Henry & Glenn Forever Completely Ridiculous Bundle Giveaway!

Being that Valentines Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love through the exchange of gifts, we figure that it’s probably time for a giveaway that’s all about that sweet sweet romance.

Cartoonist ,Tom Neely was sitting in a Los Angeles bar, drinking, and kicking ideas around with the other members of his art collective, Igloo Tornado, when they cobbled together the loose framework for a Tom Of Finland style comic about two of punk’s most iconic “tough guys” as lovers.  The result was Henry & Glenn Forever, a tongue-in-cheek tribute centered around Henry Rollins (S.O.A., Black Flag, Rollins Band) and Glenn Danzig (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig) in a domestic partnership, with Hall & Oates as their cloaked Satan worshipping next door neighbors.  It’s one of those projects that can only be birthed as a joke simply to make one another laugh, but it’s the fact that it comes from such a genuine place and was created by a true fan with the ability to embed various references into it that provides it with more depth and substance than it should rightly have, and allows it to translate so effectively,  Believe it or not, that fateful night at the Bigfoot Lodge was 14 years ago with Neely‘s vision going much further than he could ever imagine.  Henry & Glenn has sold over 100,000 copies of various editions since it’s first publication in 2010.

While the initial comics were Neely‘s work, he later invited other artists to interpret the concept in their own ways for other issues.  Then, in September of last year, the entire series was compiled together for the first time with the addition of even more never-before-published-pages, into a 320 page, 6×9″ hardcover book referred to as Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: The Completely Ridiculous Edition.  In addition to that, a corresponding 128 page, 8×10″ paperback, “Adult Activity & Coloring Book” followed shortly after, consisting of artwork from Tom and his friends, along with such interactive features as paper dolls, connect the dots, and word finds.

Thanks to the folks at Microcosm Publishing, we have one copy of each release to give one lucky winner!  We initially planned to host a giveaway for these back when we were reviewing them last fall, but since we had a number of other contests going at the same time and endless other things complicating that time frame, it seemed evident that the best move would simply be to launch this thing on the national day of lovemaking and with the perfect contest to fit the occasion.


*1 Winner will receive the following :

1 copy of Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: The Completely Ridiculous Edition hardcover book
1 Copy of the Henry & Glenn Adult Activity Coloring Book


This giveaway will center around the sensual co-habitation of punk frontmen, Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig



Your job as the entrant is to come up with an ideal date for Henry and Glenn to experience together.  This in no way needs to be Valentines Day related.  It could be an anniversary dinner, a first date. a meet for coffee, or a quiet evening at home.  Maybe they kidnap a family together or go on a werewolf hunt.  Be as detailed and elaborate, or simple and direct, as you want in your answer; it doesn’t matter.  The possibilities are wide open and it’s your entry, so it’s up to you.  Go nuts.


Post your answer in the comment section below.


There is no part 3. That’s all there is to the giveaway. It’s pretty easy… but you should probably read the fine print.

The Fine Print:

All entries must be received by Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 11:59pm to be eligible.

Make sure to use a valid email so that we can contact you.

If you sign in with Facebook, make sure that your account can accept a message from us.

US residents only, please.

If we are unable to contact the winner in a reasonable amount of time, a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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