“Kanye Doesn’t Care About Taylor” shirt : Hydro74 X Tee Fury

Kanye Doesn't Car About Taylor print

So this Kanye West shit has gone from zero to meme at an alarming rate.  It’s unavoidable and it looks like we’ve already seen our first piece of merchandise coming in from the site Tee Fury.  Actually, “memorabilia” is probably a better term to use for this product, because much like their slogan “Tee Today, Gone Tomorrow” implies, they only post a product for 24hrs and, after that, it’s curtains.

Kanye Doesn't Care about Taylor

The following is VIA Tee Fury

About this shirt: Teefury is 2 Fast 2 Furyous! Something hits a chord in the media, we can react lightning fast like Usain Bolt to give our community a forum on which they can discuss it, and maybe even snag a shirt that evocates their exact feeling on the matter. Don’t worry, Kanye isn’t going to be changing anytime soon, so as long as he’s alive, the shirt will be pertinent for All Time.

I felt that the shirt was legit enough to post here, because it is actually a creation by artist Hydro74.  Here’s what he had to say about the design on his official website blog:

Twitter vs Kanye vs. Teefury

Right after the VMA’s, I posted on twitter a funny (faux) shirt idea I had for the fun of it via the Kanye vs Swift awkwardness. Yeah, it was just that weird.  So instead of letting some cheesy pop culture label rip it and post it on Karmaloop, Teefury requested it, and what they request, I give.

This piece is not your standard Hydro74 styled art, but none-the-less it’s just social commentary that was oddly awesome, and can now get, for one day only for $9.  It will be gone tonight at midnight.

Check it out and embrace the teal shutter shades for only $9 from a great little company: Kanye Doesn’t Care About Taylor

*Also. I do respect Kanye’s talent and creative license.  But…

That’s right, this shit will only be up until midnight Eastern time, which is only 9pm Pacific time. So if you want to pick one up, you better hit up Tee Fury now, or just let it go. If cash is an issue, don’t worry.  It’s only $9 and shipping is cheap as fuck (only $2).  Either way, please make sure to check out Hydro74‘s other work graphic work.


Tee Fury


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