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I couldn’t even speculate about what percentage of young folks out there must have found themselves up late watching Anthony Bourdain devour any number of exotic delicacies in some random underground, Triad-run treehouse nightclub, while sucking in gravity bong pulls of super melonhead kush through modified milk jugs, only to find themselves stumbling into their kitchens and shaking out boxes of swirling Cinnamon Toast Crunch dust over Tupperware bowls, just set themselves right.  What I do know is that now there’s another option; one where comedy is guaranteed (or at least, implied).  It’s called FOOD CLUB.

Like shows?  Like food?  Like shows where people eat high end foods at big shot establishments and then describe what those foods taste like to us commoners who will, most likely, never find ourselves in such positions of luxury ourselves?  How about the comedy stylings of Aziz Ansari (Human Giant, Parks and Recreation), Eric Wareheim (Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), or another guy whose face you’ve probably never seen, but who we’ve been assured is an established writer with a record in scrawling down plenty of A1 material?  Well then, you’re in luck, because Wareheim, Ansari, and Jason Woliner are the writers/creators/stars of FOOD CLUB, a new series that features the trio eating and judging glamorous fare while dressed like yachtsmen who turn down bank loans.

In the Wareheim-directed debut episode, FOOD CLUB sets sail on a voyage to some hyper exclusive establishments, including a strip mall banh mi joint, bringing along their physical–and no doubt, emotionally–wounded intern/pledge, Alan Yang (producer/writer/actor/director for Parks and Recreation, and consultant for South Park).  Watch it in full below, after the following deets from the press release, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh Barnett, at the 6:05 mark.  In the end, I’m sure that we’ll all agree on one thing: these guys sure came up with a pretty sweet method for scheming on some free food.

via press release:

“All hands on deck and batten down the hatches! Today, we prepare to set sail on a culinary voyage with Captains Eric Wareheim, Aziz Ansari, and Jason Woliner (and Swab Yang), traversing the high seas of Food Club! Food Club formed in 2009 when friends and fellow food lovers Wareheim, Ansari, and Woliner decided to form an elite group to travel the world and deem restaurants “plague-worthy” or not. They began by awarding plaques to such renowned LA restaurants as Ink, Animal, Totoranku, and The Gorbals. The first episode of Food Club premieres today on Capt. Wareheim’s Youtube channel (part of the JASH network), and sees the captains testing the mettle of Los Angeles underground supper club Wolvesmouth.  All aboard!.”


Captain Wareheim:  Eric Wareheim is a writer, director, actor, and comedian.  He is one half of the comedy duo Tim and Eric, who created the shows Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule.  He also co-directed, wrote, and starred in the feature film, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.  He is an avid food enthusiast and has spent most of his adult life travelling the world on a culinary adventure.  He has also been a judge on Ilan Hall of Top Chef’s new show Knife Fight as well as hosting the last two years of LA’s Beefsteak charity event.

Captain Ansari:  Aziz Ansari is an actor and stand-up comedian.  He stars as Tom Haverford on the NBC series, Parks and Recreation. Aziz, along with Woliner, began his career as a member of the comedy group Human Giant, which had a show for two seasons on MTV. This led to acting roles in movies such as Funny People, I Love You, Man, Observe and Report, and 30 Minutes or Less.  Ansari also continues to work as a stand-up comedian releasing top selling stand-up DVD’s such as Dangerously Delicious and Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.

Captain Woliner:  Jason Woliner is a comedy writer and director currently writing, directing, and executive producing the series Eagleheart for Adult Swim.  He began his career as a member of the comedy group Human Giant along with Aziz Ansari.  He has also directed episodes for shows such as Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, and Nathan For You.

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