Har Mar Superstar “Dark Touches” Teasers [Videos & MP3]


It has already been 5 years since SeanHar Mar SuperstarTillmann released The Handler, his last full-length album.   The Har Mar persona has picked up steam in places like the United Kingdom, where Tillmann has even become a product/commercial spokesperson, but, for the most part, the artist has shelved his character to pursue other interests.  He’s been involved in numerous other musical projects, short films, and has even popped in with a Hollywood cameo here and there [Starsky and Hutch].  This coming October, the hiatus officially ends with Tillmann‘s latest Har Mar R&B Dance release, Dark Touches.

New tracks like “Tall Boy” and “Girls Only” were originally created for Britney Spears and The Cheetah Girls, but were rejected by their respective managements.  Tracks like these helped give birth to Dark Touches a few years ago, but it a took a while for Tillmann to realize that he was actually creating music that would work for a project of his own.  “I realized a song like ‘Girls Only’ is so much more amazing if I sing it,” he’s said. “I wrote that one for the Cheetah Girls a while ago, and I feel like Disney freaked out a bit after doing a Google search and seeing pictures of me performing in my underwear. I understand why they would pass on that

My prediction is that Har Mar‘s return is going to be big.  The musical climate has changed over the last 5 years and, if people are so into shit that is as unlistenable as Lady Gaga, Tillmann‘s superior songwriting and intriguing subject matter is sure to create smash hits, both nationwide and at the club.  Dark Touches features guest appearances from such artists as P.O.S. [Rhymesayers collective], Adam Green [Moldy Peaches], and Greg Kurstin [The Bird and The Bee].  For the advertising itself, Tillmann has even recruited other connections and friends that he has made through the entertainment industry.  A series of six viral videos, created by LA-based creative collective Tomorrows Brightest Minds, are being released to promote Dark Touches.  One video features comedian Eric Wareheim [Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!], who has also directed a video for The Bird and The Bee.  Another video features Alia Shawkat [Arrested Development], Tillmann‘s co-star in the upcoming Drew Barrymore film “Whip It“, but perhaps the most shocking cameo comes from actress Eva Mendes.  All of the videos have a really cool space age vibe to them, incorporating such props as ray guns and rocket pops.  It’s a great start and, with a new website, movie roles, and a tour on the way, this should be a triumphant return.  We look forward to seeing what else Har Mar Superstar has up his sequined sleeve-length gloves in the future.


You may remember that we posted all six all the videos exactly one month ago and may even wonder why they were removed. Well, the answer to that is, in short, we weren’t “supposed” to have them yet. It wasn’t Har Mar, or even his camp really, that asked us to pull them. Nope… it was the label that had paid for the promotion and even the creators had leaked them early. We were offered an “exclusive” when they were reposted, if we pulled them, but the label never actually made contact with us again. Instead Tillman’s brother, who is awesome, gave us the heads up and, although only a couple are available at this point, we will be posting them in this section as they appear. Remember, they’re “VIRAL”, so spread them around like the Swine Aids. Also, be sure to get the free MP3 download of “Tallboy” below.

Teaser #1

(feat. Eric Wareheim)

Teaser #2

Teaser #3

(feat. Alia Shawkat)

Teaser #4

(feat. Eva Mendez)

Tall Boy MP3

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