Sacks and the City:  A Male Review Read more

Sacks and the City: A Male Review

Rock Paper Scissors.  It will make you or rape you.  Me and my fiance tend to resolve a lot of our split decisions with a simple game of Roshambo.  “Who’s car should we take?”  “What restaurant should we eat at?”  “Should we stay for another drink or go home and go to bed?”  Simple conflict resolution.  Take […]

Electric Apricot: Quest For Distribution Read more

Electric Apricot: Quest For Distribution

In high school I drove a brown 1980 Datsun 510 that could easily be described as “disaster chic“.  It didn’t have a dashboard but it did have a stock tape deck that would slide around loose on the exposed plastic heating vent duct as I’d swing around corners or drive over curbs.  For a long period of time, I had […]

Shiro Ameko! (White American) Read more

Shiro Ameko! (White American)

One of the first people contacted after starting, was our writer known as D.W. Patton. It may have been the last time that I saw him face to face when we were sitting at the China Town bar in Olympia, Wa. We traded manuscripts. I gave him a 19 page paper I had written […]

The Grey Market & The Online Digital Camera Hustle Read more

The Grey Market & The Online Digital Camera Hustle

When I started, I didn’t expect it to receive the amount of traffic that it did and I definitely didn’t expect it to arrive so quickly.  I know that most people would view this as a positive dilema to be in, as do I, but I was left unprepared in a few areas.  I […]

Songs of Pain: Daniel Johnston Interview Read more

Songs of Pain: Daniel Johnston Interview

So it’s about 20 minutes before I’m supposed to do my interview with songwriting legend Daniel Johnston when my girlfriend Kim walks into the Comet Tavern. I’m drinking a Mac & Jacks African Amber and trying to get all of my notes and shit organized because I’m still under the misguided idea that I may […]

Mitch Hedberg: Comedy & Tragedy Read more

Mitch Hedberg: Comedy & Tragedy

You may have heard of Mitch Hedberg.  It seems now as though lots of people have.  Hedberg’s comedy is like most great secrets: if it’s great enough, eventually every body will find out about it but, quite often, not until it’s far too late to do anything about it. Mitch died on March 29, 2005 with cocaine and […]

Wesley Willis’s Joyrides: Songs about Bestiality & Real Life Read more

Wesley Willis’s Joyrides: Songs about Bestiality & Real Life

Either you know who Wesley Willis was, or you don’t. Maybe one of your friends told you about him, describing him as a “street-musician,” “schizophrenic,” or perhaps they even attempted to convey some sort of sample lyric from one of his songs. But you can’t know who Welsey Willis is until you have heard one […]

Dawson’s Crack             (Interview w/Kimya Dawson) Read more

Dawson’s Crack (Interview w/Kimya Dawson)

The timing and content has been a bit erratic here on, especially as of late, but that is primarily due to its organic development.  I use the term “organic” in much the same way that a crop yield can be affected by the refusal to utilize outside elements that, although have the ability to stimulate growth, will also undoubtedly effect the natural […]

Video of the Month (March ’08) Read more

Video of the Month (March ’08)

The site has been on hiatus for a minute but somehow the hits are still blowing through the roof so we appreciate the support.  There is a lot of content on the way so don’t worry.  For now we wanted to provide you with a new video of the month that we love like a bastard […]

The Name of da Game is Slang Read more

The Name of da Game is Slang

A kind of Lot Dictionary, where all the words sound like they end in the letter “Y” My friend Sleepy Matt and I were talking about the ridiculous amount of code words, nicknames, or special dialect that tours kids communicate with. I was telling him that I might be out of the lingo loop these […]

Rethinking the Process (Daedelus Interviewed) Read more

Rethinking the Process (Daedelus Interviewed)

Daedelus keeps himself busy.  Since 2001, the Los Angeles-based producer has released albums on underground hip-hop labels Plug Research, Mush, and Alphapup, experimental techno label Phthalo, German label Laboratory Instinct, and the prolific underground electronica giant Ninja Tune, amongst others.  In 2003, he collaborated with LA underground MCs Busdriver and Radioinactive for the childrens’ album-soaked […]

Hella WEEN (Live / La Cucaracha) Read more

Hella WEEN (Live / La Cucaracha)

I don’t think that I will ever forget the first time that I listened to the band WEEN.  I was in the back of a white 1980 Datsun 210 sedan with soft light blue interior.  I had recently ingested a plus-size hooker’s corpse-load of cubensis and, being inexperienced at the time, I was downing fistfuls of them like […]