Preview: O’ Coen Where Art Thou? Coen Bros Tribute Exhibit @ Spoke Art [NYC]

Adam Caldwell
“Anton Chigur”

I think that I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been a fan of The Coen Brothers film work for a more than half of my life, at this point.  Back in the day, I’d try to do things like host mini Coen “film festivals” at my house, which, as one could only imagine, gained me an overwhelming amount of friends, admiration, and elevated my status to acrophobic heights up the social ladder.  I mean, what young junior high-aged boy wouldn’t want to sit indoors and watch Millers Crossing and Barton Fink in the early 90s?  In high school, I did one project about Steve Buscemi‘s work, and this was all happening pre-Fargo, kids.  Even once the duo did get some traction, after being recognized by the academy, I’ll always remember sitting in a mostly empty theater to watch The Big Lebowski, after a friend and I spare-changed enough money for movie tickets and a 20 sack.  I, somehow, also saw Raising Arizona with my mom in the movie theater when I was a kid.  This isn’t to say that I was on it “before it was cool,” but just to say… actually, I am kind of saying that.  I’m saying that, by liking these films, it definitely didn’t make me very cool, so it was something deeper that drove me toward them.  The idea of character development and the ability of the Joel and Ethan to drop a story in the middle of a completely different landscape, decade, and style over and over again was amazing to me, even though it was during a time where the Terminator 2: Judgement Days of the world reigned supreme.  It was always about substance and the art for these guys, and their ability to create such striking and well rounded projects from the dialog to the aesthetics is something that clearly affected and inspired a lot more people than just myself.

The Spoke Art gallery is well known for their history of tribute shows honoring influential filmmakers; from Wes Anderson and David Lynch, to Martin Scorsese, and Stanley Kubrick.  In the past, they’ve even done multiple installments of their Quentin VS Coen shows, with pieces inspired by both the Brothers and Tarantino, displayed side by side.  “But why should the Joel & Ethan have to share the spotlight with anyone else?,”  you may ask.  They shouldn’t, and this time around, they don’t have to.   This Saturday, February 3rd, Spoke Art will be hosting, O’ Coen Where Art Thou, at their NYC gallery, bringing together over 50 different artists from across the globe to filter the filmwork of the Coens through their own individual aesthetics and various disciplines, which include painting, sculpture, and limited edition prints.  While the exhibit will run throughout the month, opening night at Spoke Art is always an event and worth the effort to make it out, if you’re in the area.


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Check out preview images for the exhibit below the following event details…


Spoke Art Presents
O’ Coen Where Art Thous?”
An Art Show Tribute to the Films of Joel & Ethan Coen


Friday, September 29, 2017



Spoke Art Gallery
210 Rivington St,
New York City, NY 10002-2503



Opening is ALL AGES
Costumes encouraged
Multiple artists will be in attendance
Show on view until Sunday, February 25th 2018
Facebook Event Page:

Alex Garant
“Fuck This Let’s Go Bowling”


Andy Stattmiller
Hand painted Raising Arizona nesting dolls


Beau Berkley
“The Meeting”


Chris Walker
1930s Dapper Dan advertising mirror


Harmony Deimling
“Call It”


Maggie Ivy
“Nothing Free Except The Grace Of God”


Marni Manning
“Super Lady”


Matt Ritchie
“Jesus Saves”


Max Dalton


Thomas Walker
“Would You Hold Still Please, Sir?”


Donny figure

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