The Salty Yellow Death. Read more

The Salty Yellow Death.

When I was 16 years old a friend of mine slapped some microwave popcorn in one of the first generation microwaves (pre-digital, all knobs). The goddamned thing was notorious for not shutting off at the agreed time, and would nuke the shit out of everything and anything not monitored. After ten minutes on the highest […]

Leakin’ like a UTI (Michael Moore’s Sicko) Read more

Leakin’ like a UTI (Michael Moore’s Sicko)

Last night I watched the new Michael Moore documentary SICKO about the flaws of the United States healthcare system. You may be wondering to yourself about how I could “watch a film with a release date of June 29th already?” Did we swipe it off of the internet? I suppose the simple answer would be, […]

The perfect home for your nuclear family Read more

The perfect home for your nuclear family

So lets face it. The world is going to shit faster than a trucker at an all you can eat buffet/casino/gas station/strip club in Montana. Are you gonna be a Johnny Do or a Johnny die? Only the strong and smart will survive, the rest of you douchebags are doomed to total destruction. At least […]

Flight of the Conchords (Tenacious ZEA?) Read more

Flight of the Conchords (Tenacious ZEA?)

I recently received an email to attend a private screening of a new HBO comedy series called FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. Over the years I have worked my way onto various press and email lists, so I will occasionally get emails like this one for invite only events. There were two things in the email […]