Expo ’70 Reissues “Exquisite Lust” On Vinyl For 10 Year Anniversary

expo 70 exquisite lust

It was back in 2006, when Kansas City musician, Justin Wright originally put out the album, Exquisite Lust, while living in Los Angeles.   Consisting of 8 tracks constructed from expansive guitar improvisations intertwining and buoyed on top of a thick, hazy, layering of textures, the effort reaches a full 66 1/2 minutes in length, and has been referred to as the “first fully-realized vision” of his incredibly prolific experimental, kosmische musik-esque psychedelic drone project, Expo ’70.  Initially, released exclusively on CDr, it is now receiving it’s 10th anniversary treatment on June 7th in the form of both limited edition 180gram vinyl (200 gold / 225 black) and cassette (100 glitter gold).  Since its inception in 2003, Wright has pushed out more than 50 albums under the Expo ’70 moniker, 10 singles and EPs, and even popped up on a couple of compilations.  Often collaborating with other like-minded musicians, such as Matt Hill (aka Umberto), Expo ’70 has remained a consistent outlet for the exploration of new sonic territory, from beautiful, haunting soundscapes to explosive, hard driving, doomy tsunamis of psychedelia.

Here’s how the official description lays out what Exquisite Lust, as well as the its new reissue, has to offer:

Originally released on CDr in 2006 with Kill Shaman and quickly caught the eye and ears of Aquarius Records in San Francisco. With the help of carrying the CDr release, Wright produced around 650 CDr’s to keep with the demand of Aquarius’ review from their list no. 243. “Gorgeous drifting ethereal krautrocky ambience is what Expo ’70 is all about, and eyes closed, you’d be hard pressed to not think this was some Ash Ra Tempel disc or some long lost A.R. and The Machines lp. Crafted entirely from guitars, sitar and Moog, each track here is some sort of lengthy, mesmerizingingly blissed out minimal drone jam. Guitar figures are looped into hypnotic cycles, over shimmery whirls of fuzzy sound and distant drones, the looped riffs slowly shifting and gently changing shape. It’s almost like some sort of new age space rock Steve Reich.” Aquarius couldn’t have summed up the etherial mystique around Wright’s developing project better.

Newly mastered after being out of print since 2009, this classic album finally graces 2 LP’s and Cassette, both in limited editions on Sonic Meditations. Gatefold tip-on jackets, 200 gold and 225 black 180 gram vinyl. 100 glitter gold cassettes.

You can pre-order a copy, right now, before they vanish over at exposeventy.bandcamp.com/album/exquisite-lust

Check out a few sample tracks below, 2 through the bandcamp player, and a third via youtube

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