Ty Segall Shares Cover Of Squidbillies Theme Song

Since first airing in 2005, the Adult Swim animated program, Squidbillies, has covered as much ground as anyone could ever hope for from a family of deviant  backwoods trailer trash cephalopods.  With patriarch, Early Cuyler (voiced by musician, Unknown Hinson) at the helm with a trucker hat collection to steamroll Judah Friedlander‘s, the show returns this fall for its 11th season, promising to “solve America’s two most pressing issues – the War on Christmas and Gender-Neutral Restrooms.  Plus, nine other instant classics.”  Another guarantee being made is that “They definitely don’t eat a dog this season.”  In referencing the “angry tweets” they received, they add, “that was a fictional, animated cartoon dog that never really existed, so it says more about you that you were upset about it.”  With all of the controversial subject matter they’ve touched on from incest, rampant alcoholism, violence/abuse (Early has knifed his son, Rusty, more than once), infanticide, and religion, it is interesting to consider that eating a dog is what yielded the backlash, especially since they even planned to cannibalize a distant relative during a Y2K scare and hickory smoked Santa‘s reindeer on separate episodes.  Another instance that reportedly left some folks in an uproar was when the cartoon parodied the Insane Clown Posse in their “Clowny Freaks” episode; although it, most likely, just ruffled the Juggalo fanbase, as the group members appeared as themselves on an episode of Adult Swim‘s Aqua Teen Hunger Force and seem fairly accustomed to letting that shit roll of their backs..

As far as working with other musicians, Widespread Panic happily appeared on an episode where the Squidbillies infiltrated their scene, while Drive By Truckers played themselves on the 2010 season finally, “America: Why I Love Her,” which included the voice talents of Lucinda Williams, Rhett Miller, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Hayes Carll, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Split Lip Rayfield, and Todd Snider all playing animals.  Will Oldham was a Beaver.  T-Pain not only appeared on the program, but also offered his own rendition of the intro theme, something that was also tackled on other occasions by acts like Band of HorsesAlabama ShakesLynyrd SkynyrdTodd RundgrenDwight YoakamFather John Misty, B-52s, Jayhawks, and Kurt Vile.  This year, a wave of new collaborators are in the pipeline, with new covers of the show’s theme song being performed by such artists as Steve Earle, Against Me!, Bob Mould, Camper Van Beethoven, John Prine, and Weird Al” Yankovic.  Each of these new versions will be revealed weekly when the show airs.  The next one arrives this Sunday November 5th and the artist handling the intro will be none other than the incredibly prolific Los Angeles-based garage psych big shot, Ty Segall.

Check out Ty’s rendition below followed by some behind the scenes footage of the multi-instrumentalist putting it together.

Dead C

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