Honus Honus Crowdfunds First Solo Album With Exclusive/Unorthodox Reward Options

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During our 2013 interview with Honus Honus (born Ryan Kattner), the Man Man frontman seemed to downplay his own musicality, while praising the skill sets and abilities of the collaborators that he surrounds himself with.  While it may be true that his cohorts might often possess more training or “technical” ability, inventiveness and prowess as a songwriter, performer, and all around creative force is undeniable when it comes to Kattner; the only truly consistent member of a project that has remained incredibly consistent, since it’s inception.  Now, with the help of a brand new Pledge Music crowdfunding campaign, it seems that we will finally have the opportunity to experience what the man can do as a solo artist, as he releases the very first Honus Honus solo effort, while offering a number of incredibly unique and/or one-of-a-kind rewards for those willing to kick down a little something and contribute to the cause.

While Honus did offer a heads up that he was “gonna announce some music info Thursday,” via social media, the new LP, titled Use Your Delusion, still came as a surprise to many fans that likely expected an update regarding his supergroup, Mister Heavenly, which consists of Nick Thorburn (Islands, Unicorns), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Shins), and touring bassist, Michael Cera, who have, supposedly, also been working on new material, lately.  Another recent surprise for fans of Kattner‘s work was the news that Man Man‘s critically acclaimed 2006 sophomore effort, Six Demon Bag is getting a 10 year anniversary repress for this year’s Record Store Day on April 16th, after only ever being released on vinyl as a highly sought after limited edition double 10-inch picture disc.   Now, the first person willing to throw down $300 toward the release of Use Your Delusion, has the opportunity to own Kattner‘s own personal copy of the Six Demon Bag test pressing signed by the man man himself.  As Honus puts it, he “really should keep it, but fuck it!”  He’s going all out on the rewards for this thing to get it produced and out there to the people, as evidenced by all of the remarkable stuff that is being made available through this project.

#deadagain at SXSW

Among other rewards at various pledge levels are signed test pressings of the new album, signed screenprits, signed albums, shirts, and enamel pins of his face to much more unorthodox options, like a personal house show by his full band, a one-of-a-kind hand-stitched jean vest, signed piano keys from his old Man Man Fender Rhodes that was smashed by an ax, your own personal ringtone, and a chance to beat him at a game of bowling (available to Los Angeles residents, only).  No need to be turned away by the high dollar options, as there are options as low as $10 for an album download or, for slightly more, a signed, handwritten thank you note on a postcard for your contribution.  But, perhaps, one of my favorite offerings is at the $50 level and includes an undeveloped disposable camera full of photos from Kattner‘s #deadagain series, which involve him laying face down in random locations, among crowds or in desolate landscapes, as if he is an abandoned corpse.  Another great item available through the campaign are brand new patches of Honus in the exact same face down dead again position.

To peep the deets on all of this good stuff and help fund the campaign, you can head over to Pledgemusic.com/Projects/HonusHonus now.

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