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MonsterFresh.com was built off of an outdated/half-crashed computer, a wireless usb adapter pulling the internet signal from a grinder shop across the street, and some impressive emailing skills.  In an attempt to avoid the same pitfalls of many sites that are far too 1-dimensional, everything from artist interviews to info on buying nuclear missile silos is provided.  There is an intense hope of creating new DIY perspectives and to encourage others to try new things, take risks, & write about them too.

There’s an idea that the “media” only refers to a select few, so that freedom of the press, really only refers to that elite group of individuals being allowed to offer their critiques and opinions.  The problem is that they all seem to be covering the same content and parroting the same sentiments.  The internet has leveled the playing field a bit, yet people still feel the need to restrain themselves and fall into these predetermined frameworks.  So now everyone can have a voice, in theory… but, does everyone get access?  I’m hoping to prove that they can.

I’ve become acquainted with numerous talented individuals with varying skills.  My hope is to build this site up like a literary Voltron and drop a gang load of shit on here from all directions, like busted up satellite shrapnel and various types of free-falling space-junk, mangling the foundation and knocking some potholes into the asphalt of the information superhighway.

Over time I shoot to provide the following forms of content, but not limited to: Pop-Culture stories, art coverage, comic strips, interviews, reviews, contests/giveaways, and commentary on various levels of global destruction.  Honesty is number one.  There’s no pandering to sponsorship.  Flexibility is important.  There’s a loose vision, but no desire to stick to set stylistic ideas about journalistic legitimacy.  In other words…” journihilism.”  Nobody was born with a pre-installed catalog of knowledge about music, film, literature, pop culture trivia… what have you.  These things were learned, found, studied, and introduced.  If there’s one primary guideline beyond honest critique, it’s that each article should provide some background/transitional information into the topic, so that, even if someone has absolutely no prior reference for the particular material, there’s no need to feel like it isn’t for you.  No bullshit hipster elitism.  Why write anything and post it for the public, if you’re not interested in sharing information?

Thanks for checking out MonsterFresh.com your feedback is appreciated.

Word to the Absurd,
-Dead C

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