Video of the Month (Aug. 07) Read more

Video of the Month (Aug. 07)

Skateboarding has gotten bigger and bigger over the last decade or so.  More and more kids are going out, getting exercise and doing crazy fresh new shit.  Someone that I have always had tons of respect for, both for his amazing talent and his innovative style, is Rodney Mullen.  This month we just want to […]

Abort! Terminate Misson! (The Sarah Conner Chronicles) Read more

Abort! Terminate Misson! (The Sarah Conner Chronicles)

It’s 10yrs to the day (Aug. 29th 1997) that Skynet software was scheduled to go apeshit, launching trans-global missiles, resulting in a full-on nuclear holocaust, and 23 yrs since the original Terminator film was released and was supposed to have taken place (1984).  It has also been 4 years since the cinematic catastrophe known as T-3: Rise of the Machines and […]

The Simpsons Movie (the Frenzy & the Film) Read more

The Simpsons Movie (the Frenzy & the Film)

THE FRENZY: 18 years after making a huge leap from short segments aired between skits on the Tracy Ullman Show into a huge primetime phenomenon going head to head with the formerly uncontested Cosby Show, the Simpsons have finally released their first major motion picture. Simply titled The Simpsons Movie, it is one film that refuses to be buried […]

Video of the Month (July ’07) Read more

Video of the Month (July ’07)

I’m not usually a fan of you tube videos where someone takes video and syncs it up with other music.  I’ve got to admit, though, I can’t stop watching this one.  Watch the video to see how seemlessly DJ Unk’s track lines up with old Bob Fosse dance moves Walk It Out, Fosse – watch more funny videos

The Future is Now! (where’s my Hoverboard?) Read more

The Future is Now! (where’s my Hoverboard?)

It’s 2007 and I’m finding that I’m being surrounded by the same fads that kept me entertained as a child. Transformers the movie just came out as well as Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dukes of Hazard, and Miami vice. I’m just waiting for someone to remake the A-team and Knight Rider. That’s just in […]

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It was a rainy Tuesday in Central Japan at 9pm, my first work day of the week had ended and it was time to go home. I rode the rainy streets past the 99yen shop, past my bank, a few barber shops, money lenders and the Korean brothel, under the shelter of the light rail […]

Removing the Keystones (Benny “The Rock Man”) Read more

Removing the Keystones (Benny “The Rock Man”)

When I was 15 years old, I lived in the suburbs and would often go up to Seattle to visit my older brother.  It seemed like a cool place to be.  I would go eat at local staples such as Beth’s Cafe, home of the bottomless hash brown’s and the 12 egg omelette, and, being a growing […]

As American as Fireworks Read more

As American as Fireworks

So, here I am…celebrating America’s birthday in Japan. That’s right, my dear country turns 231 years old today and if you measure freedom by pints of ice cream consumed, dozens of donuts eaten, kegs of beer guzzled and number of TV channels available, it is safe to say that we are freer than ever. Of […]

Video of the Month (June ’07) Read more

Video of the Month (June ’07)

There’s always some video that we can’t stop watching.  This month it has been the 2004 rap video for the song “Hell Yeah” from the always cracka hatin’ rap duo Dead Prez. The song is great and the video is hilarious.  Plus it’s all about scammin’ shit, so I have to love it. httpv://