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Look at this intense character with his penetrating gaze.  Does he look familiar?  Are you lost in his soul?  You might recognize him as “that one guy” that was “on that… show, or movie” that you “saw once.”  Or, as us comedy fans recognize, it’s Brian Posehn of Mr Show, The Sarah Silverman Show, Just Shoot Me!, The original Comedians of Comedy tour, standup, film, creating his own graphic novel, telling jokes, writing jokes, as a voice on Mission Hill, playing D&D, appearing on @Midnight, and constantly wearing metal T-shirts fame!, etc. etc. etc.  In 2013, Brian released The Fartist, his first hour long comedy special, via Netflix, and is currently living his nerd dream co-writing Deadpool for Marvel Comics, not to mention hosting his own podcast, Nerd Poker on the Earwolf Network.

Brian‘s is one of those standups that’s been at it for a really long time, climbing his way towards a career during a time before there was any Comedy Central or necessarily any real light at the end of the tunnel in the industry.  In the 90s, when the major hope was that you could land that shot in the dark sitcom deal (à la Seinfeld, Ellen, Home Improvment, etc.), the real mother fuckers like Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Marc Maron, Todd Barry, David Cross and, of course, Brian Posehn were actually honing their craft and doing it because it was their passion.  The real focus was on the work and the work is what has, eventually, given them the ability to do what they do now, in a manner that is so seemingly effortless.  It’s also given some of them, like Posehn, ridiculously long and increasingly divergent resumes, from taking the random gigs that presented themselves to such a distinct profession that used to have an even greater limitation of outlets.  It’s no secret that Brian is not only a highly regarded comedian among fans and critics, but his work is also incredibly well respected among his peers.

Next month, on Thursday, September 17th, 2015, Posehn will be returning to Neptune Theatre in Seattle to do what he does best; standing up on stage and telling jokes to a room full of strangers.  The even better news is that we have a pair of tickets to give away to one of you, so that you can go check out Brian Posehn live for FREE.


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*1 Winner will receive a pair of tickets to the following performance :

Netpune Theatre – Seattle, Wa

Thursday, September 17th, 2015 @ 8pm


This giveaway will center the content of this Brian Posehn standup clip below


Your job as the entrant is to think about what you would do if you had a missing eye like “Ganja John” from Poesehn’s story and, more specifically, how you would use it to your advantage.  Would you store something in there?  If so, what?   Maybe a diamond ring to propose to the lady, perhaps?  Maybe some cyanide to off yourself if captured by enemies looking to torture you for secrets?  Be as detailed and elaborate, or simple and direct, as you want in your answer; it doesn’t matter.


Post your answer in the comment section below.


There is no part 3. That’s all there is to the contest. It’s pretty easy… but you should probably read the fine print.

The Fine Print:

All entries must be received by Sunday, September 13th, 2015 at 11:59pm to be eligible.

You can enter as many times as you want, but use a valid email so that we can contact you.

If you sign in with Facebook, make sure that your account can accept a message from us.

Winner will be chosen arbitrarily, based on our personal “favorite.”

If you are not sure that you will be able to attend the show, do not enter!  You’d be surprised how often that shit happens and we don’t want these going to waste.

If we are unable to contact the winner in a reasonable amount of time, a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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