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Along with the likes of Squarepusher, Amon Tobin was one of the first artists to give me hope for post-Kraftwerk electronic music and to really open my mind to the genre as a whole.  Being urrounded by ‘90s house and a plethora of clueless, wing nut, suburban candy ravers, instilled a prejudice in me that was hard to shake.  I’d been dragged to raves with monotonous, redundant beats and watched geeked-out teens gawking slack-jawed as some goon twirled glow-sticks in their faces.  Fortunately, I was able to slip out to a Q-bert or Afrika Bambaataa set but, overall, it was not working for me.  I had never realized the potential for live one-man electronica until I finally saw Tobin perform.  It wasn’t just about a laptop and some swirling shapes being projected across a screen.  During his sets, he actually puts on a show; constantly working and reworking every track to death and only moving onto the next one after he’s wrung it dry of every possibility.

Two years ago, the electronic pioneer released his sixth studio album, Foley Room.  With a continued focus on exploring new individual territory, Tobin used the project to venture into the realm of HollywoodFoley” sound effects artists.  The incorporation of found sounds (tiger growls, hornets in a foil, electric toothbrush on a banjo, etc) and contributions by, string masters, Kronos Quartet, made for a eerily beautiful  industrial landscapes.  [For anyone that doesn’t own the release, I suggest picking up the cd/dvd, which features video footage of Tobin collecting the field recordings]  Following the release, Amon set out on a meticulously orchestrated tour to promote it.  Last November, the  ambient wizard released Live in Brussels, an audio documentation of one of these live performances.  The album was provided in full-length, as a free download on  When visiting the site today, I realized a few things.  The first was that we never covered anything  regarding the Live in Brussels download, when it was released.  The second, and most important, thing was that it is still available on the site and can still be downloaded for free right now.

Two Fingers

Also available for free download is the 25-Minute Mix from Two Fingers, Tobin‘s most recent collaborative project with, musician/producer, Doubleclick.  The mix is described as follows:

Twenty Six minutes of madness weaving the signature sounds of Two Fingers with new and classic vocal tracks by Young Dro, Kool Keith, Missy Elliot, Spank Rock, Sway and more.”

Download Now

Live In Brussels

Two Fingers Mix


AMON TOBIN: Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels

Length of mix: 1:17:00

Available as 320 kbps MP3

F*** visuals we’re sinking every last penny into the sound system!” – Amon Tobin

Back in early 2007 Amon Tobin released his latest full length album titled Foley Room and put together a tour focusing on the sound and the music, rather then thinking too much about lights, projections and stage antics. After all, this is music.

It’s about the sound and the shared experience of being immersed in waves of bass while dissonant collections of rhythm and melody move, confuse, annoy you a bit then move you again. a passionate affair this recording is an attempt to capture not just the music but the atmosphere of the show as a whole.

The long awaited, full-length, official recording of the legendary 2007 Foley Room tour is finally available at !  Recorded by Studio Brussels at the world famous AB theatre in Belgium – which arguably has the best sound system in Europe. After months of back and forth and despite everyone’s best efforts the mix was in danger of being edited into the ground to accommodate big labels and publishers. Rather than release a compromised version commercially, the decision was made to give it away for free instead. you can download the mix as it was intended to be heard along with the full digital booklet at

That’s right, we could have sold you half of it, but instead we are giving you all of it, for free!

Since June this year, Amon Tobin’s website and web store has consistently introduced new content to fans and enthusiasts. Amon’s corner of the internet has provided all kinds of stuff for the tobincurious. Everything from sound designed creatures to rare mixes and even a section for videos created by fans has been lovingly presented to casual visitors and avid completists alike. We hope alongside all the freebies you will continue to support the site and most importantly the music. An exclusive ‘monthly joint’ is available on the site alongside various other custom creations. These are previously unreleased tracks available legitimately only from


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