Digital Monster: Interview w/Mochipet Read more

Digital Monster: Interview w/Mochipet

Since 2003, David Wang has released a body of work that pretty much runs the gamut of experimental electronic music.  As “Mochipet“, Wang made his first waves with his mash-up masterpiece, “Combat“, on the Violent Turd label (an offshoot of Kid606’s seminal Tigerbeat6 techno label), in 2003.  Breakcore-inspired exercises like “Yes vs. NoMeansNo” and “They […]

Simple Man: Interview w/ The Grouch Read more

Simple Man: Interview w/ The Grouch

Out of Los Angeles California, Oakland transplant, Cory Scoffern (AKA The Grouch), is continuing to make a mark in the West Coast rap scene as a prominent figure who has helped to pioneer and spotlight what was once considered an underground movement. The rapper/producer/beatsmith made his dent with the infamous, 8-strong Living Legends crew and with such projects as […]

Songs of Pain: Daniel Johnston Interview Read more

Songs of Pain: Daniel Johnston Interview

So it’s about 20 minutes before I’m supposed to do my interview with songwriting legend Daniel Johnston when my girlfriend Kim walks into the Comet Tavern. I’m drinking a Mac & Jacks African Amber and trying to get all of my notes and shit organized because I’m still under the misguided idea that I may […]