[WATCH] Killer Mike’s NSFW Video for “Big Beast” (feat. Bun B, T.I., Trouble, & El-P)

We recently posted the debaucherous, drug-fueled video for “The Full Retard“, legendary rapper/producer, EL-P‘s first single off of the heavily anticipate Cancer For Cure (Fat possum).  It’s been 5 full years since EL dropped his last official full-length solo release, the powerfully intense I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, but while the wait has been worth it, C4C isn’t the only major project that Producto is delivering this year.  The Brooklyn-based underground rap icon has also teamed up with with Atlanta‘s Killer Mike to produce R.A.P. Music (aka: “rebelious black people’s music”), an album that is giving EL‘s own solo album a run for its money and one that the Grammy-award winning Southern rapper regards as his “finest work to date.”  Both releases are garnering critical acclaim right now and, while EL-P and Mike have spoken in length about their new found friendship and remarkably cohesive and fruitful working environment/relationship, nothing demonstrates that more than the actual product.  When creating R.A.P. Music, a major influence for the two of them, throughout, was the heavy, aggressive old-school beats created by such producers as the Bomb Squad (Public Enemy, Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, etc.).  Now, with Mike‘s first video release for the project, “Big Beast” it looks like another genre is being paid tribute to, as well:  Horrorcore.

Featuring appearances by Bun B, T.I., and EL-P, “Big Beast” ventures into Brother Lynch Hung territory with subject matter that includes cannibalism, armed robbery, hatchet murder, and Day of the Dead face-painted strippers.  In our post for “The Full Retard,” I likened that video’s use of a pistol-toting, dope-slamming squirrel puppet to the brutally vulgar 1989 Muppet Show parody, Meet The Feebles.  If we were to stick with super-early pre-LOTR Peter Jackson comparisons, then Killer Mike‘s video would be the equivalent to the director’s infamously gory zombie classic, Dead Alive, with “Big Beast’s” usage of splattered blood, severed limbs and dripping entrails.

Remember, this video should be considered “NOT SAFE FOR WORK!”  That is, of course, unless you work at a place that’s all about the titties and blood and, in that case, what the fuck are you doing staring at the internet?

Dead C

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