From Patchouli to Prada (Clooney’s “mystery” girl?)


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I can understand that some may have chosen to add malicious attacks and comments under this article but I don’t plan to respond to them, unless of course they are directed towards me and then…I might, because then it’s just funny.  You may feel that my intentions in this article may have been dishonorable at best, but I wish no ill will towards anyone.
Sarah may have rubbed me the wrong way at times but I have no negative feelings towards her, believe it or not.  I wasn’t going to come out here like Capt. Save-a-ho and write an article defending random attacks by strangers on the internet when I wrote it, but I was trying to humanize this rampant frenzy to search out her history and to stabilize it if I could.  I tried to show her in the truthful light of someone that everyone could be familiar with.  No need to turn her into a GOD or to turn her into a DEMON.  She’s just a regular ass human, and guess what?….so is George Clooney
If you are tremendously hurt or inspired by anything either of them do that is broadcasted through the media which paints them in either light, the only real problems that you have do not come from these people, who you will never likely come in contact with in real life, it comes for your own issues.  There’s a show for that, it’s called Dr. Phil.  Sorry they cancelled Lilith Fair.

I will not censor your comments, I am against that fully, but don’t expect me to feed into them either, positively or negatively.  Maybe another mistake on my part is that I am failing to remove this article, but I do take great time and effort to compose my articles and thoughts and I view them as my own form of art.  Words to me are something that I can form and something that I can create or express with, even if I can’t afford a $2,500 wacom tablet or expensive musical equipment.  If you think my writing is shit…that’s cool.  I think most film today is shit and most of the celebrities that people worship are talentless hacks.  This is my forum which you are welcome to visit and comment on as you see fit.  That’s all that it is; that and a forum for friends of mine whose views that I respect. I hope people are enjoying it.  Maybe you’ll enjoy another article, maybe you don’t give a fuck.  Either way thanks for visiting and I appreciate your time.
Now that I’ve said that, you are very welcome to continue
I woke up Saturday morning when my phone rang at 9:13 pacific standard time.  It was a message from my friend KB Smooth texting me from Rhode Island.  The message said Sarah Larson is dating George Clooney…” I got up and went to my computer.  I searched on line to find pictures of Sarah and Clooney at a celebrity coctail party in Venice for the release of his new film Michael Clayton, where they were hanging out with Spike Lee, Bill Murray, and Richard Gere.  Everything else that I found on the internet about her dating Clooney, refers to her as a “mystery girl“.  No one seems to know anything about her except her name and age (28) but they seem to be searching frantically.  Some refer to her as a possible “Go-Go dancer” but without confirmation.  I don’t understand the intense interest, but I can say one thing; she’s not much of a fucking mystery.  I’ve known her since she was 10.

sarah-covington.jpg The main difference was that she had a side-pontytail when I met her 2 years prior.  The photo above is from our 7th grade Junior High year book.  You may be thinking, Damn!  That’s fucked up.  I can’t believe you posted that photo on the internet.” If you have this year book, then you know that I don’t have room to talk shit because my picture is actually worse.  Yeah, I know, it was 1991 and it was a long time ago.  If you think about it though, what’s really fucked up is that, at the time when the picture was taken, George Clooney was already a suave 30 yr old adult man with sideburns who was playing Booker Brookes on Roseanne.  That’s 2 years older than Sarah is right now.  When I was 6 years old and pretending that I was StreetHawk, this cat actually got to appear on an episode.  That same year he started his 2 year run on the Facts of Life for crissakes!  If Alan Thicke wrote the theme song to a show that you were a major character on, then you’ve been around for a minute.  Hell, he was even getting acting gigs before I was a fetus floating next to a dangerous IUD.It’s wierd seeing somebody that you’ve known for almost 20 years in photographs romantically linking them with an Oscar winner.  Sarah and I have attended the same schools since elementary and all the way up through college.  We even lived in the same house at one point.  She dated a former bandmate of mine for 6 years and was my ex-girlfriend’s best friend for years as well.  We’ve been on road trips.  Now everyone is so fascinated with her.  I know why the people who know her are, but the rest of you…what’s the deal?   What the fuck do you really want to know?  She’s just some broad from Kent, a town located between Seattle and Tacoma Washington.  A town, when we were growing up there, that had something to prove.  When people live in a suburb like that, they like nothing more than to go to parties, get drunk off of their parents shitty beer and punch eachother in the throat.

The same day I found out about her new popularity, my mom told me that she was on the cover of People magazine and, later on E!, she was shown in a brief clip.  I had been at work all day, however, before I left I had emailed a couple of publications stating simply that I knew her.  I got a response and I spoke on the phone a couple of times with one publication in particular.  It was insane.  I was just interested in the process at first but I started to get swept away with the whole situation.  I held back with info trying to see what they would say to me and, basically, trying to read the British man on the other end of the line.  It was a little shady right off the bat.  I got questions like Would you say she was a maneater?” and gave responses like, “Um…no, I wouldn’t say that she was aman eater‘…” Eventually, after being awakened early on my day off with a phone call, I said that I wouldn’t link him up with an ex-boyfriend of hers unless I heard something solid instead of bullshit.  I got a monetary offer and a contract was sent to my friend.  I don’t like feeling like I’m on the other end of a hustle and, although money is nice, neither of us (the ex-boyfriend and I) were out to destroy or hurt anyone, so we basically both decided not to take the cash or to deal with them further.  Plus, when you sign a contract like that, there is a clause where you can’t speak about your story to anyone for at least 3 months afterwards.  That means that if they twist your shit around, which they will inevitably do, you can’t make a rebuttal anywhere else publically.  Fuck it!  It wasn’t enough to build my bronze statue in which I’m holding a giant lazer anyway.  I’m spilling my guts here instead.  In my own forum and in the appropriate context.  I don’t really “hate” anyone, but I do know that all of this shit is going to be pouring out soon from one direction or another.

I lived in a house near Lake Meridian and Sarah lived about 3 houses away.  Her family was nice enough and she was the oldest of 3 sisters.  She also has a little brother and a step dad.  Her mom had remarried after a divorce due to Sarah’s dad being gay and remarrying another man.  It was actually very interesting because he had lived for a long time with the AIDS virus and, as I recall, scientists were interested in finding out why so that they could learn something more about the disease.  I believe that he eventually died around 2002 or ’03.  This should be the one thing, if anything, that should really draw some sympathy for her, but I don’t know how something like that is printed for a headline.  It’s most likely in a shady manner, and I know that the tabloids are already aware of this to a certain degree because I was asked directly about it.

There is a post from a guy calling himself Pizza T on the internet, who not only calls himself a “hippy thug” but also claims that he dated Sarah for 6 years.  Sites are wondering if it’s true because they haven’t been able to “confirm” it.  Fuck, I’ll “confirm” it right now.  It’s true.  Their relationship started in High School.  Our high school was fucked up too.  You were either living in a country club, crazy ghetto broke and hood, or stuck being left in the middle like the rest of us.  I was even supposed to walk at graduation with Sarah but, since the school hated me, I was barely allowed to walk at all.  I walked by myself as the last student behind a kid in a wheel chair.

Sarah wasn’t rocking $3 million dollars worth of Bulgari jewels back then, she was wearing hemp necklaces, listening to the Grateful Dead, and attending Phish concerts.  When I was 18 I got in my car with some friends, her boyfriend at the time included, and I travelled around California for about 3 months, scamming fast food, sleeping in my Datsun 510 with the fake Jaguar hood ornament, using psychedelics, and getting into free concerts.  Sarah made a few trips down from Kent to see Tommy (Pizza T) visit, camp, etc.  I wasn’t in a band with Tommy yet, but the majority of the people on the trip were.  The band was called MUSIC and we would set up shows and they would play them in random towns we’d hit up on the trip.  We were notorious for making offensive and/or low quality flyers to advertise.  It was 1997 and quite a few such flyers that we made were contsructed from game pieces for contests at a fast food chain that I used to like to scam food from.  The game pieces had photos of characters from a big movie that was out that summer.  The movie was Batman and Robin starring, none other than George Clooney.


This photo of Sarah above is from that summer tour.  It was taken at a spot called Whole in the Wall in Garberville, Ca where we had all slept that night.  Some random middle aged naked guy showed up and decided to lounge out for a tan and we actually only took this picture of her so that we could snap him in it and remember that day.  That brings me to a quick point.  Sarah looks a lot tanner now and her hair isn’t blonde anymore, like it used to be.  Another issue that it brings up is that, this was taken 10 years ago and I can’t seem to easily find any pictures of her that are more recent.  She was there all of time but nobody seemed to feel the need to hold on to any pictures of her.  Around this time I was closer to almost anyone else but her.  I was a lot closer with her boyfriend and I actually met him through her.  She, unfortunately, began to take on more of the role as someone’s girlfriend who complained a lot.  The girl who, when everyone was hanging out and being dirty and happy and crazy and whatever else, seem to be bringing people down.  We didn’t give a fuck about anything back then.  It was a good time, in fact, it will always be one of the best times of my life.  Things were new and exciting, but the metalic nagging shriek of, “TOMMY!”  will always ring around like loose change in my memory bank.  She was becoming a girl who’s bullshit and complaining sucked everyone into the drama of a relationship that they weren’t even in, through mere proximaty.  This feeling continued pretty much until the last time I saw her which was years and years later.

Sure, we’ve kicked it by ourselves in more that one situation and gotten along alright, so I can definitely say that having a significant other there to fire off demands at played a part in lowering her social value, and that’s understandable.  She has also played a mediator in a few situations of drama, but I wouldn’t say that was enough to cancel out the amount of drama that she had, at times, created herself.  This is why I guarantee her past to unfold in no time.  If you are one of the friends that was bitched about, or had to be approached by your friend on behalf of his girlfriend The 2 Coreys style, you have quite a bit of built up anger towards her.  If you remember some of the specific drama you might be ready to blow.

Everyone knew she was prone to complaining and frustration, but when “Pizza T” arrived to school at Green River Community College one day after she had punched him in the face and left noticeable proof, it took it to another level.  Obviously, he didn’t want to talk about it for too long at the time, it’s not the proudest moment you can have, but he did tell me what happened.  She simply got upset about something trivial and punched him.  Later, he called her out saying things like, “You fucking punched me in the head,  Sarah!”  It reminded me of Nanny 911 where things have gone too far and you can’t reverse time, all you can do is try to explain why what they did was excessive and wrong, all the while knowing that you can’t teach them why it’s wrong but can only help them learn that they can’t pull shit like that anymore.  Later when we all moved to Olympia to attend The Evergreen State College shit escalated.

A bunch of us lived in a house on North St. across from a Masonic Lodge and down the street from the old Tumwater Brewery.  It was a house where the rent was cheap because, otherwise, the owners would have had to pay to make it liveable for humans.  There was a giant marijuana tapestry on the ceiling of the living room and from the street, you could see armed Marines in camo face-paint, which were cut from recruitment posters and taped in the windows like they were guarding the house.  It was a shit hole and I slept on a couch that was always at least a little damp for some reason.  A far cry from a Venice Coctail partySarah was always a little high maintenance for our crew, yet she lived in shitty places like this with us.  She would talk with Tommy about how she wanted things in the house to be a certain way, or someone to move out, etc. etc.  but she moved into a house that others lived in and tried to change it.  Everyone else wanted her out because she would yell at everyone.  General rule of thumb for anyone: If someone is not fucking you then they don’t have to put up with your shit.  It got to the point where, if she ever even approached me with anything I would respond bluntly and firm to whatever she said, and make it clear that I wasn’t going to go into a conversation and listen to any of it.  If I didn’t already agree, I don’t already agree, I don’t want anyone to try and work me over.  She eventually moved out.  She always needed everyone to tend to her and people weren’t getting sympathetic, they were getting pissed.  Her powers didn’t work on me.  She was just some chick I’d known for years and I was never attracted to her.  She always kind of looked like a Gelfling to me anyway, but if she could work sympathy out of her looks she would have.  You can’t really blame her, people adjust by what they are shown in through environments.

Sarah eventually rented a room in a house where one of our other good friends and former roommates had moved.  There was a garage turned dance studio there.  Sarah was still sewing up sundresses and trying to be earthy.  She was studying an East Indian dance called Orisi which she would often bust out in the most innappropriate moments.  Her “best friend” was my live-in girlfriend and we had our own place at that time.  There were situations where I would reluctantly agree to go over to her place and have dinner.  She would subtley put down my girlfriend in front of her and would always seem to try and show off her dance moves or body in some way.  If I left the room to sit down, she would be in front of me in minutes shaking her hips and blocking my views/pathways.  I wanted to put a gun to my dome in those situations.  Sarah had made a few advances or inappropriate gestures towards me, even in front of the girlfriend and regardless of the fact that her boyfriend and I were friends.  I became resentful in ways because, to me, it seemed like she could be very domineering towards my lady.  I always felt that she would use her to make herself feel better.  Her advances towards me may not have been necessarily “sexual”, but  they were definitely innappropriate.  I honestly believe that at the heart of everything was a need for focus and attention to be on her.  I don’t think that she could even accept that someone loved someone else that was a good friend of hers, because the attention wasn’t all about her.  It wasn’t about me or anyone else, I don’t think, I think it was about having the focus towards her at all times.  If you disrespect someone that I love, I lose respect for you, it’s that simple.  It’s quite possible that she had a lot going on, herself, that she didn’t verbalize within my earshot.

Sarah eventually hooked up with our former roommate of ours that she was living with in the new house now.  Tommy found out and all hell broke loose, as you could imagine.  They had been together for 6 years and it ended like that.  At that point I was in a band with Pizza T and he would make all of his dramatic and drawn out phonecalls to her from my house.  This was probably because I had more of a chill and welcoming environment to deal with such manners in than the chaotic environment he was living in.  This was a bad time for me because, since Sarah was “best friends” with my girlfriend, she was always over as well.  This drama eminated from my house and I didn’t want it there.  I would often comment that I didn’t feel comfortable with her coming over anymore.

I’m still friends with the guy she wound up hooking up with, in fact. I haven’t even talked to Tommy in 2 years.  We had a huge falling out which resulted in him blocking me from accessing our bands myspace page and posting bulletins and emails telling everyone (approx. 4,000 fans) that I had died of AIDS.  Yeah, were are not friends, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to tell this story the way that I saw it.  He got fucked over pretty hard and took it pretty hard.  The guy she had transitioned to is the one that I’ve been talking with and who turned down offers to talk with publications. Interesting things are coming out from talks with everyone about this whole Clooney situation.  The second boyfriend told me that he didn’t even know, until I just told him, that Sarah was still dating Tommy when they hooked up.  I was catching the situation from all angles so I know that he sure as fuck thought they were.  She said that they hadn’t been together for 3 months but I saw them together all of the time just prior.  My girlfriend had seen them together regularly too, but she would relay bullshit like that to me from Sarah.  “Well, she says they haven’t been together for 3 months.”  Whatever.  That’s a random things that some women decide.  Don’t guess when you started dating ever!  You started dating the minute that they decided that they wanted to in their own heads.  Same thing when you break up.  If they had decided at some point that they should break up with you and then find someone that they would rather fuck, it’s over and they “already told you“.  It helps if they cut you off for a week or so first.  That way they can always say that you knew about it.  The logic is more than flawed, sure, but I can’t even say that she didn’t believe it.  My girlfriend eventually went batshit psycho crazy and disappeared from our home one day.  I should have seen it coming she used that same logic on me eventually.  Another thing that they both did have in common as friends was that they were a little flighty.  They hardcore believed in fairies and wanted to do shit like, “paint magic in the woods” or whatever other mystical bullshit they could think of.  My ex-girlfriend once told me that she had actually left milk out for those fucking fairies and Sarah would tell me about transcending her physical body and travelling in spirit form around her house.  Maybe they believe that they didn’t cheat on anyone.  I don’t know maybe they didn’t.  Maybe we don’t have the “magic potions” to see reality.  Maybe, but I took the same “magic potions” that they did and probably more of it.

This was all around 2001.  From a psychological standpoint, I would say the following.  Sarah had been in a 6 year relationship and wanted to move out of it into something “new”.  Tommy had the same issues, this was their only really serious relationship.  The problems were that she didn’t have the integrity or sense to handle it correctly, from what I saw, and he was allowing it to continue and to be disrepected out of fear of the unknown without her.  That’s what happens.  It’s your first serious relationship.  I got fucked over myself, it’s logical.  Sometimes people actually don’t know how to hurt someone to theri face and make young, foolish decisions.  Sarah‘s rude awakening happened when she thought that she could pull the same shit on the new guy and it didn’t fly.  I know that she had lashed out and tried to strike him in the past too.  He blocked it once and she hurt her self.  She wasn’t always out punching everyone and being violent, but she was definitely known to trip and act a fool.  She had become accustomed to having someone take whatever abuse she chose to dish out, and so she vented in that manner.  He kicked her to the curb.  The two guy’s became friends again and I saw Sarah out of default, until my girlfriend cooked us up lives as transient mental basketcases.

Last time that I saw Sarah was right after she hooked up with some goon named Dan Randolph.  I met him twice, I think.  I believe that they came into the Rang Dong once which, in it’s heyday, was the greatest Vietnamese Karaoke bar of all time.  He didn’t seem to be very interesting or fitting.  They moved to Vegas.  Next I hear, she’s on Fear Factor shortly after.  She actually wins after that guy basically carries her.  Here’s where some debate comes into play.  The Fear Factor site labels Sarah Larson as a “Go-Go dancer“.  Pizza T‘s letter denies this claim, but it’s just wishful thinking.  How would he know?  Sorry but it’s true.  If you don’t want to hear that and you believe that everything you’ve read on the internet is true, you can stop now.  I died of AIDS 2 years ago, so who gives a shit about what I’m about to type anyway?  A source I know who worked at the production company for Fear Factor told me that she was scouted Go-Go dancing.  I was informed that they actually had to call her down off of a pole to offer her a spot on the show.  The problem with tabloids and media is that it’s like the game of telephone.  Go-go dancer can be changed very easily into a stripper when skewed.  From there, that get’s morphed into hooker and eventually you are a crack whore murderer running a child-porn ring.  Apparently, Cocktail waitress gets morphed into Actress/Model fairly easily too, because as far as anyone I know is informed, that’s a load of bullshit too.  That’s why nobody can find anything on her, because they are typing in “actress/model” on their search engines, instead of “Random Chicks From Kent“.

With questions like, “Does she want to hide her background?”  being asked by Hollywood, she’s becoming an enigma.  I don’t know if she is trying to hide anything.  I do know that she doesn’t look that comfortable in the pictures that I’ve seen.  It’s got to be an overwhelming experience to have to absorb for someone.  Maybe nobody has asked her anything.  Last I heard she was supposed to marry that guy she was on Fear Factor with, but that obviously didn’t happen.  She got a B.S. degree from Evergreen and then up and moved to Vegas.  I’m not trying to attack or hurt anyone, but I’m not ashamed of my background and I’ve been in a mental health unit.  Then again, I’m not trying to be a politician or a Hollywood darling.  She’s just a girl who had occasionally displayed some selfish tendancies and became clearly too high maintenance for the crowd she was involved with.  Maybe she felt that she wanted to get “somewhere” even if she didn’t know where that place was.  Maybe all that she knew was that her current environments weren’t gong to nurture that.  Most likely, she didn’t really piece it together all that in depth, but rather just reacted.  She didn’t have a severe drug addiction, or drown a baby.  It’s not that interesting.  What’s interesting to me is that she went from E to E!, from Patchouli to Prada, from Orisi to Go-go….actually, her Orisi always had quite a bit of Go-Go in it.  I say, “Good luck in the game?”  I personally would represent where I came from and maybe she will.  If I was in her position, I wouldn’t be worrying about how mysterious I might appear to the public.  At this point, especially with such drastic transitions, I would be wondering about if I was still a mystery to myself.  Your background only has an effect of you if you want something specific to happen.  If you are a gangster rapper, the public finding out that you haven’t offed anyone can actually fuck up your career, but, like the slogan for the new Clooney film Michael Clayton states “The Truth Can Be Adjusted“.  If anyone knows that, it’s the media.

Dead C

Dead C

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  • justwannapokemyeyesout…

    Ah fuck! I’m going to be in Vegas that same damn weekend and wouldn’t you know it – I’m staying at the Venetian. Jezus – that’s enough to make me want to cancel my trip – wait, I’m going to see if I can change the reservation to later in the summer. Crap! The last place I want to be is anywhere this skank is going to be doing “promotions.”

    Yes, I am very serious about this.

  • WB


    Glad that is cleared up Deadc – I think may of us thought the site was closing down and it would not surprise me if some of your traffic died…

    Now, back to this “fiasco”… what do you guys think of this?

    Truth behind the breakup 12 Hours, 52 Minutes ago Karma: 0
    I guess I just want to clarify. I was talking to my friend, and she has an inside scoop on the George Clooney and Sarah Larson breakup. in the beginning, I was thinking why do people still like Clooney despite the fact that he had cheated. None of the fans have turned on him.

    Well, I asked my friend today and she said it was because Sarah Larson was posing for a nude picture in a magazine (I forgot to ask my friend which magazine it was) with several men touching her body. Apparently, George didn’t like the thought that his girlfriend was nude and naked in front of other men and other men were touching her body. He felt that was disrespectful to him. Besides that, Sarah Larson was sexually playing around with other men when she was dating Clooney. The playboy picture is not out yet, but here is one picture that p***ed George off and I am sure a lot of you guys have seem this pix. d=372

  • stevie c

    WB, those are old pics of her performing her true job last summer. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what Robin Leech sez..he’s the one who said SL was involved in Clooney’s finances, duh. Norm’s column states that her party is to honor her..anyone imagine what this honor is?’ve just gotta crash that party and give us the scoop! If you don’t look directly at her, I think you’ll be safe…

  • Shadow

    SL’s gig at Tao is nothing and means nothing. Tao has bottom feeder “celebrities” host parties at their club all the time. It’s just a paid appearance, and Vegas d-listers are often the “hosts” for the night.

    As for this: “Apparently, George didn’t like the thought that his girlfriend was nude and naked in front of other men and other men were touching her body.”

    GC wouldn’t give a fig’s ass if other men looked at or touched SL’s naked body. He dates strippers, lap dancers, soft core porn stars, and (I just found out) hard core porn stars. He doesn’t care if other men screw his g/f’s for money let alone merely touch or look at them.

    And no he wouldn’t care about the dry humping pic in early July. GC was still dating Aguero in July and was jumping Monika Jakisic in August. SL was barely on GC’s radar last summer. He was too busy chasing other women. He bumped into SL in Vegas in June, spent a few days with SL in late July (and that was when he slept with her, according to SL) and that’s it. He was on to other conquests. Then he grabbed SL by the scruff of the neck at the end of August because he needed a g/f to put on parade for the MC promos and SL was available. Aguero is a single mother of two and Jakisic a top model with a full-time career. The cocktail waitress with no life and no dependents was available to be at his beck and call for the NYC dog and pony show. Then the motorcycle accident happened, SL couldn’t go back to work, and GC was stuck with her for awhile. So he made the best of it. Then as soon as she was getting some work to support herself, he no longer had any more high profile events for a bit, nothing to promote, and he could go into hiding from the press, he cut her loose. End of story.

    George heart Sarah, a Eulogy

  • Starsinsky

    Dead C,

    Thanks for keeping the site up and running. This comments section is so much fun, and you have interesting articles.

    Norm from the National Enquirer has taken Lainey’s “Why He’s Single” bind item and printed it as truth (as much as anything from the Enquirer can be):


    Baby talk helped scare GEORGE CLOONEY away from scary galpal SARAH LARSON, who was red-hot to get her hooks in the hunk by getting knocked up – then blew it very badly when she babbled to Clooney family members: “I think I might be pregnant!”

    Revealed a source close to Clan Clooney: “George had made his thoughts clear on the subject of babies, but Sarah was always saying stuff like, ‘Oh, I forgot to take my pill!’ Or she’d tell him she was a week late withher period, even though she wasn’t. Sarah kept floating these trial balloons to see how George would react.”

    Hearing she’d blabbed to mutual friends and family that she might be pregnant freaked Clooney big-time.

    But the last straw, as I scooped last week, was learning wanna-be baby-mama had insisted on cutting tips earmarked for his personal staff…and that’s when he told her: “Bye, bye, baby!”

    Interesting how in this tabloid she has gone from “the one”, true love, fairy tale romance, etc. to “scary gal pal”.

    So was flipping through People in the break room and there was a letter in the mail section w/ someone asking they please quit printing stories about Sarah Larson, since the only part of her that was remotely interesting was the “George Clooney’s-Ex” tagline, and he wanted to see more deserving people in the magazine. This was followed by the Scoop section, where there was 1/2 a page on Sarah Larson catching the eye of that British actor, Jason, during dinner w/ friends. Cracked me up. Interesting People is still selling her as a celebrity and the Enquirer has tagged her as bad news.

    So the big questions are 1. Preggers? 2. Playboy? 3. E Reality Show?

    Playboy-definitely if the offer is real or as another person posted SL is testing the waters or hinting at a centerfold w/ them through her comments and letting her price be known.

    Pregnant-could be. Might throw a wrench in the Playboy shoot, but most women don’t really show w/ their first one till close to the end of the 1st trimester. Usually bigger breast are the give away. Is it George’s? Still firmly believed he was snipped yrs ago or this would have happened sooner w/ one of the other steady girlfriends or hell even one of his stripper one night stands. So that leaves the question of who the baby daddy is? Her ex Ryan, or possibly that designer Christian, or perhaps some random dude.

    Reality Show-Done it once, and with the tag of George Clooney’s ex, and the world knowing she wants to be a model/lingerie designer, a possible Playboy centerfold or shoot, and a possible bun in the oven, she sounds right up E’s reality TV alley. Just think of E’s camera’s following her on go-see’s, showing her sketching lingerie, and posing for photo shoots. If she is pregnant, E’s camera can follow her to the OB-GYN’s to see the progress of her baby and hint at the possible paternity, leaving audiences breathlessly waiting to find out if GC is a daddy. Perhaps Paris could host a baby shower for her. Better yet, they could be new BFF’s. Baby shower at Tao?

    The truth is, IF SL is pregnant, I fervently hope it is because she really, truly wants a child, not as some publicity ploy or to keep GC around (Vasectomy’s can grow back, but it doesn’t happen that often) or some other man. It’s not fair to have a child to keep yourself in the spotlight. Something tells me SL would go the Lynn Spears/Dina Lohan route of parenting, by having her child accomplishment what she couldn’t, regardless to the cost of it.

  • Anon2

    Agree. Nice to know this site isn’t ending. I’ll leave the other blog up, anyway. (thanks for posting on it Shadow)

    Agree with StevieC – don’t believe Robin / Norm – one of them said GC ‘friends’ thought he would settle down with SL – GC friends would NEVER say that.

    My take on “the secret is safe with the movie star” – I think it is simply that GC would be the only one seeing her naked – nakedness being the “secret”. Or ~ could be the fake boobs secret would be revealed.

    The post from aveofthestars – Faye said “GC is an old fashioned man at heart” which to me means – he doesn’t want men seeing “his woman” naked, period. Past, present or future. She is for his eyes only and that is the way it should be. Now, all these girls/women were his “toys” as Faye said, and they really aren’t “ladies” if they dry hump in public, have or pose with nude photos, which is probably the reason he stated about whichever gf it was (maybe Lisa or Krista) that is was her business if she posed nude, because he already had his mind made up. They weren’t “ladies” they were for “fun” so whatever they did was fine with him. However, when you are with him, together, dating, don’t disrespect him with whatever you are doing. Showing dry humping photos, naked photos, etc. while dating him IS disrespecting him, because you are WITH him and that is a direct reflection on him. Past or future, really wouldn’t make a difference.

    SL made flippant comments about the “photos” that she showed GC them and he didn’t care. I don’t believe that for a minute. I think he found out, just like everyone else did (and was really, really pissed) and as everyone said Stan had to work overtime to keep it all quiet. Remember SL & GC were late for the opening and gave quick interviews. Why? – if he was OK with the photos and knew about them already he would have addressed the situation with his classic one-line humor, but he didn’t.

    Imagine if any naked photos of SL came out while they were dating – could you imagine … after all, she initially was “introduced” to the world as “smart & classy” (if I am correct) and she was all over the TV, mags, etc. Talk about Stan working overtime. Nope, sorry, while you are dating GC you need to act like a lady no matter how much of a slut in reality (or reality slut) you actually are. Nude photos WHILE you are dating him are a “No, No”, AFTER, he doesn’t care. If the SL w/men photos are true – his temper would be volcanic. She wouldn’t care about her reputation (because she doesn’t have any self respect), but do it to spite him.

    Keep in mind what Faye said about “GC being old fashioned” – bet my last dollar that The One he settles down with hasn’t nor ever will/would pose nude or has any questionable photos, videos, etc. out there.

  • Shelly

    There are no Playboy pictures coming out,( but that still may be an angle in my story) well not in the near future. Her manager Kenya Knight squashed those rumors. Still doesn’t state why Larson’s throwing a party and doesn’t deny the pregger rumors. If you saw the Playboy rumor, the pregger rumor is slowly picking up steam.



    An Internet report that Sarah Larson has been offered a hefty contract to pose for Playboy is “just an old rumor,” according to her manager, Kenya Knight of Nous Model Management. “I have not spoken to anyone at Playboy so there’s no offer.” Knight cleared up questions raised by Larson’s July 25 hosting at Tao Las Vegas (Venetian). Asked why Larson would appear at Tao when she is the new face of Christian Audigier’s line of dresses, Knight said her deal with the French designer does not prevent her from hosting at other nightclubs. Larson’s absence at the July 4 opening of Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island raised eyebrows. “She has no issue with Christian’s club. She has no exclusive deal with them,” Knight said. …

    Apparently she is not the “face” of Christain Audigier, “the face” usually have this sort of nonsense written in the contract, certain number of appearances at product or company events. She’s not going to get a lot of offers after blowing off a party for a product she’s paid to endorse, it must have been camera free party. Larson and Knight are exaggarating her “face” status. Just another model hawking clothing. Was she even paid for this ?

    I’m starting to think the preggers story was planted as an effort to keep chatter about Larson going on and on.

    Damn Robin Leech, he needs to get his facts right, but he did provide me with an interesting plot twist.


    Who’s the hard core star, Jenna Jamison or some little unknown. LOL.
    This man obviously has little to no respect for women. Women are just sex toys to him and his recent tryst with a sex toy just brought it to the forefront.

  • newkid

    The pimp strikes again:


    An Internet report that Sarah Larson has been offered a hefty contract to pose for Playboy is “just an old rumor,” according to her manager, Kenya Knight of Nous Model Management. “I have not spoken to anyone at Playboy so there’s no offer.” Knight cleared up questions raised by Larson’s July 25 hosting at Tao Las Vegas (Venetian). Asked why Larson would appear at Tao when she is the new face of Christian Audigier’s line of dresses, Knight said her deal with the French designer does not prevent her from hosting at other nightclubs. Larson’s absence at the July 4 opening of Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island raised eyebrows. “She has no issue with Christian’s club. She has no exclusive deal with them,” Knight said. …

    Shovel, backpedal, shovel, dodge, shovel, duck…her agent is getting press too, wonder if that is in the contract? As I have typed previously, this one IS NOT GOING AWAY QUIETLY. She’ll be whoring herself out in any way, shape or form that allows her to connect to Clooney’s name. She won’t go away, ever if all she wanted were to be rich she’d have snaggged a high roller from her “employment” at the clubs. Nope she wants fame she wants to be as famous or more-so than George Clooney. She does. She really really does.

    She doesn’t get that it wasn’t ever nor will it be about HER, she’s egocentric. Healthy in a child not so much in a supposedly adult woman.

  • newkid


    When Clooney was dating one of his GF’s the brit forgot her name –

    She was signed to a lingere contract in the UK bras & knickers, he had them/her pull the ads. He didn’t want them seem whilst he was dating her. The pics are still out there but prior to and after their relationship.

  • Angel

    I was watching the TLC channel last night and they had a show about Ashley Paige, they aired the fashoin show that Sarah was in. Ashley Paige stated that one of her models was Sarah Larson, George Clooney’s girlfriend, and that she would get a lot of publicity because of it. I guess that says it all..why she got the job.

    As far as George being old fashion and not wanting he’s girlfriend to be seen by others..the solution is simple…..stop dating that kind of girl. He knows what they do, that’s what he likes.

    I am with Starsinsky, I believe George was snipped years ago. George made a statement that it was cheaper to get a vasactomy then to have kids. He has always said he doesn’t want kids. People think that he should have a child to carry on the family name because he is the only male child,: what if he has a girl? The name still won’t be carried on through her kids if they take on the fathers last name, which is the norm. He’s not mature enough for a serious relationship or kids, he is doing exactly what he wants in life.
    I don’t care if he ever grows up…just start making movies that people will enjoy.

  • mhersted

    This is your old friend Milton Hersted, I would just like to let you know that monsterfresh has set up forum. You can find it by scrolling up here and look for a link called soapbox or you can just go to the link to go to soapbox directly. Enjoy!

  • Listen to him dammit! he knows what he’s talking about


  • stevie c

    If he hadn’t been snipped years ago, it would’ve caught up with him long before now. Surely SL knew this, so why would even the most stupid human on earth tell people she was pregnant and expect him to play along? Is she delusional? I think that ‘told his family’ is nonsense–folks didn’t look too comfy with her in person, so I’m sure they weren’t least this year. He knew what she was from the or no pics..maybe he was embarassed but certainly not surprised. And Anon..remember the LH premiere? he said, head down, sort of under his breath..’you all know Sarah’ to the pap’s..couldn’t help but think, yeah, they all knew her.

  • Starsinsky

    Stevie C-

    I don’t think I SL was being logical or making connections like the rest of us were. He probably listened to her “Late”, “Forgot my pills” remarks, thinking the jokes on you. Then when the comments were made to others, she crossed the line and was gone.

    If you are trying to trap or keep a man around through a child, when you know he doesn’t want one, then you don’t hint at that fact to him. Perhaps she was hoping that he would respond happily to her little hints, and start talking about making her Mrs. Clooney, since his Irish-Catholic guilt would probably make him feel bad about having a child out of wedlock.

    If SL had kept her mouth shut, she would be in Como now, enjoying a vacation, building up her portfolio w/ European shoots, and working on getting pregnant. After 3 or 4 months of trying, she’d probably go to her OB-GYN to learn why she wasn’t getting pregnant, and learn the problem wasn’t w/ her, but with him. By that time, she’d make it past the one yr mark, spending their one yr public debut anniversary back in Venice, and going to the new Coen Brother’s film, not hinting around for a Playboy spread.

    SL probably dreamed of being GC’s baby momma. Think of all the magazine covers. People would probably pay at least $5 million for the first baby pictures. All of that attention focused on her. If GC didn’t marry her, she’d still get child support, a house, nanny, and probably spend every summer in Italy w/ the baby. A baby for her is literally, a golden egg. But alas, GC is too smart to get trapped like that, and by tipping her hand she ended her time as his girlfriend and all that entailed.

    Dead C-I cross posted this to your current forum, but still posted here since no on has posted on the other forum yet, to my knowledge.

  • justwannapokemyeyesout…

    Starsinksy I have to disagree somewhat with you about Sarah being in Como if she had kept her mouth shut.

    If there’s one thing I’ve deduced from a few years of observing George it’s that his work comes before anyone. The controversy surrounding Sarah, her photos and the almost universal negative reaction by his fans (yes there were still a few holdouts who thought we should all shut up and leave them be) was the real death knell for this relationship. Sarah’s actions were just a convenient way for him to get out of the situation without looking like a true cad.

    I do agree her actions didn’t help her cause, but he wasn’t going to put his career on the line for her and IMO that’s the true reason he dumped her. She was naive to think her past wouldn’t make a difference. George wants the attention of his fans, but he also craves their respect. I think he can handle the guys who rip into him about his political beliefs and his sometimes opinionated comments (some times I wonder if he really thinks before he speaks) but his fans turning on him, I don’t think he was ready to give up his career and Sarah was becoming a true liability.

    I also don’t think he’ll hook up with anyone before the premiere of his next film. (Of course, I could be wrong) but I think he doesn’t want to take the focus off the film this time. His ability to get deals green lighted could also be seriously compromised if he has another flop.

    I’m sure he’s seen Tom Cruise struggling to try to regain his box office popularity. It wasn’t the sofa jumping IMO – it was the disregard for his fans when he made those comments about PPD. Don’t “dis” your fans – they will turn on you.

    George has a base of female fans who I believe are intelligent and savvy and have a certain standard when it comes to whose work they will support. George cultivated what I can now only call a facade that he was not just a guy who looks good in a well-cut Italian suit and is dangerously photogenic. His support of deserving causes was attractive to a good number of his fans. He has for many years given interviews that made his fans believe that what you see is what you get. A self-deprecating guy with a sense of humor and quick wit but who didn’t come across as full of himself. He seemed like a likable guy – the kind that women as well as men found attractive. I don’t mean in the sexual sense – of course that’s what some found attractive – but as a person one would feel could be a good and loyal friend.

    There were whispers of his sexual peccadillos but never anything too overt. There were discussions amongst his fans that had them expressing their bewilderment in the choice of his dates/girlfriends, etc. in the past, but never as vehemently as this relationship has elicited. And as others have said, it was the perception that he was lying to his fans and that he was disregarding the values of those who supported his work in the past. Worse, that he was flinging those values back in their faces and then still expecting them to support his work.

    Some may have felt that George’s private life was none of our business. And normally, I would agree with such a statement – had there not been so much press about it that IMO seemed to have been orchestrated by George’s PR guy (with George’s blessing which is a departure from how he handled information about his previous relationships) and pushed along by Sarah’s blind ambition to be a “model” and famous – no matter what the cost.

    Sarah’s actions (revealing photos on the net, her commenting about the relationship in interviews, using the “Oops I forgot to take my pill” routine and calling mom and dad to break the “happy news” – if true) only made it easier for him to jump the sinking ship.

    Sarah was on the Titanic – doomed from the start – but she just didn’t know it.

  • Jsmith

    @ Shelly

    I think Shadow was referring to Ginger Lynn. A ‘friend’ of Sarahs is saying now she wants him back – she ‘really loves him’ – guess all those amazing offers she had aren’t happening anymore!!

  • Shadow

    Oops sorry I forgot to answer you, Shelly. My mind has been all over the place these days! My apologies!

    Yes, Jsmith is right I was referring to Ginger Lynn. On imdb we were talking about all the women from the skin trade that GC has dated over the years. I thought he only stuck to the soft core porn ladies, but I was wrong. It came to my attention that he dated Ginger Lynn in the mid to late 80’s. He dated her before his marriage to Talia Balsam.

    GC also allegedly dated Ginger again during the marriage. It’s conceivable that he saw her again during his marriage because things between GC and Talia fell apart very early on. I think they were only living together for the first 18 months and the rest of the “marriage” (the remaining two and half years) they were fighting over the divorce and GC was living with Richard Kind, so for all intents and purposes the marriage was over. Although Talia did accuse GC of adultery during the divorce proceedings (among other things) but I don’t know who (or how many women) she was referring to. But we all know how crazy accusations can get during divorces, so who knows what went on while they were still living together.

    justwanna: Loved your post!! (20-07-08) Bravo! Great stuff! … and so very, very true.

  • Shadow

    Where the hell did that smiley come from?

    Let me write it this way:

  • Shadow

    Since we’re talking about Ginger Lynn and George Clooney, here’s part of an interview with Ginger a poster on imdb found. It’s pretty funny:

    Question: Do you know if there is an adult Hall of Fame? Who would you pick as the first inductees?

    Ginger: I’m quite sure there is, however I’m not sure where. I do have my handprints in cement in front of the Hollywood Hustler Store along with some of the adult greats. I’d like to induct: Charlie Sheen, George Clooney and Billy Idol. All three of these men have gone above and beyond the call of booty.

  • stevie c

    Star, maybe I was a bit fuzzy…a guy having a vasectomy is a selling point to women who want a fling…he would tell women this, and they would happily put away their me. If the women wanted a family, they probably wouldn’t continue with more than a fling with a guy who wasn’t going to come through. So I’m assuming she knew from the start, and would never try the old forgot my pill crap..he’d say, so? The relationship, whatever it was, seemed to be over around March..the rest was just public appearances (won’t take her to a cast party, when his crew means so much to him? won’t go to, or leave NYC with her?) to try to give her a career so he wouldn’t have to keep supporting her and to look like a nice guy..that seems very important to him. I don’t believe there were any baby calls, threatening calls, future promises, fights over maid’s salaries, or Como plans, but if she didn’t keep all this nonsense afloat, thus linking herself to him for god knows how long, she would’ve never gotten any of the attention she obviously craves. The booty calls weren’t worth the embarrassment to him anymore, plain and simple. Maybe he’s finally past the lap dancer/escort stuff. Maybe he’s stopped drinking so much and can reason a little better now.. who knows?

  • @ shadow:

    During his marriage to Talia, George had affairs with Denise Crosby (1990) and another actress (but I don’t remember her name… I’ll search).

  • Shelly

    Well newkid, you were right I was wrong!

    Maybe we need to address his momma issues.

  • Anon2

    I remember reading somewhere that GC dated Ginger Lynn for 6 months, really liked her & never knowing she did porn, then found out (somehow) & was really pissed and broke up with her. So I think it goes back a long way some of the reasons why he dates the women that he does …

  • newkid

    WHEN: Friday, July 25, 2008

    WHAT: Named as one of People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People,” model Sarah Larson will revel in the spotlight as she will play host to Friday night’s festivities at TAO Las Vegas. Larson will have dinner with a group of friends at TAO Asian Bistro, then afterwards, head up to the nightclub to celebrate the rest of the night at Las Vegas’ hottest nightspot.

    TAO Nightclub
    The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino
    3377 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    BUY YES BUY! your VIP tickets now.

  • Shelly

    I guess that must be her new job now. I read she’s a part-time model now, as opposed to full-time model. *shrugs*

  • i see ms. larson has her demon stare going on (the tao photo). if someone paid me, i would not go to this event. having dinner in a bistro and standing around drinking in a club is ‘work’? how much is she getting paid for this. 10K? nk? do you know?

  • justwannapokemyeyesout…

    Luckily for me (but not for my friend) one of his kids fell off a skateboard. The kid is going to be okay but did break a bone so we’ve postponed our trip since it’s a given that a parent has to stay home with a sick or injured kid.

    Me I would have gone anyway but that’s why I don’t have kids! LOL! Hey, I know my limitations and I make sure I stay within those boundaries! Can’t keep a goldfish alive then don’t have any fucking kids. I got it early on and it works for me.

    That’s why I have no tolerance for the Sarah’s of the world “Oh, I think I forgot to take my pill” Fricking moron. What a great reason to have a kid “let me see if I can get knocked up so my eternally commitment-phobic boyfriend will marry me”! **shaking head no**

    Now if we could only get more people who shouldn’t have kids fixed…

    But the good news is that I won’t be anywhere near the Venetian this weekend when SL skanks, oh I mean, slinks her way from the “Bistro” to “Tao.”

    I know, I know you all wanted me to go and take videos to post on YouTube. Sorry, wouldn’t waste the megapixels!

  • newkid

    Only for personal reasons, mostly because I don’t want to continue to seemingly support THAT WOMAN (Hi Sarah, figure out that modeling career isn’t what you thought it was?) I have started my own blog.

    I will only be posting my links there, please join me it’s a free for all posting area, clooney, larson, the weather, the elections or just because you’re pissed at the neighbors. Only moderated for spam, other than that have it folks.

  • justwannapokemyeyesout

    Jennifer Siebel (one of George’s ex-dates) to wed San Fran Mayor

    SAN FRANCISCO — Actress, producer and Stanford business school graduate Jennifer Siebel will take a break from her Los Angeles television and movie career to marry San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom this weekend.

    he wedding between Siebel, 34, and Newsom, 40, is scheduled for Saturday.
    The wedding will be a private affair far from the shadow of City Hall on conservation land founded by his fiancee’s parents in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley at sunset.

    “I’ve never been more excited than I have (been) in the last six months,” Newsom said.

    It’s been reported the couple invited 250 guests.

    This is Newsom’s second marriage and Siebel’s first.

    Newsom and his fiancee sat down with NBC affiliate KNTV to discuss their upcoming wedding.

    The couple said the nuptials will be simple, fresh, and organic, while some of Washington’s most powerful lawmakers will be there communing with nature, the couple said they will be focused on each other.

    “I want it to be everything for her that she ever dreamed of,” Newsom said. “That’s why it is Montana. It’s her dream, right there on the river snowcap mountains, deer, otters, eagles. I want it to be magical.”

    The wedding festivities kicked off Thursday. (more at the link below)

    Larson’s saying “Oh, good another one bites the dust!”

    Only 500 or so more to go!! LOL!!!

  • stevie c

    Aw, Shelly, you’re wrong! why, she’s a top flight in demand model, and all of Vegas is bowing before her, see…?

    Statuesque brunette beauty Sarah Larson who was a cocktail server at the N9ne Group properties of Moon and the Playboy Club just a year ago has now become a top-flight high-in-demand fashion model. The near yearlong romantic relationship she enjoyed with movie superstar George Clooney helped propel her to future stardom. But she’s got that “It” factor, the mysterious quotient of stunning looks, captivating eyes, sensuous smile, cooling charm and curious charisma. Vegas finally pays homage tonight (FRI) and to recognize her win as one of People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful she hosts her own celebration party at the Tao nightclub in The Venetian

  • Anon2

    Want to take a moment to wish everyone the best. Won’t be visiting here anymore. Am support New Kids, new blog. She’s done a really nice job and already started a couple of topics & comments. And it loads much quicker too. No offense deadc, but have to move on.

    I hope y’all will join me and have a nice glass of cold milk in the milanocookieaisle at New Kids blog. If you prefer coffee or tea I’m sure New Kid will whip up something. Would really like to stay in touch with all of you there. Stop by and say “hi” on her “new generation” page and put in your request for coffee, tea, or cold milk. Milano cookies are on her. Take care everyone. It’s been fun.

  • Anon2-
    I have been more than gracious enough to post your last comment but that won’t be happening anymore. I feel that it is completely classless to come to my site and encourage people to leave it. If you want to come on here to recruit others and convince them to leave my site so that you can generate traffic on your own forum, do me a favor and stay the fuck off. I block the rest of the spam on here and I will be blocking the spam from anyone else trying to pull sketch bullshit like this in the future.

    The very reason that this site loads slowly is due to the fact that you guys have posted a record number of comments under my article which is causing it to stall out on you. It was not intended for that and now that it has happened you are bailing out to a site that is dedicated to information on Sarah Larson and trying to redirect the traffic from the community that I provided the forum for to create and grow. It’s offensive to me because I went out of my way to create a bulletin board/forum that is built to support that amount of traffic and to nurture varying topics and provided that link (The Soapbox)

    You, of course, are not required to utilize the new forum and are welcome to create as many spin-offs as you wish to support your own dreams of webmastering and feed your egos, but it is at the least, a tacky and ungrateful method to advertise it here. I have been more than cool with letting everyone come here and say whatever crazy shit that they want. I have even allowed people to post these new links, although I probably never should have. It has been done. Please to not come back to scout people and encourage them not to return here.

    New Kid has joined the new forum just to post that she would not post there and to encourage people to leave the very forum that I promised to create for her via personal email. Here’s what I stated there to her and I will state it again for anyone that may be confused.

    New Kid-

    If you want to start a new blog then you should do it and if you want to advertise for it on and siphon a following from a forum that has already created and been generating its own traffic for the better part of a year, you should do it, but your logic seems more than questionable.

    When you state that you feel the need to start a blog that doesn’t focus on Sarah, I understand that and when you state that you want limited restrictions and filtering to take place in your “new” format I understand that as well. I understand because they are sentiments that I have been stating for months on end already but, to bring those issues up here, however seems misguided. The reason that the comment section of MonsterFresh blew up so rapidly with traffic was because of my lack of filtering and censorship. I didn’t want my site to focus on that article either but it has generated the most interest over the last year. Now that I’ve created this bulletin board format that offers the opportunity for people to either continue this discussion if they choose or to have the freedom to discuss and create whatever they want, without the restrictions of having to respond to previously created blog and/or article topics, you mention how you feel stifled. That doesn’t seem honest to me because the issues you refer to have been eliminated.

    Why, once I relieve those issues and give people a more interactive format to create their own forum topics, would you mention the limitations that I have worked to extinguish. I have put in efforts to remove those limitations and feel that I have begun to do so effectively. Furthermore, the format of a blog is just basically the same limited format that you seem to have complaints with and feel the need to move beyond. The only place for comments are below the topics in which YOU have created. Although it may create more freedom for you, that same freedom is being taken away from the community. I would generally say “fuck them, it’s my site” myself, and I do for the most part with MonsterFresh. However, in realizing that people wanted and, in many ways, needed a place to go and discuss I started this bulletin board. I don’t think that it’s really about Sarah, but that it’s about people having a place to get together and discuss something… anything, in their areas of interest.

    A major concept behind is to encourage people to go out and create their own forums and to try and break the mold of Hollywood and advertisers that decide where your focus and servitude should reside. I encourage you to do so but I do take offense to your mutinous delivery. Although I have not made any money off of my site I do try to utilize the traffic count as a means to get my colleagues and myself better opportunities and access to cover events that we are interested in. The creation of this forum is off site until my host makes an upgrade which will, hopefully, be a seamless merger and most people will be unaware of any turbulence in between. Of course, right now, my traffic is split and I have done this consciously to provide better services to those who have loyally visited the site over the last year and have helped to create a community there. You are welcome to continue to post here or to post links to your other site or whatever you wish. You have clearly been a valued member of the community with a lot of insight and helpful advice and information throughout the time that you did frequent it.

    My point is this, remember what the rest of my site is about. I, like the rest of you, do exist beyond your impressions of me as an avatar and an electronic entity. Basically as an individual it’s safe to say “I Don’t Play”I call people out. You are all here because I called somebody that I knew out on some shit and you were interested to find out the scoop. Good luck with your project and future projects, but I’m not good at sitting back and pretending to be oblivious to things that I feel are fairly transparent. If you feel the need to explain your logic for creating your own forum, it is unnecessary, but if you feel the need to point out limitations here in an attempt convince others to leave, I’m going to call you out and call out those inconsistencies. It’s what I do.

  • julie

    deadc — giving birth is almost always painful. look what you have wrought! a new blog by NK. i never caught on to the soapbox (or even realized the reason why that was set up btw — perhaps others did — so did not visit it). rather, i maybe looked at it once or twice, but it was always easier just to come back here to post. and the pages here have been loading faster lately anyway, perhaps due to work that you did behind the scenes. your work was and IS appreciated. if our traffic aided you in any way in getting access to events, that’s great too. you created a great, broiling, pot of public opinion, a place where we could all say just about anything, and there were some REALLy strong opinions in the mix (STFU, as I recall). and i truly enjoyed participating in that. thanks. anyway, my lack of posts comes more from dwindling interest, now that these two are no longer a couple. sl will potter along as a d-list celebrity (if that) and gc will dodder along (in advancing old age) as the playboy he will ever be. your forum was great, and really did serve a useful purpose. we had no where else to go. but for me at least, the raison d’etre is gone – no more SL & GC. NK did contribute a lot, and was v. good at ferretting (sic?) out news tidbits, though i enjoyed everyone’s contribution equally. that is all. again, thank you.

  • NYC

    NewKid is the psychic.

    I asked for Faye’s number a few times from Newkid but never received it.
    I believe Newkid is Faye.


  • justwannapokemyeyesout…


    New kid has another blog as noted above. He/she doesn’t frequent this site anymore and has stated that he/she has nothing against deadc.

    If you keep asking for something from new kid here he/she won’t see it.

    I don’t think new kid is Faye.

    Why don’t you try out deadc’s other blog at monsterfresh. If you scroll up you’ll see a link to that forum too. Look for the color bloc that deadc uses. Perhaps someone there will have Faye’s info.

    Good luck.

  • Larson’s Fashion Dreams Will Have To Wait

    George Clooney’s model ex will have to wait for fashion glory – her plans to link with style guru Christian Audigier have fallen flat.

    Sarah Larson recently boasted of teaming up with the Los Angeles-based designer for a new beachwear and general clothing line, but it appears her remarks are premature – Audigier insists he has no plans to collaborate with the former reality TV star.

    A spokeswoman for the designer says, “She came to our office while we were shooting a campaign and she stopped by the shoot. We shot a couple of different looks on her, but she is not the new face of Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier and we are not doing a swimwear line with her.”

    22 August 2008 5:04 AM, PDT | From | See recent WENN news

  • We had a slight malfunction on the migration of monsterfresh. The soapbox has moved to here . All the comments were lost, but it should be more stable now. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Starsinsky

    Dead C-

    What happened to the forum/soapbox? I’ve been wanting to post about the election/TV shows, etc.
    All I keep getting are error messages. Please tell me your just sprucing it up. I was really enjoying it.


  • Shelly

    “Sort of kind of creepyish going through her donation page at AFLAN. I guess people posted her home, phone number,address and who held her mortgage on the other website, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised

    Apparently she’s moved on and has a new guy, Clooney probably has a new lady friend what’s the point of googling her now.

    After lark-poster comments on George Clooney not dating non-Caucasian women, even though I stated it was a business venture, I am now really beginning to think most of this stuff has a lot to do with her being part-Asian she’s not 100% white. And to think I took part in this mess, this was like a damn cyber-lynch mob. I had issues with being fooled by the two of them,her hoohaa on the Internet and the links to that profession, not with her race and not because he was dating a woman not 100% white. I am beginning to see why most people took to hating this girl.

    I was just dishing, but some of you seem a little bit more sinister intentions,

    I posted this at the “other website”, DeadC you need to fix your site soon!!

    I posted it because I felt that way ever since fark-lurker comments and going back reading comments on different websites. A lot of the hate seems to come from the fact that she is part-Asian. There was even a rant from one guy, a guy!!! and every other word he typed was Asian ( I know you have a personal connection DeadC and all those who were just appalled by what was going on this doesn’t include you). Every site has some negative Asian slur, even still today. I guess I had my head in the sand, also DeadC eliminated most of the racial slurs, some of you racists would post.

    Is that why some of you are hear for to tear apart the mixed chick? Is it the end of the world that a white man, George Clooney was dating a woman, Sarah Larson, who was clearly not 100% white?

  • Unfortunately during this transferring process, the bulletin board was swiped clean.

    I have been extremely busy lately making some very promising and important contacts for the future of the site which I am very pleased with but nothing to me is more important than creating a forum and community where everyone else’s voices can be heard.

    I am upset by the deletion, as I’m sure that you may be. The forum is not completely set up again but I should be able to, at the very least, operable until the imaging and visual magic begins popping up around it.

    thanks for sticking with us

    I hope everyone likes the new Header of the cows eating watermelon.

  • For those of you that are still around, the “SOAP BOX” forum is back up and running


  • Shadow

    Shelly your comments about Sarah Larson’s race are ridiculous and frankly they’re disgusting.

    I didn’t even know about Larson’s Asian background until she talked about it in “People” in March, so your “racist” theory is dead then and there.

    Furthermore, if your racism charge had an ounce of credibility, then we would have given a pass to all the white women George Clooney dated who also objectified themselves sexually for money, and that obviously isn’t true. We have criticized Krista Allen, Jennifer Aguero, and Sarah Talley for the exact same reasons we criticized Sarah Larson.

    Apparently, if a white woman flashes her twat for easy money and attention, then she’s a skank. But if a woman does the exact same thing but has a drop of Mongolian blood somewhere in her distant past we’d better not say anything or else we’re racists? Is that the fucked up argument you’re attempting to make?

    What’s your explanation for why we criticized Krista Allen? We’re racist against Texans? Oh right, she did sci-fi soft core porn so maybe we’re racist against aliens from outer space who flash their twats. That makes about as much sense as your post did.

    If your racism argument had any merit of any kind, then we would have been merciless to the African-American actress, Kimberly Russell, who dated George Clooney for THREE years. Oh wait a minute we weren’t. It may have had something to do with the fact that she kept her fucking underpants on and achieved her career goals through hard work, intelligence, and talent. Oh yes, and there was no lying about her background or achievements.

    And for the love of god, we didn’t say “Sarah Larson is a skank”, “Sarah Larson is a tart” just leave it at that and leave. We made an argument. We presented a case. We wrote at length and in detail, practical common sense reasons why her conduct was galling to us, and why we were disgusted with Clooney for dating her.

    You are wildly off the mark with this. Injecting race into this issue was a petty and highly offensive thing to do. Now smarten up.

  • Starsinsky

    So will Sarah Palin be John McCain’s Sarah Larson?
    The nomination has surprised everyone-it appears she wasn’t fully vetted in advance, and there is also the question of “Troopergate”. The parallels between the VP choice, and GC trotting SL out of nowhere for Michael Clayton are interesting.

  • Angel

    Okay, could someone please simplify this for me…what the hell is considered 100% white. On my job applications I have always put white, which is what I thought I should put…actually am half Italian which is a Latin nationality. Why don’t we just ask if the person is a legal or illegal member of the United States. George is almost all Irish anyone not Irish is outside of his race.

  • GeorgeCloney(an other georges)

    L Sweetie : Hi.. I read your post and your very funny.
    When I got back to LA I wanna meet you..
    anyway if you’re so good in bed, I was wondering why you’re wasting your time here????

    I can bring you to a trip with me, all expenses paid!! Oh yeah baby and I will rock the shit out of you :D.

    Sincerely Georges..