Stream “What’s Inside Your Heart” From The Upcoming Ty Segall Band ‘Live in San Francisco’ LP

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It feels as if it can be way too easy to either hate on Ty Segall, or love him, depending on who you are.  Since setting out as an official “solo” act back in 2008, the twenty-something multi-instrumentalist has put out a full-length studio release of brand new material each and every year, with his latest critically acclaim effort, Manipulator (Drag City Records) marking his 7th.  But that only refers to the albums that are technically considered official “Ty Segall” studio releases; beyond that he put out the 2012 “Ty Segall Band” release, Slaughterhouse [In The Red Records] (which features the exact same lineup of Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, and Emily Rose Epstein as “the Manipulator band”); released collaborative projects with Bay Area cohorts like White Fence, Cronin, and in the band Fuzz (with Moothart, featuring Ty on drums/vocals); held a brief tenure in the influential SF outfit, Sic Alps; and has put out dozens of other singles, EPs, random compilation appearances, and demo releases; not to mention his output with the acts that he was part of before becoming more of a household name (Epsilons, Party Fowl, The Traditional Fools).

unnamed (17)Those who are fans of his work are constantly rewarded with new gems to devour, with those that have an aversion to the young guitar-wielding cyclonic noise titan just wanting him to bag up the act already.  The thing about that, however, is that he doesn’t really have an “act.”  Sure, there are certain things that one can generally expect from most Segall live shows, such as blistering guitar work and pretty good bet that the frontman is going to propel himself into the audience to be carried atop the crowd while playing his Fender Mustang (or Jaguar depending), but even that’s not guaranteed; in support of last year’s Sleeper, he presented some very stripped-down acoustic sets that were equally impressive for demonstrating his dimensionality.  And that’s the most important point that I feel could be made about Ty, while I believe that some who haven’t bothered to investigate further may choose to dismiss him as a one-dimensional garage rock act birthed from the highly prolific reigning garage rock mecca of San Francisco, there’s actually a lot of diversity presented throughout his growing catalog.  But, with so much material constantly streaming out of this kid, who can keep up?  I’d liken it to my admittedly uninformed and blank rejection of the show LOST, which I’ve still never actually bothered to watch – I was turned away by the glassy-eyed praise that I saw being thrown at it from all directions and I definitely didn’t want to go wading through all of those hours of television, invest myself into unearthing what the hype of some network television program was all about — except that, in the end, everyone seemed really disappointed with however that show wound up developing and, with Ty, he just seems to be improving, never allowing himself to get too stuck in any repetitive rut.

Personally, I didn’t have much of an opinion on Ty, until I saw him live.  And then I saw him a few more times.  And that’s probably best way to discover what all of the hype is about, because although I’m no expert on this guy’s complete discography, it’s hard to deny that he offers one dynamic live show, or that he does have an incredible focus on songwriting.  Without the need of smoke and lights, this band just tears the shit out of the stage the good old fashion way, with a heavy dose of energy, while strangling every bit of sound that they’re angle to milk from their respective instruments.

Which brings me to the fact that, on the heels of Manipulator‘s success — or, rather, right in the middle of it — and the announcement of his brand new $INGLE$ 2 LP (a compilation of older and rare work), the next Ty Segall Band effort is already being announced.  Part of Castle Face records Live In San Francisco series, which previously also gave the same treatment to Fuzz, this 5th installment features the hometown band bringing their sonic chaos over a two night run at The Rickshaw stop.  The Ty Segall Band Live In San Francisco has a listed release date of January 26th of next year, but you can stream the track, “What’s Inside Your Heart” below, right now, after the following details via the label.

Presenting our 5th entry into the Live In San Francisco series, Ty Segall Band

By now you should know what you’re in for here – an eardrum toasting take to tape of the mighty Ty Segall Band, captured during two nights in San Francisco at the barely-pushing-medium sized venue The Rickshaw Stop. Rowdy crowd, meet stacks of amplifiers – Ty, Charlie, Mikal and Emily came to singe your ears off. There have been live recordings of Ty before of course, but never so crisply and fully realized as this scorching platter of fuzz.

As always – featuring beautiful black and white photos shot to film at the venue by our favorite lensman Brian Pritchard
As always, the tape takes are tweaked and saturated to perfection by our incredible crack team of engineers and knob-goblins

Featuring jams from throughout Mr. Segall’s torrential output of the past few years, including a take of his first single “Feel” off his great new record Manipulator…it’s the next best thing to getting in to the show, which is getting harder and harder with Ty these days…

[Side note: I wanted to stream the entire album and was told that we could only post “Whats inside your heart.”  It took me a minute to recognize that the publicist was referring to a song title and not encouraging me to look within myself.]

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