[1st Annual] SERIGRAPH: Group Exhibit @ Spoke Art [SF]

We’ve seen plenty of great group exhibits over the years and their appeal is layered.  With the themed and/or tribute shows, it’s great to see the subject matter filtered through the various interpretations and reinterpretations of the individual artists.  What adds to them further is the fact that, much of the time, the contributors operate through a number of different mediums, which affords us the opportunity to witness everything from original paintings and prints to paper cut outs, sculptures, and beyond, all within one event.  Then there are the shows with more restrictive guidelines, which have their own strength, forcing the artists to produce through a more focused lens within limited parameters to produce in a way that they may not have otherwise.  In the former, print work almost always seems to be represented, but it’s much rarer for us to see a show dedicated solely to that discipline and highlighting the unique nature of that skillset and those who produce through it primarily.  On November 30th, Spoke Art will be hosting their first annual Serigraph exhibit for just that purpose, bringing together an impressive list of gallery regulars like Rhys Cooper, Chuck Sperry, and Sam Wolfe Connelly, with famed poster artists like Marq Spusta, Jermaine Rogers, Justin Santora, and Zoltron.

The following info come via press release:

Spoke Art is proud to present SERIGRAPH – a dynamic group exhibition celebrating screen
printing and analog print making as both a medium and a process. This comprehensive
survey includes artists from a wide variety of genres, backgrounds and styles.
Each artist brings their unique experience in screen printing from their broad ranging
experience in the worlds of gig/rock posters, movie and film work, street art, fashion and
beyond. Working with single and multicolor screen prints, each artist has created a new
limited edition pushing and melding the boundary of the analog print process.
Typically working with art directors and clients for commercial and licensed projects,
SERIGRAPH allows this curated artist list a creative freedom not commonly found in their day
to day work. Allowing for an exploration of artistic practice in a completely restriction-free
space has resulted in stunning array of works within the medium.

Participating artists include:
Florian Bertmer | Bungaloo |  Burlesque Design |  Sam Wolfe Connelly |  Rhys Cooper | Craig
Drake | Matt Dye | Jeremy Fish | Jayde Fish | Icy & Sot| Nikita Kaun | Landland | Aj Masthay | David
Moscati | Prefab77 | Jermaine Rogers | Justin Santora | Snik | Chuck Sperry | Marq Spusta | Matt
Taylor | Jeff Wood | and Zoltron

Check out a selection of preview images below the following event details…


The Serigraph Invitational:
Group Exhibition


Opening reception: Thursday, November 30th, 2017


Spoke Art Gallery
816 Sutter Street
San Francisco, California 94109


Opening is ALL AGES w/NO COVER
Some artists will be in attendance
Show on view until Wednesday, December 22nd

Facebook Event Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/150289168916273/


Marq Spusta

Matt Taylor

Jayde Fish

Mike Davis

AJ Masthay

Chuck Sperry

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