Brooklyn Wizard Offers “Dirty Talk Sesh” To Crowdfund Parallel Universe

devin with sage

The above photo is of a friend of mine.  His name is Devin Person.  He lives in New York City… and he is a wizard.

Over the last year, or so, Devin has been creating inspirational memes, which he refers to as “Personisms.”  Here is one particularly motivational example.

Personism 1 is Person‘s website and, as it currently states on there, “Devin’s first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is available now as part of an elaborate Kickstarter spell.”

Here’s the video from the Kickstarter page wherein he makes like Clarissa and explains it all.

Those concerned about the fate of this plane of existence might be relieved to discover that the campaign has already, quite swiftly, reached it’s initial $420 goal, being “funded in less than 4 hours and 20 minutes.”  But does that mean that there are no further reasons for anyone to continue considering a donation?  Of course, not.  That original goal was clearly chosen arbitrarily and, the more funding that this project yields, the greater the potential for us to submerge our collective selves that much deeper into World B — I know enough to know that I wanna see what’s really going upside down in t/here.  Plus, when you donate to a crowdfunding campaign — the project related sort, not crisis relief — you typically get some sort of tangible reward for doing so.  Sometimes that involves some pretty cool shit and/or opportunities, as is the case in this situation.

Since the initial goal has been met, the project will be fully and officially funded on April 1st. At that point, the April fools may very well be determined based on whether or not those individuals donated to this campaign, or not. One thing that I can tell you is that the only real way to guarantee that you will ever possess a physical copy of the [most likely] soul penetrating and [I’m guessing] beautifully illustrated, Mysteries Of The Deep, at some point, is to get one now as a kickstarter reward.  Other than that, one of the few other only options available would be to find yourself lucky enough to stumble across a stray copy, at random, while taking advantage of the convenience and affordability of public transit.

Along with both an e-book and a physical version of Mysteries Of The Deep being offered, other pledge rewards include one or more positive vibes; prints of Devin‘s original Personisms (signed with a sparkly gel pen), a “private **420** ritual for you (and up to 4 friends),” and even a “Dirty Talk Sesh,” which includes an “erotic wizard phone call,” “2 wizard sexts” and much more.

Hopefully, that should be enough information to peak your interest, encourage you to look into this project further, and, possibly, even donate a little sumthin’ sumthin.’  If so, those goals can be easily achieved by simply CLICKING HERE!!! (or through the video above).  You’ll be better off for it.  It’s been less than a day and my goal of writing sensationalized headlines is already coming to fruition.

Still not convinced?  Watch the following video in which Devin gives a presentation about his transformation into his current and future wizard state.  If that doesn’t do it for you, simply imagine the alternate universe where it would have and provide a donation in this one, anyway.

Dead C

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