where he had been watching the game.  Once he had arrived, I headed back to meet him in the green room of the venue.  He was wearing an orange T-Shirt with palm trees and the words “Sex Tourist” printed on it.  For approximately 25 minutes, we  had a conversation on a variety of topics, which spanned from death to Kool Keith and songwriting to starring in Ghostbusters 3.

I was trying out a FLIP video camera for the first time and my girlfriend, Kim was taping the interview. There were others in the room.  Guitars were being tuned and there was some background noise throughout.  Fortunately, the audio came out pretty great.   The video, on the other hand, is less than perfect, due to the ironic factor of the green room being incredibly red.  Below is the interview, both in text and video.  It has been divided into 3 parts, with the transcription of each individual section below its corresponding video.  I wasn’t sure in which form to present it.  I like the idea of posting the footage “as is” but, when it comes to some less common references or moments of questionable audio, the viewer might get lost.  The transcription is great for reference to what’s being said and it also provides the benefit of referencing that which isn’t being said.  Simply place the cursor over the links to see a box pop-up.  Some may contain an image of a face, in case you recognize a name but can’t place who they are, etc.  Others may contain a video, which can actually be viewed within the boxes.  Some are just links.  All of our articles feature this option, but it’s worth explaining anyway.


Dead C

[PART 1]

Dead C: So, uh…. Let’s just get all of the depressing stuff out of the way

Har Mar Superstar: Ok… wow

*both laugh*

So, you were watching the Vikings game?

Oh, that?  Ok

It gets worse

*in a somber voice*You’re cat is dying”…
Um.. yeah, that sucked. You know, I don’t really care about sports until the playoffs- of any sport- and then I get kind of excited. It would have been fun to have the Vikings in the superbowl.

Your family- big Vikings fans out there?

No, my family’s not very sports oriented, so I don’t think anybody’s that bummed

Well that’s good

But it would have been fun to have the Vikings in the Super Bowl

[a guitar is tuning in the background]

Oh, I was gonna- I have something for you… because I’ve been watching Hoarders a lot and-

Oh god

So, I start getting rid of things now

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. You’re not gonna give me something are you?


Oh fuck

Well you might be able to get more use out of it

KIM: *reassuringly from behind the camera* It’s good. It’s really, really good

*handing a pair of hammer pants to him* It was given to me a while ago and I have no use for ‘em anymore, but they’re Pierre Cardin-

Oh, genie pants. *holds them up and inspects them* These are awesome.  I’ve been into genie pants for a while.  Wow, this rules.  Sweet, thanks man. This I can hoard *laughs*

Well, I used to use them, but now I’m thinking, like-

What’d you use ‘em for?

Just shows and things like that


(I’d) wear ‘em just to-

Get wild? Anytime you’d have like, a wind machine on hand?

They come off easy

That’s awesome

So, I did wanna ask you about one thing that’s kind of serious, though

[the door creaks opens]
Hey guys, we’re doing an interview in here that’s filmed and stuff, so you gotta be kind of quiet for a little while

*to me* Sorry.

Oh, I just wanted to ask you about Jay Reatard’s recent death

Oh yeah… ok

This past year I’ve been dealing with a lot of things like that also, so-


I heard that he was buried by Isaac Hayes, though

Yeah.  He got buried right next to Isaac Hayes- exactly next to him- which is amazing.  It’s so perfect. It’s like the only kind of… positive, cool thing to come out of (this). Y’know what I mean?  Yeah, that was really shocking.  He was someone that I was just getting to know

You were working on some- “Hamburghini” (a culinary/music project)?

Yeah, we were talking about it.  We never really got to start it

I was just wondering if you had anything, as far as just something that popped to mind- if it isn’t too much- that you think would just epitomize him.  Just who he is- like, a situation..

Um, I think he’s just one of those people who- he had so much nervous energy that he couldn’t stop working and doing things and that’s why he was so prolific.  But that’s also probably what caused him to go down a road-  Just because he was at home with nothing to do, off tour, and I think he was just a guy who needed to stay on tour forever. *laughing, somewhat uncomfortably* You know what I mean?

Yeah.  I’ve just been doing a lot of that.  Of just, not thinking of things and then wanting to.. y’know, celebrate them and bring people’s attention- Instead of blocking out, just say “This is somebody that existed.” And they still exist.

Yeah, exactly. It’s like a lot of (Jay Reatard’s) songs, posthumously, make a lot more sense

*checking my notes* And here’s the one last thing that’s not that positive; you got the swine flu

*chuckles* Oh, yeah. I did.   That was on the tour in, like… November, I had the swine flu

I’ve never actually talked to anybody that got it

Oh yeah, Jeff (“Catfish” Quinn) got it too. *pointing at him*From the band. The guitarist, “Catfish”.

JEFF: I think we got it from Canada. We got it from Toronto.

Yeah, we might have got it from Canadians

What triggers it actually? I mean, what makes you go, “Oh, I’ve got the swine flu”?

Well, you know because you’re really tired and sore for like, 3 days and-

[another squeaking door distracts him]

– and then uh.. and then.. sorry. What were we talking about?… The swine flu?

You know what? *laughing* I’m over the swine flu question.

It’s just a sickness that sucks *laughs*

Also, I noticed that your birthday in on (February) 6th.


Do you have any plans for that?

I don’t know.  I’ll be in L.A. hanging out with my friends, but I’ll probably be celebrating the birthdays of Bob Marley and Axl Rose, Zsa Zsa Gabor

*adding to the list* Ronald Reagan

*nods* Ronald Reagan

Babe Ruth

*still nodding* Babe Ruth… and… a few others. There’s another good one too, but- yeah, I’ll be celebrating their birthdays more than mine

Do you take stock in any of the astrology type things? ‘cuz, I don’t really pay attention to it, except the fact that I’m an Aquarius and then when I find out (that someone else is), I’m like, “Oh that makes sense.” And everything else, I kind of just-

Yeah, I don’t know. You can read anything into it, so I’m always like, “Yeah, it’s totally me!”  Even if 50% of it’s right, you’re like, “It’s pretty true!

*both laugh*

One thing that I’ve noticed is that- from the things that I gather or speculate- it seem like you’re the type of person that just has all these ideas all the time-


-and some of them happen; some of them don’t happen-


-and I have a couple of things that I’ve picked up on that you’ve mentioned that you were interested in… and you might have even forgotten about


One of them was an idea to do an all women group

Oh yeah. And just play bass?


*laughing* Yeah, that never happened.  That would have been awesome.  I kind of want to put together a girl group, but now it’s kind of been done.  And now with producers just making records and stuff, and putting them out under their names, it kind of happens a lot.  So, that’s cool, but it was gonna be more of a band situation. And also, I don’t really need to start a whole band that I spearhead again right now.

Well, yeah. I mean, people remind me that I thought of things, like 10 years ago


And I’m always like, “Wow, that’s a good idea!

*laughing* Yeah

And they’re like, “That was you!” So, I’m like, “Ok. I’ll take credit for it. Whatever.

*both laugh*

Yeah, that’s awesome

Also I read- I think it was a Thrasher magazine interview– where you were talking about doing a Scooby Doo (style) cartoon

Oh yeah.  Well there was this idea that we wrote out awhile ago that we were gonna take to Adult Swim and then, that just sort of all fell by the wayside, after a record came out or something.  But it’s still there; I think it’s still a good idea.  So, yeah… that would be awesome.  I’d like to do that.  I have a pretty good idea for it.

The whole Shoot To Kill thing; did they just shelve that project?

Yeah.  They shot the entire thing, it was edited, they went through post and everything and then, there was a shake-up with someone leaving VH1, right when the show was about to go into airing- being scheduled.   So, the new guy came in and shelved it, just because he didn’t feel like it was like a “VH1 show.”  Which it totally wasn’t, because it was more classy than that. Y’know what I mean?

*both laugh*


They really went down the road of being like, “Oh, we’ll take that stupid idiot that even bigger idiots wanna be in love with and then there’ll be like 15 of ‘em.  And then this idiot will pick another idiot and then they’ll probably just fuck, or whatever.”  That’s what they did.  Shoot To Kill was a pretty cool idea.

Yeah, well it sounded like it

Yeah, we were remaking videos and stuff and getting young filmmakers to do no budget videos for these classic acts that would come in.

I know that you’ve seemed to have relocate a lot and then, when you landed in L.A., you of stayed there.


Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that you have all these concepts and that it’s an area that there’s a lot of people that are hustling- is that what keeps you there?

Yeah well, I mean, I think that and that there’s a lot of people ready to do stuff, ‘cuz everybody is kinda making a living out of art and everybody knows that, if you just keep doing it-  I mean, I have a friend who has a camera that’s awesome and all his own gear, so he’s a director.  And then me and my friend John (Ringhoff) write.  Stuff like that; It’s just like, everybody does something, so no matter what project you wanna do, you can do it immediately for free.

Yeah, in a lot of small towns-

It would take a long time

– there’s a lot of people talking but-

Yeah, but then people have to go to work, and then people lose the interest.  I feel like more people are just putting it on the line to just make it happen.  So, that’s the way it goes.

Yeah well, I’m from Olympia


So I’d have people who are down to do things, but the resources they have are different. There’s somewhat of a similar energy or focus, but then-

– it’s pretty laid back

-it’s not all there

Yeah, yeah

Um… *checking notes again* Oh! This one’s pretty straight up. Have you saved the strip?

No. We tried for like a year but then, we moved.  We got the fuck out of there.

Just a lost cause?

After like a month, we realized that wasn’t happening. *laughs*

[PART 2]

I’ve noticed that there’s a Cha Cha (lounge) in L.A. now, and there’s one a block from here

Oh yeah.  I like the Cha Cha, both of ‘em are good.  I haven’t been to um-  I guess I’ve been to the new Cha Cha here a couple of times.

My sister’s friends with Jason Pierce. Y’know, from Spiritualized?

*nodding* Yeah

We took him in there and he was just like, *looking from side to side*This is faux primitive art

*laughing* Yeah

His whole thing was that he couldn’t get over the fact that there was a factory churning everything out to look primitive

Yeah, that’s hilarious

That was his big focus about the Cha Cha

After Glastonbury two summers ago, I rode back with Spiritualized and I think I snorted the entire way home on the floor of the van and that was pretty hilarious, but it was like, “This is insane

It was funny because, when they were here, they just all talked about their kids and everybody was like, *in a shady whisper* Hey man” and he was just like, *shrugs*

He’s chill

– “so my daughter’s in…

*nodding* He’s a chill guy

Here’s something that I noticed that I think’s really odd- is that, people keep referencing that “Candy Coated” song and J-Lo and they put it in every article or interview-

I know, that’s so weird

-and that never even happened, did it?

It never happened.  I mean, I went into the studio- Yeah, because I wrote it for her, it wasn’t like anything that moved forward, ‘cuz I think the record was like- I don’t even know what happened anymore.  I wrote a song for Kelly Osbourne and it was the same producer.   On the Kelly Osbourne song, they told me to write really dirty and in French.  And I did and then, when they got it, it was too dirty.

*both laugh*

I just think it’s funny because (the media) keep using that and they go, “…and J-Lo

Yeah, it’s weird

Because, it’s someone that you blatantly called out, kind of like, that didn’t work out


-and you’re not interested-


-and it’s tied to you as if it’s suppose – Well, I mean, I guess that’s how people look at things

I know, I guess it’s like one of those things where people see an article and they’re like, “Yeah…”-

They look at it as something positive

*both laugh*


So, they tell you it’s something positive

Yeah *shrugs*

When you were writing that, did that affect anything as far as what you wanted to do and what you took on?  Because I know that you had like, a week to do it, it didn’t seem like you were that “in it”…

Well, I was like-  Yeah, I was in the middle of touring and doing an album and, you know, it was like one of those things where nobody had a mobile studio to record at that time.   It was like 6 years ago.


We didn’t have it together yet, so it was hard to do.   But it was also like, “Y’know, I’ll give it a shot.”  It was sort of a half-ass attempt, I guess.  It was one of those first song writing sessions for other people, so I was just getting used to it.

I’ve noticed that they also segue that into the whole “Tall Boy” thing. You know, everyone keeps going, “Tall Boy.” “Britney Spears.” “Britney Spears.


But you wrote that a long time ago, didn’t you?

Yeah, like 4 years ago, or something

So, this whole album (Dark Touches) is a lot different than The Handler, because that one was done in a short period of time. Was this just kind of pieced together?

Yeah, a bunch of different sessions; different producers and stuff.   The Handler was all one producer and we just did it in a month.

Was that John Fields?

John Fields, yeah

So last night-… I’ve had so much going on, I’m like, “I’m gonna hunker down. I’m gonna read everything”. So I read like, all 70 interviews, or whatever, that you have on your site.

Yeah. Shit

And, since you started doing this 10 years ago, every one is like, “About to be a star!

*both laugh*

And it’s 10 years later and they’re just like, “Here he is… He’s gonna break!

Yeah, well. *shrugs* You know, I don’t really think about it in those terms or really care about “breaking.”  I feel like I’m-

Yeah, but it’s just kind of interesting because- It’s like, I read this thing with Charlie Murphy– or I heard this radio interview- and he goes, “Black people knew who Charlie Murphy was for the last 20 years.

*laughing and nodding* Yeah, exactly. But that’s kinda cool, I guess. At least they haven’t lost faith. *laughs again*

There’s a video with you squirting hot sauce on yourself

Oh, yeah.  That’s at the Warner Brothers offices

(So) that is what that is?

*laughing* Yeah

I just wanted to make sure, because I’ve never seen any reference to it, except for like, a youtube video, where is says it’s like an industry (showcase).  So that is what that was?

Yeah, I was playing lunch time at the Warner Brothers complex. *chuckles deviously* So that was pretty sweet.   I like, went in the kitchen and was rolling paper-towel rolls out in front of me like a red carpet, sort of thing.  Walking on them across the room, just-  Yeah, people loved it.  It was awesome. Then they let me go and take all the records I want.  It was amazing.

Very nice

Yeah, it was good.  That was a good day.

And then, another thing that is always brought up is the U.K. VS the U.S., type of thing.  And I found one thing where you mentioned that the first Reading Fest that you played was like, The Hives letting you take over half their… DJ set?

Yeah, yeah

Was that like the big turning point for you? Was that like a moment where you just blew up?

I think that was because, like-  Well, I went to do that tour- that was the first time I toured the U.K.- but, by the end of the week of tour, I already had a booking agent and a publicist.  So that was really weird.   It was really whirlwind, like that.  And, by the end of the week, that’s when that Reading thing was.  So then, my new publicist was doing publicity for The Hives and then, it started raining and we were in this tent backstage and they were DJ-ing and then, yeah, they gave me half their set.  So, while it was raining, every photographer who was outside taking pictures of the Foo Fighters came in, because they were getting rained on.  So, I was just walking on tables and kicking peoples drinks in their faces and stuff.  And just like… being an asshole.  Which was awesome, because everybody was just taking pictures and that’s where it really all spread really fast.

Yeah because, just based on everything that I saw, I noticed that one reference to that and I thought, that seems like a moment where people in the U.K. were like, “Hey, wait a minute!

Yeah, it was really fun.  Just a wild solo show.

It seems like a lot of momentum.  Like the whole rush of you getting all these things offered to you, there was a lot of momentum behind it.  And so, I’m less interested in- ‘cuz I know you’ve done projects for- You’re constantly doing things, so you haven’t disappeared for 5 years


But, as far as the U.S. is concerned, it’s like you’re starting the momentum over again.


Is that exciting for you?

Yeah, I’m just really excited about all the new stuff.  Like, I’m just doing more stuff with TV and film, touring, being able to kind of combine it all in one thing.

It’s pretty neat. What I think’s interesting is, I saw you at the… what was that?… the Lebowski Fest.

Oh yeah.

And I haven’t seen you with a live band yet.

Oh shit

Like, I remember you came to Oly, when I lived there.


And my friend Justin played a show with you- Mac Dawg

*smiling and nodding* Yeah

Oh, and he wanted me to say, “Hello

Awesome, tell him I said, “Hello

Yeah, I went to high school with that kid. I asked him if he was going (to the show) today and he said that he stayed with you-


It was when he was doing his Human Jukebox thing


and he said that you got him into a free Cheap Trick show

Oh yeah *chuckles* Yeah

And it was the place where they filmed Purple Rain

Yeah, totally.  They were singing “Erotic City” the whole time


*both laugh*

I could see Justin singing “Erotic City” the whole time.

*still laughing*

So, that actually goes into one of my questions I have.  Appolonia or Vanity?

Appolonia for me, definitely.

Is it “Sex Shooter” or just the whole movie?…

Yeah, just her naked in Purple Rain is like the hottest thing ever.  It was probably like my first boner.  For sure.

Does Prince actually go door to door and do that?  Because I’ve heard-

I’ve heard he does. I don’t know, he didn’t come to my door but, yeah, I’ve heard you have to if you’re a Jehova’s witness, right?  It’s part of the deal


So… *shrugs* I guess he showed up at somebody’s door

So, you’re on a dodge ball team with Eric Wareheim?


It’s like a Juggalo…?

Juggalos.  Well, we’ve been the Juggalos.  We’ve also been the Dad’s, where we dressed like dads.  And we’ve also been World War 4, for awhile, but yeah, every season it’s a new kind of theme.

And he’s in the “Tall Boy” video.  You worked with Greg(Kurstin) and Inara (George) from The Bird and The Bee, and he did a video for them


Do you guys have plans to, maybe, have him film?

Yeah.  Yeah, we were talking about it.   I definitely wanna do a video with him.   In fact, we have an idea for something we’re gonna do, hopefully later on.   But yeah, that will definitely happen.  He’s awesome to work with.

Just schedule conflicts, kind of?

This one, yeah.  He would have done something in the past, but he just gets really busy and then he’s not.   Then he is.  So yeah, there’s one that we’re gonna do in the next few months, just whenever.  He’s doing the relax thing.  I think he’s off for a little while.

[PART 3]

Here’s another thing I read. I know you have P.O.S. on this album


And he went to Perpich (Center For Arts Education). Did you go there at the same time?

No, uh…. Stef was, like… a young kid.  Like, when we were like 16 and 17, he was like 14 or 15 and he would come hang out at the smoking area.  He’d come from his High School and he just wanted to hang out with awesome, weird art school people.

But you all knew him, right?

So, he was obviously gonna go there.   It’s like, “Well, you’re gonna go here, I’m sure.  Like, next year.”  But yeah, we all knew him, he was awesome.  But then he went there.  It’s only a 2 year school, so I probably missed him by, like a year or two.  And then, yeah, he just started doing awesome stuff.

So that was like… a FAME style?

Yeah, it’s like a FAME *laughs* …. arts High School.

I have a few more questions here for you, that deal with Rap music and, specifically, Kool Keith, who you just did a show with.


I went to junior high with this kid who films his videos now.  And this guy, Jason McHugh, who deals with Cannibal the Musical and things like that- he sent me an email once and he was like… – (basically) Everybody has a story about Kool Keith.


I know that I read that you, kind of, don’t really know if you want to meet Prince-


-because you’ve got this idea of him

Well, no.  I just don’t feel like we have much to talk about in common, so why even go there?  Why risk humiliation or just… a bad time?  I just want to enjoy his music and not feel like, “That guy’s a dick.” *laughs*

How was the Kool Keith show?  I mean, was he throwing out chicken?  Because every time I see a Kool Keith show-

Not at that show.  I’ve seen him throw out chicken.  My favorite story is when Alkaline Trio were on Warped Tour that he was on.  They were telling me that each band got like, a little motorized, little moped thing to get around- or a scooter thing- to get around on the grounds.  And by like, the end of the first week, Kool Keith and all of his entourage had stolen all of ‘em.  They were just riding in packs together.  Just like *making a little saluting gesture*,Fuck you.”  And that was amazing.  I thought that was the best.

*both laugh*

Like, about a year ago, I was gonna do a review of a show and they actually offered me tickets NOT to review the Kool Keith show.

*he laughs*

And they sent me an email saying “Keith doesn’t like reviews. You should interview him or review his album.”  I was like, “Well, (the show’s) like.. tomorrow, man.”  I just thought it was really weird.   And I was in contact with Jason (McHugh) one time and he said to me, “Ask him-“  Well, because, every time that I mention him, people are like, “Ask him about his crazy cousin

*nodding* Yeah

Or like, “We hung out with him when we were making Orgazmo; ask him about the porn shoot


I mean, he’s gonna be here in a few days and I thought, “You know? Why not do the Har Mar interview instead of the Kool Keith interview?  That’s…the future

Ye-e-ah.  Well, thanks man

And you performed with Rudy Ray Moore, as well?

Yeah, that was a while ago. But that was good.

But, that’s impressive to ME.

Yeah *laughs*

Well, basically, I’m reading interviews and I’m like, “What didn’t anybody dig on that?”  Y’know, that’s kind of…

That was good.   That was kind of like, the first mostly black audience that I played in front of, and it was totally awesome.  At the beginning, everybody was kind of going, “What the fuck?”  And then like, within 2 0r 3 songs, they were like- by the end, they were dancing and getting into the mix and it was awesome.

Was the Sugar Hill thing after that?

I think so, but that wasn’t- That was like, totally white kids, SXSW kind of thing too, y’know.

I just had like, one more thing that I wanted to talk to you about. I noticed that there’s this really weird- ‘cuz I know Kimya (Dawson)

Yeah, I think she’s coming tonight.

Oh, really?


Well, it’s not really “weird”, if you think about it, because people know each other and there’s connections, and things happen. But there’s this Moldy Peaches… um, Strokes- because you guys have all toured


And then there’s like this weird Arrested Development, Ellen Paige crossover

Yeah, totally

And I know that this is a couple of degrees away but, I know that Jason Reitman’s dad (Ivan Reitman)– I’ve heard this rumor- that he’s working on a Ghostbusters 3

I’ve heard about that too.  I haven’t really heard much confirmed about it but, yeah, I heard that it’s actually happening.  I’m pretty excited.

Well, that’s a nice inside scoop

Well, that’s not even an inside scoop at all

*laughing* Well, it will be.  It will be, in the article

It’s just like that thing at a party; everybody’s like, “Hey, have you heard about Ghostbusters 3?!” Everybody has a different story.  Nobody knows exactly what it actually is, yet.

Is that something that you would be actually interested in, if it fell in your lap, kind of?

Oh, to be in Ghostbusters 3?   It would be amazing.  Yes, of course!  Are you casting me?

No, but I figured-

*extending his hand* Here, wanna shake on it?

Let’s do it!

*We shake hands*

*to the camera, with a smile* I’m in Ghostbusters 3!

In my head I think, “If you throw something out there… *shrugging* …and it’s out there…

Yeah, you can just tell ‘em-

.. and you just post it, then…

Don’t tell ‘em I said that I’m rumored to be in Ghostbusters 3, but start the rumor, “I’m rumored to be in Ghostbusters 3.”  And then it might become true.  And then, I’ll just be in Ghostbusters 3.

*both laugh*

What would you- I mean, how would you fit in there?  Would you be like, filling in the…uh?

I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll be like, Moranis’ son or like… sidekick?


*he laughs again*

Well, thanks

*we shake hands again*

Awesome.  Thanks, man.

The interview was “officially” over, but we talked for a moment longer.  I explained the story about how I had originally come into possession of the gold “Hammer” pants.  High on mushrooms, leaving a casino, and given an unregistered car with switched up license plates to drive, I had been hoping that the axl wasn’t going to snap on the freeway.  When I finally got home, I was bugged the fuck out from stress.  Then, a friend of mine gave the pants to me as a surprise and it instantly turned my night around.  Laughing, Har Mar Superstar responded with the following antecdote:

Oh my god.  That always happens to me on mushrooms; props come out of nowhere.  Like, I was in the middle of the desert and took mushrooms a couple months ago and somehow ended up with a do-rag.  Y’know what I mean?   Somebody was like, “I got you a do-rag” and I was like, *making a do-rag wearing motion* Perfect! And then all of a sudden, I’m like, “do-rag guy” for the next 3 hours and it’s awesome.  Props come out of nowhere.  Stuff you would never find, not on mushrooms.

Kim and I said to goodbye and headed back out to meet with our writer, O.G.  Later we met up with artist, Thea Wolfe and her husband, photographer, Lars Peterson.  We watched an opening set by rap duo Team Gina.  Unfortunately, they were breaking up and it was the last show that they intend to play ever again.  I noticed that Kimya had made it, so I went to say hello before the Har Mar Superstar set.  She had recently gotten back from L.A. and showed me the chastity ring that she had purchased at the Pee Wee Herman LIVE performance that she had attended while down there.

When Tillmann finally took the stage, he did so with “Age of Aquarius” as his entrance music.  He rocked the house as usual and Thea and Kim kept each other busy with the crazy dance move breakouts.  At one point, Kim and Kimya were throwing dance battle moves out at each other, from across the venue.  The entire band was on point and turned Chop Suey out like Filmore Slim.  The show contained the expected elements, like Superstar‘s strip down, neck stands, and classic jams, but there were also cuts from the new album, dancing on the bar, and Denver Dalley balancing his bass on his face.  For the encore, Tillmann came out wearing the genie pants that I had given him and was gracious enough to throw out props to me for kicking them down.  It was an all out dance party but, at the very end, the band left the performer alone on the stage, with nothing but his voice and his microphone.  He finished off the show with a cover of Boys II Men‘s acapella version of the Motown classic, “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday“.  In short, it was the fucking jam.


We were able to catch some video of the performance.  Click the links below to view the corresponding songs, or simply view in the pop-up screen:

“Alone Again (Naturally)


“Game Night”

To view our photoset from the show CLICK HERE


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