Watch Life Aquatic condensed Into a 3 1/4 Minute Animated 8-bit Video

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You may have seen our post back in January which was titled “Watch The Big Lebowski condensed Into a 3 1/2 Minute Animated 8-Bit Video” and featured a 3-and-a-half–minute animated video reenacting a condensed version of the classic Jeff Bridges vehicle presented with an 8-bit video game aesthetic.  Now it seems that Cinefix, the folks that created that little gem, have given the same treatment to one of my favorite films by another one of my favorite directors: Wes Anderson‘s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

As our previous post and the video description below the Lebowski video explained, for those who may not be as familiar with the term “8 Bit a.k.a. the third generation of gaming started in 1983 with the Japanese release of the Nintendo Family Computer and Sega.”  For this particular Life Aquatic video, however, the creators admit:  “Okay, this one’s mostly 16-Bit, but there were so many colors and textures to show!”  And the arrival of this new offering is extremely timely, coming on the heels of the Spoke Art gallery’s 5th annual tribute to the films of Wes Anderson (see our coverage of the latest Bad Dads group art exhibit here).

The video can be viewed below these additional details which, in the interest of both timeliness and laziness, pretty much consists of information that I’ve stolen directly from myself, via the Lebowski post that I wrote 9 months ago.

In the “about” section of the youtube channel for CineFix, where these videos are being posted, it describes them as “the ultimate destination for true movie buffs & filmmakers on YouTube. We are filmmakers, writers, directors, animators and our goal is to entertain, inform and inspire. We provide dynamic original programming, in-depth interviews with new and established filmmakers and actors, and unique rants, raves and reviews about the world of filmed entertainment.

Of course, the 2 videos that we’ve mentioned are not the first of thier kind to come from CineFix, it’s only the latest installment of their 8-bit Cinema series which has now grown to 36 videos deep (only coming in at 16 during at the time of our last post) and is further described as follows:

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80’s arcade and NES inspired action!

Fortunately, they use the term “blockbuster” loosely, as The Big Lebowski was, by all accounts, actually somewhat of a box office flop, when it originally hit theaters, and any Wes Anderson film could be considered a far cry from something like Iron Man 2.  But that only means Cinefix is left open to really dig into some classics.  Included among the other  nearly 3 dozen videos that they’ve created for the series are Batman The Dark Knight, Blade Runner, The Shining, ELF, Silence of the LambsPulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, and Se7en.

Among the films that I’d personally like to see them tackle in the future are Harold And Maude, The Jerk, Dead Alive,  Welcome To The Dollhouse, Parents, Boogie Nights, and either Gummo or Spring Breakers (or both).

View The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou video below.

Check out the CineFix channel at and view the rest of the 8-Bit Cinema video collection by clicking HERE.

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