UPDATE: Asher Roth Bomb Threat Scenario

asher roth chris lewellyn
(Photo via LA Times)

Throughout the day, more and more info seemed to unfold pertaining to the story about rapper Asher Roth and a bomb threat detainee on Delta Airlines flight 110 from yesterday morning.  In relaying the original information provided to us by the publicist, we reported that “Roth and his bandmates” were involved in subduing the suspect, however, that does not entirely seem to be the case.  It appears that only one member of Roth’s entourage was actually involved in restraining the passenger and that was Bass Guitarist, Chris Llewellyn (far left in photo).

This news began to leak yesterday but we waited to repost until any amendments until all of the information came through.  According to a post on the Los Angeles times blog, Llewellyn was quoted as saying the following about his reaction to the possible mid-flight threat:

We were all sitting in our seats,” Llewellyn said. “My boys had their headphones on. I turned around and got up and ran to the back of the plane.

We here at Monster Fresh received received a new email via the groups publicist this morning which helped to update and clarify the situation, as well as to explain any reason for the confusion:

More information has come in from the Asher Roth camp last night after hours (they had gone straight to the tv studio for Carson Daly following the LAX situation) and gave us more detail at approximately 11pm eastern.  Asher Roth bassist, Chris Lewellyn, was the real deal tackler of the person crying bomb on flight 110 yesterday and they and Asher want to give him his full hero due.  Asher is thankful and proud of Chris’ bravery and hopes Delta gives him free flights for life!

Please also check out the  LA Times article for the full update about what went down on the flight as well as with quotes from Llewellyn himself about his perspective.  As a bassist myself, it’s nice to see one get the credit he is due.

Asher Roth and his group are scheduled to appear tonight on Last Call with Carson Daly, however, Chris Llewellyn was brought out shortly for  a brief appearance on the program last night to make a few quick statements about the chaotic flight that he took to get there.  He also mentioned that the cell phone photograph being shown of 46 yr old suspect, Lawrence Johnson, was actually taken by the piano player and not himself.  What I really want to know is if Chris has any relation to Doug Llewellyn of People’s Court fame or Desmond Llewelyn who played “Q” in the James Bond film series but, most journalists don’t seem to get down to asking those really tough questions.

As stated, Roth will perform tonight on Daly’s program but, until then, here is a clip of an Asher Roth feature that previously ran on the show.  It’s also a great introduction to the artist and how his whole carreer came about in the first place


-Dead C

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